To families, friends, and former prisoners of war....

From - Mon May 01 08:24:10 2000
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From - Mon May 01 08:24:39 2000
From: Patti Rose redrose606@aol.com

This is a letter for the family of Mark Danielson. My name is Patti Rose.  I went to visit the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington back around 1994. I never knew anyone who had served or lost any loved ones in the war. While I was there, I purchased a POW/MIA bracelet. It happened to be for  Mark. I read the insert about him and about how he was lost. I "adopted" him and grieved for him. My experience at the wall became real. I have continued to wear the bracelet and to pray for him and wonder about him.  I don't want to cause you any pain by bringing back such bad memories. I just wanted you to know that he isn't forgotten and that there is someone out there praying for him and for his family.

From - Mon May 01 08:25:01 2000
From: "Suzi Bratton" <jacqueline_jane@hotmail.com>

Family of Sgt. Gregory Harris,
My grandmother wore her bracelet for over a year without taking it off, up until she had a child.  A week or so ago I found her bracelet, and I haven't taken it off since.  I would love to talk to someone who knew Sgt. Harris.  Every time I glance at my wrist, I say a prayer for him and his family and friends.  I cannot imagine the pain you have went through.  If at all possible, please contact me.

With hope still,
Jacqueline Bratton
3611 Robinson Road
Williamsport, Tn 38487

From - Tue May 02 13:48:26 2000
From: "Wen-Den" <varuzzo@mtdata.com>

Writing in reference to:  Capt./Maj.  Barclay B. Young
                                          MIA: March 29,1972 Laos
                                          DOB: 8/6/38, Air Force
                                          Home:  Fort Lauderdale, FL

I am trying to contact the family of Capt. Young.  For the past 27 years I have been in possession of his name on my POW/MIA bracelet.  Over the years, I have often wondered what had happened to him.  Through the power of the internet, I have finally gotten that information.  It was
with great sadness that  I learned he had been declared dead and his remains still unaccounted for. I would like to offer my condolences to the family and would like to return his bracelet.  If anyone knows of them, or their whereabouts, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Wendy Varuzzo
36 Coolidge Avenue
Turners Falls, MA   01376

From - Tue May 02 20:54:27 2000
From: "Elias Rogakos" <e.rogakos@home.com>

May 1, 2000

To the Family & Friends of Curtis D. Collette, (of Windsor, Ct)

I know the chances are slim that you will ever read this but I feel compelled to write.  When my younger brother was in high school he had a history teacher who taught them about the POW/MIA bracelets and what they stood for.  He came home after school and told me all about them.  The next day his task was to get two of them one for him and one for me.
That was about ten years ago.  Although I must confess the silver bracelet bearing the name of Curtis D. Collete has not always been worn on my wrist, it has always been in plain site in my home.  I have prayed that he would been found and returned to you safe and sound.

About four years ago I took a trip to Washington DC.  It was the first time I had been there and the man who is now my husband  took me to see the "WALL".  What a site it was I will never forget it as long as I live and I will be sure that when we have children they will never forget the
sacrifices of all the men and women who fought and died paying the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy so freely in this country.

I just got a computer last week and was doing a search to see if there was any good news yet and seeing none I just wanted you to know your loved one has not been forgotten.

Thank you, and may GOD bless you.


From - Wed May 03 17:37:39 2000
Return-Path: <MKeller@co.nezperce.id.us>
Subject: Lt. Commander Michael Scott SPEICHER

Where in the world is the "Conscience of America"?????  Why are we not fighting "TOOTH AND NAIL" to find out what happened to Michael Scott SPEICHER in our little war in the Gulf????  I am ashamed.  Mr. President, where is Lt. Commander Michael Scott Speicher??

Melanie S. Keller
Clarkston, WA  99403

From - Thu May 04 08:51:03 2000
From: david doebele <david.doebele@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: John Huntley, mia.viet nam war

Dear family members:

I have carried your son's MIA/POW bracelet for years, and will continue to do so that his memory will not be forgot.

I remain a fellow brother in arms,


From - Thu May 04 08:51:13 2000
From: M5ward@aol.com
Subject: Major Richard Hawthorne

For over thirty years I have had a bracelet honoring Major Richard Hawthorne.  From information I have found in his biography, I understand that a PFOD/BNR was issued in 1973.  This is six years after the September 12, 1967 date on my bracelet. 
This bracelet and this man have been a part of my life for many years.  I think of him often and pray for him and his family.  I pray for the thousands of young men of my generation who were lost.  I pray for those who are still alive out there somewhere.  I pray for those who came home unwelcomed and unappreciated.  I pray that this nation never again turns its back on the brave and courageous service personnel who protect and defend us when called upon.

I find myself drawn to this site again and again.  And each time I wonder:
did Major Hawthorne have children;
did Major Hawthorne like sports, movies, walking in the rain;
did Major Hawthorne prefer sunsets or sunrises;
did Major Hawthorne enjoy Sunday mornings with the newspaper and cup of coffee;
did Major Hawthorne glance at the first star each night and make a wish;
did Major Hawthorne lay on his back in the grass and watch the clouds;
did Major Hawthorne make angels in the snow;
did he do all those things we take so much for granted every day?  If he did, I pray he is still doing them somewhere.

To his family:
Always know this - he is loved and remembered by someone who never knew him
but will always be grateful that he lived. 

To all the families of those who served:
Always know this - that here is one person who will be eternally appreciative for the sacrifices that were made and for the gifts that were given.
With Love and Gratitude,
Michele Ward (M5ward@aol.com)

From - Sun May 07 08:31:36 2000
From: David Cannon <xcyberhuskyx@yahoo.com>

I wish to say thank you to the greatest heroes of my youth. My grandmother on my mother's side had 7
brothers, a son and a son-in-law who all served in WW2. My own father is a Korean War Vet (U.S. Navy) and I myself served in the Navy 1978-1984. I feel very fortunate that all of those in my family who served in WW2, Korea, and Viet Nam, as well as the more recent Gulf War, were able to return home to their family. Many families were less fortunate and my heart goes out to them. As a young boy growing up in the late 60's and early 70's I watched with great interest the events and exploits of our men in Vietnam. Like many I was troubled by the lack of welcome they saw if and when they returned. That to me is the greater tragedy of Vietnam. It was the courage and determination of returning Vets who came home and made a success of themselves that inspired me in part to join the Navy when I turned 18. U believe that much of what is great about America in the past 100 years was built by the
men who fought in all of its wars. It is a monument to those who came home to us, and to those who still remain unreturned.

I collect millitaria as a way to preserve, protect, and maintain a connection to this under-recognized
part of American History. It was part of the research I conduct on each and every artifact which brought me to this site. Much thanks to the people who created, and continue to maintain this site, and greater thanks to the Vets and their families to whom no high enough honor can ever repay the cost they willingly paid for freedom.....

From - Mon May 08 16:43:16 2000
From: "Gerald Karschner" <geraldk@epix.net>

I am searching for a Mary Boyles, wife of Howard Boyles, Civ. remains returned 1973.

I am a close family friend of the SFC William Boyle family and the family and I have worked for years to determine the fate of SFC Boyle. We need your help in finding Mrs. Howard Boyles.  I  have no hometown of record to begin looking.  Could you point me in a direction?  If you know of her whereabouts could you forward my email along with my email address:   geraldk@epix.net.    Thanks   Gail

From - Tue May 09 15:06:25 2000
From: "Sue Solvig" <Sue.Solvig@national-city.com>

Subject: Capt Arthur Ecklund

Re: Love Letter to Capt Arthur Ecklund's family,

I have had the Capt's copper braclet for 30 years now, and it also has a blue star on it which I can not remember what the star indicates.  I have search the bio and found Capt Ecklund has no happy ending.  If you would like to have my braclet, please contact me at Sue.Solvig@national-city.com or by mail at 1560 Lucks Road, Reynoldsburg OH 43068.

Sue Solvig

From - Wed May 10 07:58:46 2000
From: "Douglas Clark" <douglas85@hotmail.com>
Subject: Dewey R. Butler and Robert P. Phillips

    I am a former U.S. paratrooper and I wore a bracelet with Dewey R. Butler's name on it until it broke. I broke it while I was in my uniform. I wasn't sure what to do with it so I put it in an 8x10 picture frame. I cut the back out of one my BDU tops to use as a backing. I kept it on my
barracks room wall until I got out of the army. I will take the remains of the bracelet to THE WALL this summer.
   I was very upset about breaking that bracelet and not being able to find another one with his name. I then began the search to find another bracelet with the name of another soldier. I found a bracelet with the name Robert P. Phillips on it, my search was over. I have worn his bracelet since 1994.
   People have always asked me if I am related to the man on the bracelet or they ask what type of medical condition do I have as they point to the bracelet. I have always responded that Mr. Butler and Mr. Phillips were soldiers just like me.

From - Fri May 12 17:32:32 2000
From: "John & Melissa Flint" <flintmj@uswest.net>
Subject: Robert R. Greenwood


I have been wearing my bracelet for over 2 years now. My mans name is Robert R. Greenwood Jr. I am looking for his family to let them know that he is not forgotten. My heart goes out to the family and I pray for answers to their questons.

From - Mon May 15 09:26:31 2000
From: SASHAQUAY@aol.com
Subject: Lt. Col. Sheldon Burnet

I have the MIA bracelet of Lt. Col. Sheldon Burnet.  I have had it since 1973 when I was in high school and have wondered and worried about him ever since them.
I recently discovered that he was reported MIA in Laos.  If it helps any, know that someone else will always share in in your loss.  I know he was a good son and brother.

From - Thu May 18 07:25:42 2000
From: Suzted7@aol.com
Subject: Sgt. Dallas A. Driver


2257 STANTON DR.   

From - Fri May 19 15:35:47 2000
From: "Corrin Roskos" <croskos@chromacomputer.com>
Subject: thank you

I am so glad that I went to visit your site to look for information regarding 'my friend' Melvin D. Rash- Missing since '68 in Laos. While my parents nor my uncles were in the Vietnam war, I feel a special respect for all those who did serve in any way to our country. I go to DC almost every year and hang out with the Vets there at the wall, and my bracelet which I've worn for over 6 years reminds people that even though I'm only 25, no one should ever forget what these brave people did for us. My mother has an original one from her schoolmate from high school, and she would never let me wear it because she was so afraid I would lose it. Adults always look at me strangely and ask a lot of questions, mostly how could I understand? I'm glad. I'm proud to tell why I wear this little bracelet. And I understand respect. I didn't need to live through it to know that it was horrible- war itself is horrible.

I get all mostly when I talk about POW/MIA's because I wish they would come home. I have a dream that one day I'll magically get a phone call that tells me Melvin is home.

I am not a political person. My beliefs are my own and not always supported by our country. But I will never forget anyone that fought - in any war -  and I will never forget those that are still out there somewhere.

Thank you so much for keeping the information out there - and I will hope and pray that one day we won't need to look anymore.

Corrin Lee Roskos
Technical Staff Manager
Chroma Computer Systems, Inc.

From - Sun May 21 21:56:11 2000
From: Horizon4 <scorpio@erols.com>
Subject: Still Remembered

To the Family of: Thomas Earl Dunlop...Just want to say I wore the bracelet of  Cdr. Thomas Dunlop for a very long time...it is now resting in a safe and loving place....God bless....Norma Jean Curry

From - Mon May 22 08:14:25 2000
From: Horizon4 <scorpio@erols.com>
Subject: Still Remembered

To the family of  Samuel Deichelmann.... I wore the bracelet of Capt. Samuel Deichelmann for a very long time...it is now resting in a safe and loving place...God bless....Norma Jean Curry

From - Thu May 25 07:38:20 2000
From: KKorthe@aol.com
Subject: - Sgt. Tom Adachi USAF

As a young girl of 13, with a father off in Viet Nam, I tried to do something which would connect myself in some way to my dad.  I began selling POW/MIA bracelets.  My bracelet bore the name of Sgt. Tom Adachi, who was shot down over Laos on 4-22-70.  Not a day has gone by that I don't look at my bracelet and think about him.  On this upcoming Memorial Day, let's all take some time to REALLY THINK ABOUT what these men gave for their country! Tom Adachi has been a part of my life for over twenty years now, and even though we have never met, I feel as if in some way, he is family.  You are remembered daily, Tom!!! xoxox

Karen Korthe
Orange Co. , CA.

From - Sat May 27 07:50:25 2000
From: M8J27@aol.com
Subject:  SMS Ronnie Hensley

For SMS Ronnie Hensley
USAF, 16th SOS
Ubon Airbase

Karen and I will continue searching until we find the answers.  You will be in my heart until we meet in a better place.  A place where there are no lies.  May God bless you always.  I will love you always,  Marie

From - Sun May 28 15:10:40 2000
From: rj71@javanet.com

Subject: ( Memorial Day Thoughts )

Hello ....

I hope that everyone will take a few moments this Memorial Day weekend to stop and remember and say a prayer for those who have served in our armed forces who gave there all and the utmost sacrifice to there country and there beliefs.. Where ever they are they are not and will not be forgot in the hearts of there loved ones friends and any who take a minute to think and remember them .....

I have three at least that I will say a prayer for and there family's this holiday weekend ...  Through my research love and dedication to the military and military aviation I have come to know and remember three folk's in particular ........ And they will be in my thoughts and heart this weekend ......

Peter M Cleary  MIA  10-Oct-72 =20

Samual B Cornelius  MIA  16-June-73

Harley H Hall    27-March-73

These three along with all the veterans of past War's and those who didn't come home ... WW-1&2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm ....... YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN !!!

Robert J
Chicopee Ma


Memorial Day  2000

From - Sun May 28 15:10:59 2000
From: Lephntblu@aol.com

To the family and or friends of : ADRC Robert Sennett----1-22-66

When I was a little girl, I sent for (my) bracelet....I was so proud and thrilled the day it came in the mail...my friends and I were all calling each other on the phone and comparing the names that each of us had . of course I didn't really understand to the full extent as to the TRUE meaning of the bracelet, until a while later when I started to watch and listen to the current events of the world . And I was ...shattered...I prayed even harder...I always wondered who he was and what his family was like.

Did he like to read? Did he like Pepsi? Was he a runner? Did he like music? Will I ever meet him or see him in the news coming home to a happy reunion? And I still prayed.

A year later my bracelet broke....and I thought to myself , that must be like the hearts of his family....broken, never to be repaired in the same way...but I still carried the bracelet for a long time in my purse....I took it out of my purse a long time ago and put it my "special" box of things that were important in my life. I take it out from time to time just to hold it and I stick it together at the break just to imagine him. Only wishing that it was that easy to repair his life.

I don't know why, but lately his name has been coming to my mind and something told me to get online and try to find a connection. And this weekend seemed the time.

And as a child I always thought that there should be a ...sonnett for Sennett.....I am not  that talented of a person but if I COULD, I WOULD, write one.

My blessings to you and to the day that all of you WILL be reunited. And I stand PROUD on this day knowing that I am safe because of men like him......he is and always will  be....my hero.

Dianne aka Lephntblu@aol.com

From - Mon May 29 08:58:25 2000
From: "Leesa Grubaugh" <grubaugh@ipa.net>
Subject: MIA/Rodney Griffin

To whom this may concern
I have and wore a POW/MIA bracelet for several years. I got the bracelet when I was around 11 years old I am now 40. I have moved several times but, I have always kept my bracelet. In doing some research I did find the bio for the name on my bracelet Sgt. Rodney Griffin, 5-2-70 in his bio as it tells what happened it does not mention what was found out on him. When the moving wall was located in a near town to me, I went and found his name the lady there told me after looking up some info that there was a big possibility that Sgt. Griffin was still alive. and for me to keep praying for him. I can't seem to find anything more out. I know that he was born in Mexico, MO and his last home city of record was Centralia, MO.

I think of his family all the time! I would like to know if he is married had children etc.

I have showed this bracelet to my children many times and although I don't think they have a true understanding of what it was like I do have them interested. If you have any more info that would possibly help me out would you please email me at : weezerjane@hotmail.com
I think it's great that there are so many people still working very hard to bring our guys home!
God Bless!

From - Mon May 29 09:19:08 2000
From: "Mary Reed" <MReed542@mediaone.net>

For the family of Lt. Ralph Bisz:

I wore Lt. Bisz's bracelet during the 70's and was indeed saddened to learn that he was not among those that made it home.  I wear his bracelet every Memorial Day as a way of honoring and remembering his sacrifice for my freedom and that of my children.

No matter what our feelings on the Vietnam War may be, I continue to enjoy the many freedoms of living in the United States in part because of Lt. Bisz.

Thank you.

M. Reed
Miami, Florida

From - Mon May 29 18:48:18 2000
From: Mama5Judi@aol.com

To the family of Lt. Col. James W. Widdis, Jr.,

I have always hoped that he would someday come home alive, having survived terrible ordeals.  Today, I heard about POW Network and researched his name.  I was deeply saddened to know that my wish had had come true in one aspect and not the other.  He is home and I am very grateful for that.  My deepest sympathies and prayers go to his family.  I still have his bracelet and will always keep it.   It will serve as a reminder of the great sacrifice so many have given for me and my family to live in this great country.

From - Mon May 29 20:03:38 2000
From: ramona@blitz-it.net

To the family of Capt Robert Charles Davis:

I've had Robert's pow bracelet since I was a teenager. Today is Memorial Day 2000, and I went to visit the wall to see if I could find out any info about him. I see that he was married but don't know if he had
children. Would love to hear from his family.

My thoughts are with you,
Ramona Stewart

From - Wed May 31 19:31:55 2000
From: mmcquary@juno.com
Subject: To the family of Lowell S. Powers


I just wanted you, as the family of Lowell, to know, that I've worn his bracelet all these years and will continue to do so...Until he comes home.

It's been broken, it's been fixed. It's been lost...it's been found. Too many repair jobs to remember...But it's still on my wrist. After all these years. As Lowell is still in my thoughts.

Keep the faith.

Mike McQuary
204 73rd St SW
Everett, WA 98203

From - Wed May 31 20:20:46 2000
From: SHFALL@aol.com

May 31, 2000

To the family of Major Rainford Tiffin:

I have had my bracelet since the early 1970's, and I would like Rainford's family to know that he has always had a place in my heart, and has not been forgotten. I never knew anything about this man except the information on my bracelet. I recently got a computer and Internet access, and began to search for any information regarding Mr. Tiffin. God Bless his family, and if anyone would like to respond, please feel free to do so. I live in Elkhart, In. and I will be moving back home to Texas at the end of June.  Any response can be forwarded to my Mom, who will forward to me, her e-mail address is: tealhend@vvm.com. (this is two v's, not w).

Steve Westfall

From - Wed May 31 22:07:23 2000
From: "aaron a birkenkamp" <ruadh2@msn.com>

This is to the family of LCDR. Gordon S. Perisho
My name is Kim McNece and I have worn the bracelet of LCDR. Perisho for almost 10 years now.  I just wanted you to know that I will never stop wearing the bracelet until he is brought home.  I read a recap of the events leading to his disappearance and I want you to know I think he was a very brave man.  A brave man who paid the ultimate sacrifice for my freedom.
May God Bless and keep you throughout all the days of you life and may you find peace in knowing that there is someone else out there waiting for him to come home.
Kim McNece

From - Sun Jun 04 12:57:16 2000
From: Fran Jones <fjones@flash.net>
Subject: Lt. Col. Donald Klemm

I have had a bracelet for Donald Klemm since 1972. I have not forgotten, in fact, his memory and the memory of all those still missing is even more in my mind now.  I am married to a Vietnam veteran and we have recently joined the VFW.  Our Post is very dedicated to keeping the memories and hopes alive.  Now that there is a way for me to check and see (Internet), I will continue to do so.

My love goes out to his family.  You are in my prayers.

From - Sun Jun 04 12:57:19 2000
From: Fran Jones <fjones@flash.net>
Subject: Lt. Col. Ronald Forrester

My husband (a former Vietnam veteran) and I have had a bracelet for Ronald since 1986.  We recently joined the VFW and our Post is very dedicated in keeping the memory and hopes alive of those not back.  Our prayers are with his family and we will continue to wait with them.

From - Mon Jun 05 07:58:35 2000
From: ApacheDesigns@aol.com

I have took a very big interest in this subject. Even though my father received agent orange at least he came home to us. I feel such grief for the family's that didn't get to see their loved ones come home.
I have adopted  the following people:

Rainer Sylvester Ramos
James Larry Phipps
Warren Emery Newton

I strongly believe whether dead or alive these men should be on American soil where they belong.  I don't want to cause any more grief for the families of these men. But I was also wondering if I could get more information and if possible may be a picture of each men so I can put it on the remembrance
website pages I have built for them.

I also have been writing letter after letter to my congressman in hopes that one day the family members and I could get some answers why these men are not back where they belong.

It will be a long hard fight but it is a fight that I am ready for. I hold these men deep in my heart even though i never met them. Any help would be appreciated in this matter. You can get a hold of me at my
main e-mail address at Babeapache@aol.com. Please put under subject the gentleman's names so I know what the message is about and I wont delete it.

Thank you for your time.
Robin Jackson

From - Mon Jun 05 17:44:56 2000
From: Teague Capt Christopher J <TEAGUECJ@3DIV.USMC.MIL>

To whom it may concern:
I would like to get in touch with the survivors of Mr. Swords if it is possible.  If you have any more information I would greatly appreciate it. I am not a family member of Mr. Swords, my father knew him briefly and I would like to make contact with his children or spouse.  Thank you for your time and efforts.
Capt Teague

From - Tue Jun 06 07:11:30 2000
From: Steve Miner <smka9ldc@otbnet.com>
Subject: MIA bracelet

To the family of Capt Fred C. Cutrer Jr-

I have the original MIA bracelet of Capt. Cutrer and would gladly give it to his family if interested. Any family member can contact me at SMKA9LDC@OTBNET.COM if you would like the bracelet.

                                   Sincerely yours

From - Tue Jun 13 07:05:08 2000
Return-Path: <teagirl@email.msn.com>
Subject: Earl Eric Shark

My name is Julie and I live in Chicago.  I've had the bracelet of Earl E Shark's for 13 years and I have an eerie connection to this person.  It's regarding the dates of his capture and his date of birth.  Also,
something strange happened to me when I visited his name at the memorial in Washington DC.  I truly hope a family member or a person who knew him would please, I pray to God, please, contact me.  I just want a story or a picture to know what he was like.  I constantly feel this soul's energy around me and it's been driving me nuts (a good nuts).

Love to all,  Julie

From - Wed Jun 14 19:19:16 2000
From: Lemarisha@aol.com

Subject: Major Roger Carrol,Jr.

After many years wearing a POW bracelet, I found this website and found information on my POW.  I have the bracelet, but I don't know what to do with the bracelet.  In the Major's bio, it said that his mother died in 1986 (same year my mother died), but I would like to let someone in the family know that
I have always thought of Major Roger Carroll, Jr. since purchasing my bracelet back in the early 70's. 

I would appreciate any information you can give to me so that the family can have the bracelet.  If this is not possible, I will continue to keep the family in my prayers.

Thank you in advance.

Mary LeCompte
Westchester, IL  60154

From - Thu Jun 15 08:12:17 2000
From: "John Richards" <jrichrds@home.com>

Subject: Frederick Ransbottom

To the family of "Freddie Joe" Ransbottom: You won't remember me, but I worked with your mother, LaVern in 1967 thru 1970 at Southwestern Bell in Okla City in the teller department. I remember LaVern as if it were yesterday. She was so wonderful to work with....so intelligent....so funny...so kind. I remember that Freddie Joe's date of birth was just about a week before mine. I moved to San Diego, and lost contact with your mother. But, have thought and wondered so many, many times over the years about your family. Please know that Frederick Joel will NEVER be forgotten by me. Although he and I never met, .........I am indebted to him. God bless you.

With love, Kay (Coburn) Richards,
Escondido, CA 
My e-mail is : jrichrds@home.com

From - Fri Jun 16 07:49:25 2000
From: "Becky Bailey" <jim2bec@internetcds.com>
Subject: Capt Peter Grubb MIA

This is for the family of Capt Peter Grubb USAF.  My name is Becky Bailey and I live in Central Point, OR.  I received my MIA bracelet in 1970 while still in high school.  I have thought about Capt Grubb alot over the years.  I was sorry to find out he is still missing.  My husband was in Vietnam from 1969 thru 1970.  I have heard alot of stories from him.

If any of Capt Grubb's family reads this and wants to contact me, I would be happy to correspond.  It would be nice to put a face with this bracelet.  My e-mail is jim2bec@internetcds.com

thank you and god bless

From - Fri Jun 16 07:49:30 2000
From: Pyewacket-@webtv.net

RE:  S/SGT Stephen J. Geist
I have had and worn his bracelet for many years and often wished I could contact his family to let them know I have his bracelet and that we still care...and wonder.  I thought perhaps they would like to have it. Now I understand we cannot obtain their address, so perhaps through this amazing web, they will find this message.


From - Thu Jun 22 15:27:01 2000
From: "Richard Whitner" <huffymuffy@earthlink.net>

Subject: John Bischoff

I am writing to try to contact someone belonging to the family of SFC John M. Bischoff who is from Mountain Rest, SC.  He was born July 18, 1929 and was last seen in 1961 in Laos.  He was a member of the US Army Special Forces...the B Company, FFT-59, 7th Special Forces Group. I recently joined in the Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC and was overcome by the involvement of the day and activities.  It was a very powerful and emotional day for me and as I was leaving, I wanted to get a POW/MIA bracelet from a soldier from my home state of SC.  I got the bracelet for SFC John M. Bischoff and have not taken it off since... I know it must be tough on the family of SFC Bischoff and I do not want to open old wounds.  I simply wanted to offer my support and love for his family and just to let them know I am thinking of them daily when I look at my bracelet and trust he was a wonderful man, husband, and father...who left this world way too soon fighting for our freedom.

My fiance' is in the Army today and I am proud of him for joining and believing in his job.  Thanks for the sacrifices you each made for everyone to be free and live in the US.

Tammy Collins

From - Thu Jun 22 18:34:15 2000
From: "Michael Dotson" <dixchiens@boone.net>
Subject: Frederick L. Cristman

I visited The Wall on 17 June 2000.  I can not put into words how moved I was to see the names of those who paid the ultimate price.

Since I live in NC, I wanted to buy and wear the bracelet of someone from our State.  I now proudly wear the bracelet of Frederick L. Cristman.

I will write the President and our Senators to let them know there are those who care that  Frederick Craven was last seen alive and has not come home.

Mary McLeod
PO Box 1310, Boone, NC 28607

From - Thu Jun 22 14:23:55 2000
From: "eagle24" <eagle24@gateway.net>



From - Mon Jun 26 08:46:25 2000
From: GuinnessHunter@aol.com


Having been born in 1969, I'm the son of a Vietnam vet.  My dad never talked  much about his tour, still doesn't.  I spent much of my formative years poring over his cruise book from USS Enterprise.  Being generally nuts about flying anyway, Naval Aviation became almost an obsession.  Bad eyesight, combined with a decided unwillingness to exercise caused any future there to evaporate.  I always read a lot about it though, and since Viet Nam was recent enough for me to have vague memories I focused fairly heavily there.  When I was in High School the National League of Families had a table set up in a local mall.  I was drawn to them, and decided to purchase a bracelet.  I picked Michael E. Quinn.  A-6's were a favorite, & it had to be an aviator.  I wore that red aluminum bracelet for 6 years, with the last few being encased in plastic hospital bracelets.  The acid in my sweat from southern Arizona summers had dissolved the bracelet, creating sharp points on the ends that had a tendency to draw blood.  When I moved to Maryland in 1990, one of my first priorities was going to the Wall.  I wasn't sure what to do about my bracelet as it was fast becoming a health hazard!  When I got to the Wall and did my rubbing, something clicked and I decided it would be appropriate for me to leave it there.  I didn't know what else to do, and I decided that it would be more honorable to leave it there, rather than have it collecting
dust in a box somewhere.  Before leaving it though, I went to one of the booths nearby and purchased my second bracelet, Harley Hall.  Again, a Navy pilot and even from the Big E.  I got stainless this time, hoping to avert the same fate as my first.  I have never forgotten Michael Quinn, and he will always be a part of me.  A year or two later, my parents were entertaining friends.  They wanted to tour the Smithsonian.  Mike is a vet, and I knew of the exhibit of artifacts left at the Wall.  That was high on our list.  While walking through the exhibit, I saw the bracelet display.  I started to look through it, saying 'no, never happen.'   As I looked, my eyes drifted downward to a plexiglass stand......with a rubbing that had a bracelet stuck through it.    I can't begin to describe the feelings running through me as it dawned that, yes, that was my old bracelet.  I still get chills some 6 or 7 years later.  My second bracelet will also be my last.  I willl never take it off, and at my death it will be returned to the Wall along with part of my ashes, to represent those of us who were lucky enough to know our dads and have enough love to bear someone elses burden. 

If you are or know the family of Lt. Michael E. Quinn or Capt. Harley H. Hall, please PLEASE contact me.

William Horning

From - Sat Jul 01 11:05:03 2000
From: "EXT-Slicer, James R" <James.Slicer@West.Boeing.com>
Subject: Charlie Poole

To whom it may concern,
I have been wearing the bracelet of Charlie Poole since 1987 when I was stationed at Barksdale AFB, LA.  I just recently discovered the fact that the family is trying to put an end to their tragedy.  I would like to return my bracelet to the family once their ordeal is over if they would like it. 
I am no longer in the Air Force but I do work on electronic countermeasure systems for bombers.  We are continually trying to upgrade these systems to ensure the crews on board make it home safely every time. Please accept my condolences and understand that I hold Charlie Poole and all of our veterans, missing or not, in the highest respect.  For without them where would we be today.


Jim Slicer
USAF (86-97)

From - Sat Jul 01 11:09:35 2000
From: LeMac1300@aol.com



From - Sat Jul 01 11:09:48 2000
From: Pat <pats@telerama.com>

Subject: James Rozo

I was wondering if there is a way to contact the family of SGT. James Rozo.

I wore and still wear his POW bracelet.  I just found this place on line.  I would like to e-mail his family or write to his family even though they did not know me or even know of me. I just want them to know in more ways that them, he is not forgotten. Please advise if there is any way you know of.
Thank you


From - Sat Jul 01 11:12:10 2000
From: Semperbene@aol.com

Subject: John Ryder

Hello, my name is Meredith.  I have been wearing the bracelet in the memory of Lt. John L. Ryder for over ten years.  And although I was not even alive when you disappeared, I have always felt you in my heart.  I know that you are a courageous and brave man who was fighting for your country, for freedom, for me.  It is men and women like you who give us the freedom that many of us today take for granted. 

Every night I pray that you will be found and delivered safely into the arms of your loved ones who have gone so long without seeing your beautiful face.  And I pray that I might be able to meet you some day and thank you for all that you have done for me.  And if you shall never return, I pray that your loved ones will know that someone else was thinking of you and never lost faith.

From - Sat Jul 08 17:39:38 2000
From: "Larry @ Judy" <ljk8100@earthlink.net>

To the Family of LTCOL James Widdis Jr. of Newark NJ.

You must be real proud of James he served his country well. I still wear his bracelet. I got my first bracelet in 1973. Through the course of time I have always wondered if he made it home. I use to scan the papers looking for his name, and now I know. I am deeply sadden. I retired his MIA bracelet and I now wear with pride his KIA.

If I remember correctly he had a child. I received a picture of James standing in front of his aircraft, but I am sorry to say I have lost the picture and the letter from his wife.

So if anyone knows of him or his family please contact me. I would love to express my sorrow, and give my thanks for my freedom.

My husband is a Vietnam vet and I know of the horror he has shared and I can only guess what he is keeping to himself

God Bless you all


From - Sat Jul 08 21:23:55 2000
From: "Jeremy Walsh" <badge145@netzero.net>

I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank those who had made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom and what people believe in. I am a fifth generation U.S. Navy sailor and very proud of the tradition that my father had passed down to me. I have served in Japan and in the western-pacific and I had chances to meet a lot of vets and I think it is about time someone stood up and said it is time to bring them home once and for all. My grandfather taught me when I was very young that it is so easy to follow a crowd but it is the hardest thing to stand on your own and mention that there is something wrong that is what these brothers and sisters in arms did they stood up and it is time that a greatful sailor stands with them to say thank you. You are not forgotten and the fire still burns inside. Thanks for everything,


my email address is jlw145@yahoo.com

From - Tue Jul 11 18:38:34 2000
From: Tommy Manasco <flamewalker@earthlink.net>

This is to the family of Raymond Bobe

I just want you to know that I
also wear Rays bracelet. I got it on vacation in Washington D.C. from a vender selling them by the "Wall". I too am a PFC from Alabama,  I am stationed in Louisiana but I make trips home from time to time and would like very much to meet or talk to you.   I have only had his bracelet for a month but think of Ray as a friend. Know that some one else thinks of him everyday.  Please also visit my dedication page to Ray at http://sites.netscape.net/flamewalkert/homepage .

With love
Tommy Manasco

From - Tue Jul 11 19:41:37 2000
From: RSQCAT@aol.com
Subject:- Maj. James T. Egan

To the Family of James T. Egan:

I've had Capt. Egan's bracelet for close to 20 years (I now know he was promoted to Major).  Until last week, I knew only that he was MIA 1/21/66.  I stumbled onto the Moving Memorial Wall in Myrtle Beach, SC, on July 4th.  That one "stumble" began an intense search on my part for information on
James T. Egan -- and made July 4th, 2000 my most memorable Independence Day of my 41 years.

While at the Moving Wall, I discovered that Maj. Egan is a Marine, so is my Father.  My Father was in Vietnam in 1966 and again in 1970. I had quit wearing Maj. Egan's bracelet about 1977 when I no longer heard anything about the POW/MIAs of the Vietnam war and did not know how to contact any organization to stay in touch.  But I NEVER forgot Maj. Egan and have continued to pray for him and his family for many, many years.

I called my Father last week, July 4th, and told  him what I discovered about my MIA (I still consider Maj. Egan "my" MIA) -- and discovered they strong possibility that Maj. Egan's division was the division performing patrol for the base at which my Father was stationed in Vietnam in 1966.  The possibility that Maj. Egan became MIA while protecting my Father struck me hard and cold and I cried.

I will continue to search for information, and hopefully a picture, of Maj. James Egan.  I will continue to pray for him and his family.  And I will always regard him as my hero and as possibility my Father's guardian angel in Vietnam.

To Maj. Egan's family, I am so sorry for the events of that night and wish I could change them.  I would enjoy communicating with you but hold your privacy in the greatest of respect.  If we should somehow reach each other, I will be grateful, if not, know that Maj. Egan is more than a name to me -- he is a Marine, just like my Dad.

Love, Suzy Turner (RSQcat@aol.com)

From - Wed Jul 19 16:50:18 2000
From: "redjulie" <redjulie@ij.net>
Subject: Dan Entrican

My name is Julie MacMillan.  I have my original POW bracelet with the name Dan Entrican, the date is 5-18-71. My e -mail address is jujubee6@hotmail.com  I would welcome any response from his family. 

thank you,   julie

From - Wed Jul 19 16:50:17 2000
From: david doebele <david.doebele@worldnet.att.net>

Subject: John Huntley, MIA.Vietnam war

Dear family members:

I have carried your son's MIA/POW bracelet for years, and will continue to do so that
his memory will not be forgot.

I remain a fellow brother in arms,


From - Wed Jul 26 07:46:46 2000
From: "Angie Zeman" <GOOGIE@worldshare.net>

For the family of  Air Force Captain Robert  A.  Rex  killed in Laos during the Vietnam War. I bought POW/MIA bracelet in 1972 and have had it all these years.  Just got computer and my daughter found information on Capt. Rex's death and recovered remains.  I've thought of this man through the years and have always wondered what happened.  Today, I just found out the tragic ending to this man's story.  Now, I would like to contact  his family and perhaps give to them the bracelet which bears his name.  If Capt. Rex's family would like to contact me they can e-mail at:googie@worldshare.net .
                                                                NOT FORGOTTEN

From - Thu Aug 03 18:34:24 2000
From: "Lundy, Maryann" <maryann.lundy@gs.com>
Subject: Bruce G. Johnson

To the family of Bruce Johnson:

First let me introduce myself.  My name is Maryann Lundy and I am the person who has Bruce's MIA bracelet.  I want you to know that I partially understand your loss as my Uncle Anthony P. Meola was killed in Vietnam on January 9, 1967 at 21 years old.  He was my Favorite person in the world and I miss him dearly everyday.   When the bracelets came out (I have mine about 31 years) I wanted to have one so I can connect in some way and hoped that the person I had would return to their family one day and they would get the closure they needed.  I never felt that I had closure since my parents thought that I was too young and didn't allow me to go to his wake or funeral.  As I got older and understood that he and every other soldier should have never fought this war, although proud of all that did, my hurt turned to anger and my feelings along with the bracelet were put away.  I always wondered what my life would be like with him there and since I would never know I just put it all aside. I always wanted to know more about him, how he felt, what it was really like for him in Vietnam.  Then one day last year I came across an OLD Readers Digest that had an article about "The Wall" on the internet, so when I got
to work the next day I logged and could not find my Uncles name and wanted to know how to get this done as he is on the Wall in Washington, DC.  A few weeks later I received an e-mail from someone who actually served with him and never in a million years did I ever think that I would actually meet
someone who knew him in Vietnam and he gave me the name of another person who knew him.  The three of us have been in contact since and they have become a big part of my life and are now a part of my family.  I poured my heart out to them and they have helped me so much that I now feel that I have the closure I needed.  They had a reunion in North Carolina in July and I went down to meet Scott and John face to face, it was so nice to actually be with them, it meant the world to me.  With their help I have been able to now go through different web sites about Vietnam without all the hurt and anger I once had.  Last night I came across the "POW NETWORK" site and there was the section about the bracelets which then reminded me about the one I had in my draw put away with all my pain.  I couldn't wait to go home and take it out, although I moved several times over the years I knew exactly where
it was.  When I got into work today  I checked the different pages and looked up Bruce's name and was hoping that there would have been an update but was sad to see that he is still listed as MIA.  I then seen the "Loveletter" site and felt that I should write to let you know why it took so long for me to come in contact with you. 

Next July the infantry that my Uncle was in is going to be honored at the wall in Washington DC and I am planning to go and meet Scott and John there. My Uncle is in section 14E row 001 and I see that Bruce is in section 02E row 005, they are so close to each other, I will visit Bruce while I am there.  This is the first time I am visiting the wall which I am both excited and nervous about but am now ready to face.

I hope that you receive this letter and know that I am here and pray for Bruce always.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and I will wear the bracelet always until one day we have closure as well.  Please feel free to contact me if you wish.

Best regards,

Maryann Lundy
212-357-8012 work #
718-435-0886 home #

From - Fri Aug 04 07:50:21 2000
From: JGPMI@aol.com

My name is Jamie.  I am an Army Sgt., I work in a special operations aviation unit.  I have worn a POW/MIA bracelet for about 2 years now.  Recently I attended the Army Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) school.  After experiencing a very small taste of what your loved ones might have gone through I just wanted to express my thanks.  I deeply appreciate the sacrifice they made for their country.  I will strive to make my service reflect honorably what those who have gone before me have done.  I would also like you to know that there are young people out there that care.  They are not forgotten.

Subject: Mjr.Robert Lodge
Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 21:54:52 EDT
From: FCBryan@aol.com

My name is Lynda Bryan.  I wore Mjr. Robert Lodge's POW-MIA bracelet for many years as a child.  I corresponded with his mother once in a letter.  I have never forgotten him and have recently shared his story with my children. They thought it was so interesting that I remembered his name and details
from my childhood.  They learned a lot about honor and service that the military does for all of our freedoms from the Robert Lodge story.  They found him and his story fascinating.  We decided to look up POW-MIA on the Internet and found his story and bio detailed in your site.

I would love to tell his family that he is not forgotten and he is still inspiring two little boys.  Do you have any information for contacting him or his family?

Thank you for all you do

Lynda Bryan

From - Sun Aug 06 12:15:23 2000
From: SewWhat56@aol.com

Hello, my name is Kathryn Innace.  I have the bracelet bearing the name Lt. Barton Creed.   I read the BIO, and see that he is still missing.  I pray for Barton and his family. If they would like the bracelet returned, please contact me at sewwhat56@aol.com.
thank you

From - Sun Aug 06 19:26:17 2000
From: Fre67@aol.com

Subject: CDR. James Bauder

To the Family of CDR. James Bauder, MIA since 9/12/66. I returned home from Vietnam on 11/7/67. Dec. of 1967 I put on CDR. Bauder POW bracelet. I have worn it every since, all these years even if I realize after I left home without it, I would return home to get it. I can honestly say I have worn it every day of my life since 12/67. A small price to pay for a man and his family who have suffered so much for our Nation. I hope and pray that someday I can present this to him but if I can't I will wear it for the rest of my life, and what time I have left will be spent in telling the story of our POW-MIAs and how our country left them behind. 

God Bless, FRED

From - Fri Jul 28 14:37:05 2000
From: "Patti Carruth" <plcarruth@netzero.net>
Subject: Gary Shank

To his family,

I have had his bracelet for over 25 years, and until last night when searching through this web site, hoped and prayed for a happy ending. As I will always remember him in my heart, I would like his family to have this bracelet and to let them know that he has been thought of for all these years.  God bless.

Patti Carruth - plcarruth@netzero.net

From - Thu Aug 10 13:54:29 2000
From: "Christopher Prince" <familytruckster@email.msn.com>

Subject: Capt. Glenn Cook

At the age of five I was given the great responsibility and honor of wearing a bracelet with the name of Capt. Glenn Cook - 10-21-69 imprinted on it.  At the time I was too young to understand the great
importance of this bracelet.  My mother just explained that he was lost, and by keeping his name in our hearts and prayers that it just might help him come home some day.  I have to admit, as a child I would
pretend Capt. Cook was an imaginary friend and we would play together for hours.  I would tell all my friends that he was my guardian angel! I never really knew him, but I felt I did in my heart.

It has been over thirty years now and I still have that bracelet and think of Capt. Cook everyday.  I recently joined the world of the internet and found out about this man that I wondered about for many
many years.  I learned how his plane went down, how his partners remains  (Major John Espenshied)were returned home after many years.  I was saddened by not hearing Capt. Cook was also found.  I pray that he is happy whether here on Earth or in Heaven.

I would love to hear from Capt. Cook's family, as I would like to know what my friend of thirty years was like.  I would also like to hear from Major John Espenshied's family.  I lost an uncle in Viet Nam, but our family did not have to go through the hell of not knowing what happened to him.  I cannot imagine the pain they must feel.

If any member of these families care to email me at anniermr@hotmail.com  I would be grateful.

Thank you so much for doing this web-site.  It's nice knowing people still care so much.

Annie Milligan-Prince

Subject: Loveletters
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 03:38:11 EDT
From: hippyaunt@aol.com

  This is to the family of Sgt. William Copley, lost 11-16-68.

I received his bracelet while I was still in Jr. High. Since then I have worn it almost constantly.  I can't remember the last time I didn't have it on.
  I have always wondered about him. Tonight was the first time I had the courage to look for him.
  In 1999 a friend went on the Thunder Run to the Wall and brought back a rubbing of his name on the Wall. When he gave it to me I cried. Many people have asked me about the bracelet, if he was a relative etc. and many of the younger people cant understand why I still wear it  if I didn't know him. I can't imagine NOT wearing it....I'm not sure why. But my HEART tells me to wear it with PRIDE.
  I know the loss of a family member is beyond description, one has to experience it to know the pain.
  I just wanted you to know that I will ALWAYS remember him.

 Sincerely, Mary M.   Hippyaunt@aol.com

Subject: Capt. Ronald L. Packard
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 21:21:06 -0700
From: Goodsons <goode2u@earth.net>

I wore Capt. Ronald L. Packard's MIA/POW bracelet. I would love to contact his family. I have a letter written in 1971 from his wife. I know he had 2 daughters. I am currently wearing the bracelet again.
Please help me in this mission of the heart. Lavona Wright

From - Mon Aug 14 19:45:03 2000
From: "Kathy DePippo" <ked@ihot.com>

To the family of Capt (Maj) Donald Brown, AZ

This note is not intended to cause pain, and I apologize if it does.  It's only purpose is to let you know that someone in this wide world, in addition to yourselves, has not forgotten your son and his sacrifice in the name of freedom.  I have worn his bracelet for 30 years and have no intention of removing it until it falls off--then it will be replaced with a new one. I am a teacher by profession and curious minds ask lots of questions about the bracelet which affords me the opportunity to further share.

Perhaps one day you will have peace and closure.  Until then, my best wishes and prayers are with you and all those who sacrificed so much.

Kathy DePippo

Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 16:50:56 -0500
From: mac@sailoklahoma.com

I would just like to say that I wear a bracelet for Charles V. Newton.
I wanted his family know that their is still hope, and that I care.


Charles McDermott

Subject: Richard J. Fulton
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2000 19:48:42 EDT
From: Vic31259@aol.com

I just recently visited the Vietnam wall and it made me remember a bracelet I wore for so long that it is now in two pieces.  As much as I hate to say it, I did not remember my POW's full name and could not look it up.
  And now I hate that there is no way here to get in contact with him.  I would love to give the bracelet to him and to tell him that, yes, someone was thinking about him and praying for him.
  On my bracelet it says 1 LT. Richard Fulton and the date is 6-13-72. I can only hope that this is the same person.
  I don't know if this is the right place to ask or to try and find out anything else, but if there is any other information, I would love to have it.

Thank you for any help and thank you for your site.
Vicki Evans

p.s.  I will be checking out Richard Fulton's on the Internet.

NOTE: Richard Fulton is a returnee, and LOST SHEEP. His where-a-bouts are currently unknown.

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 18:20:18 -0700
From: Goodsons <goode2u@earth.net>

To Capt. Ronald Packard's family,
Thank you for the ultimate sacrifice! I have worn his POW/MIA with honor. Each day I take a breath I remember him & his family. Through the years I have kept the letter from his wife & often wonder about his children. I really appreciate him & others who served to give us something that can't be bought our freedom. If by chance you find this letter & you feel like contacting me that would be the ultimate! Your family is always in my prayers! Sincerely, Lavona

e-mail goode2u@earthlink.net

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 23:26:17 -0400
From: "Fennell" <jallao368@worldnet.att.net>

If there is any new information re:

Joseph Gale Greenleaf
US Navy  Aircraft F4E
Missing South Vietnam 72/04/14

File #1348
Service #42364051
Birthday 44/10/06

I have had his bracelet for over twenty years and he is in my prayers always....

Email - jallao368@worldnet.att.net

Thank you
Marilyn Fennell

Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 22:49:34 EDT
From: COBSON1@aol.com

To the Family of Maj. Albert Pitt:

My name is Susan and I have had his bracelet since the early 70's and never knew how to find out what ever happened or became of your family member.

I am sorry he has not come home yet, but I still think about him.  I am now 40 years old, and just wanted you to know that we do still care about your son, brother or friend.

If you ever receive this and would like to write to me, my e-mail address is

God bless you,
Love Susan

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 19:33:58 -0700
From: "laura worth" <lauraworth@acninc.net>

To the family of Lt. William M. Christensen, lost in 1966. I have held on dearly to the bracelet I bought as a high school student in the early 1970's that has Lt. Christensen's name on it. As a proud American who cherishes the memory of Lt. Christensen and what his death stands for, I would appreciate hearing from his family.

Thank you, Laura

Subject: SSGt.Cleveland Evans Jr and Capt. Walter L. Hall
Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2000 11:54:47 EDT
From: Cissy522@aol.com

I have wore two different MIA bracelets.  The first one was for Capt. Walter Louis Hall which I lost in a house fire.  I know nothing about Capt. Hall but he is often in my thoughts.  I wore his bracelet for almost ten years.

My second bracelet and the one I wear now is for  SSGT. Cleveland Evans, Jr. I know that he was from Hot Springs, AR. and was shot down over South Vietnam in March of 1968.  I would like to contact anyone in his family if it would not be to painful.  There is a lot I would like to know.  I have worn his bracelet for almost two years.

If no one in his family wants to contact me that is fine.  I really only want them to know that I and my family are still remembering and praying.  Our thoughts and prayers go to every family who sits and waits and to the faithful who wear the bracelets.

I am a single mother with a five year old daughter.  She will be getting her first bracelet this year.

God Bless
Clicy Cravatt

Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 12:29:48 EDT
From: Hnutt01@aol.com

I have the bracelet for SFC James M. Rozo, missing since 6/23/70.  I'd love to hear from the family.  Thank you.

Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 16:07:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sean Nunley <swnunley@yahoo.com>

To the family of LCDR Barton Creed, USN:

On July 4th of this year, I purchased a POW bracelet with his name and info.
I didn't know who he was or anything about him, but I chose it because he is a fellow sailor. I have dedicated my website to him, www.geocities.com/swnunley , and linked it to his bio page. I pray for his


Sean W. Nunley

Subject: The family of Major Charles P. Claxton Pilot (S-05) Combat Talon      Crew
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 13:00:58 -0700
From: Marie Witkay <mwitkay@mflex.com>

Dear Family:

While I am a stranger to you, I have been praying for you and Maj. Claxton since 1967.  You see, in 1967 my then boyfriend, Tony was drafted out of college and was sent to Viet Nam.  We did get married before he went and when he returned, as so many other young couples, he came home to a wife and 3 month old baby girl.

It goes without saying that Viet Nam took over my entire life with Tony in the Army.  It was at that time that I bought a "POW/MIA silver bracelet" with the name of Major Charles Claxton, 12-29-67 on it.  It was just "luck" that I got his name and not someone eles'.  For these past many, many years I have prayed, worried and wondered what happened to him.  Then just yesterday, someone told me I could find this kind of information on the web - which leads me to writing you this  letter.

My husband did come home in one piece, we now have two grown children, daughters 32 and 30 years of age.  They are married with children of their own - we have 4 grandchildren and another one on the way.  Tony and I have been married for going on 34 years.

I do not tell you this out of some sense of what I have and you do not.  I only say this to somehow tell you how much I can feel, to the best that I can without going through what you have been through, your sorry for your loss.  Even though times were very tough and hard when Tony came back, it cannot compare with the void you must still feel.

My father was a lifer in the Marines.  I am well acquainted with the "entire picture."

I guess the bottom line that I want you to know is that on August 30, 2000, there is still someone out there who, even though they are a stranger to you and of course Maj. Claxton, his life and sacrifice is NOT FORGOTTEN.  I still have his bracelet and look at it quite often.  Life is strange. Sometimes, so many times, we are totally unaware how we can impact and possibly change someone's life who we have never met.  Maj. Claxton has had an impact on mine.

God bless you all.

With sincere gratitude,

Marie J. Witkay

Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2000 21:19:36 EDT
From: SMorton102@aol.com

Today, I took my son to visit the Moving Wall in Waterford, CT.  I have been to the monument in D.C., but I wanted my son to see this because I feel it is so very important.  Anyhow, we came home and I have been thinking about it since.  My husband is in the US Navy and we have recently been transferred to Norfolk, VA.  I am still here in CT packing up.  Well, to get my mind of of all this sadness, I decided to work on some packing.  I came across my bracelet with the name MM2 William R. Moore. I didn't realize that I had still had it.  It was given to me about 13 years ago by my aunt who taught me the importance of the War and what it meant to this country.  I decided to check and see if his remains had been found yet, but found that his body has yet to be recovered and where his name is listed on the Wall.  During my visit today, I brought flowers in memory of all who died.  But I think I
will return tomorrow with flowers for him.  Today, I renew my commitment to wear his name.  When I was given the bracelet, I was only 12 and the novelty of wearing it eventually wore off.  But I never abandoned it.  I have lived in many places and tend to throw things away before moving.  But this bracelet has always remained with me, tucked back in my jewelry box where I found it today.  I am glad I found it.  It makes the sad visit today mean something. So to the family of William R. Moore, I will never forget and you will always be with me in my heart.  We will continue the traditions of the Navy that you kept so many years ago.

Sara Morton & QM3 Chadwick D. Morton, USS Mahan, US Navy

Subject: ESTES, Walter O.
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000 18:27:46 EDT
From: Ladytaz264@aol.com

    When my father died in 1972. He left for me a box of memoirs from his army days.  Patches, medals, pictures and such.  Included in this box was two bracelets with names on them. Wrapped around them with a rubber band was this last note from my Dad to me saying that "you must remember these brave men, wear these always. One day they will come home and you can give them back. It will make them happy to know that someone cared enough."  Being seven years old, I didn't understand what this signified nor it's meaning.  But wanting to please be father, I worn them.  And have continued to, even when it "wasn't cool."

     I have one bearing the name of
                    Estes, Walter O. II.
                    DOB:       10 June 1939
                    BRANCH: Navy
                    HOMETOWN: Williamston, Michigan
                    DATE OF LOSS:  19 November 1967

    I contacted my local chapter of Vietnam Veterans and they directed me to a site that helped me find out a bio about him.  According to that bio, I found out the sad news that he was killed. I am praying that his soul rests with God and that maybe, a member of his family will see this letter and direct me somehow in what I can do with his bracelet, that a now 36 year old woman always kept.

    I hope an answer comes relatively soon.  God Bless

                                            Theresa Collins

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 13:42:28 EDT
From: DLAY06@aol.com

I am writing this letter because my mother is the proud owner of a POW bracelet with Lt. Col. Grenzbachs name on it.  Upon a recent move I located it in her jewlrey box and began to ask questions.  She stated that she believed that he never returned home.  I wanted to let any family member
know that we still have the bracelet and that we would be willing to turn it over to a family member that might wish to have it.  This in no way means that we have forgotten about him, but I just wanted to give someone the opportunity to have the momento if they wish.  Possibly a niece or nephew might like to
have it.  If that is the case feel free to contact me at 502-896-6649 or email me at TRBANDJW@AOL.COM.

Thank you

Traci Barrowclough

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 17:06:13 -0400
From: "Eugene W. Selby" <gwselby@erols.com>

This is to the family of Francis B. Midnight-
  I have worn his POW/MIA bracelet for 5 years now and never take it off.  Francis was a good friend
of my mothers and wrote her a letter before heading off to Vietnam.  She read he was missing in the local papers and than a few weeks later got his letter since the mail was slow.  If you read this please contact me at rjs004@hotmail.com and I can try to get the letter to you.  It may be one of the last things he wrote.

Rebecca Selby

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:29:12 -0500
From: Linda Dawson <LDawson@cityofanderson.com>

Searching for the family of Maj. Tilden S. Holley from Cameron, Texas, Missing since 1/20/68. Please respond to Ldawson@cityofanderson.com

Subject: RE: SMS Donald M. Lint
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 1996 00:54:37 -0500
From: Tim Malone <moebama@mail.bbtel.com>

My name is SSG Timothy W. Malone, I have worn SMS Lint's bracelet since 1988, it is worn always no matter what. I understand that he was recovered in 1995, I have made attempts to contact the family on other web sites to no avail. If the family is notified of this letter I would like to know if they care to have his bracelet that has become a part of me. I to lost a family member in Viet Nam in 1965 but my family didn't have to wait 25 yrs to get him home again. Thank-you \

SSG Timothy W. Malone U.S. Army

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 01:06:52 -0400
From: "Karen Lohsen" <klohsen@worldnet.att.net>

To the Family of Col. Robert F. Wilke:

I wish to express to you my sincere sympathy for the loss of Lt. Col. Wilke.  It is impossible for me to understand the pain and the frustration that you have experienced.  I have thought of you often over the years, but I never attempted to contact you.  I would never intrude on your privacy.  I am writing now only because you may visit this site yourself, and if you do, you will see a letter of caring and respect from me to you.

I put a bracelet on in 1971 (or 72?).  I made a promise to wear it until the man who's name is engraved on it came home.  I still wear the bracelet.  I never take it off.  I will never take it off.  It is a part of me.  The name on the bracelet is Col. Robert F. Wilke.  I know little about Col. Wilke on a personal level, but nonetheless, I think about him on daily basis.  I am constantly reminded that you are without him and that he is without you. For that I am very sorry.

The original bracelet broke in half many years ago.  Before it broke, I found out how to re-order a replacement bracelet with Col. Wilke's name on it.  It arrived in time, and I am proud to say that, except for the time when my wrist was in a cast, I have never been without it and the reminder of the Servicemen we left behind.  When asked what the bracelet is (it's pretty beat up now), I am pleased to take the time to explain what it is, what it means, and why I care.

So please accept this letter in the spirit it is intended.  I just wanted to let you know that there is another person in this country that cares.

With respect,
Karen Cullen Lohsen

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