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This issue is not "pretty." These pages will not have full color "pretty" graphics. This issue is one of the most deplorable in our nation, and the P.O.W. Flag and Logo has been called a Nation's Flag of Shame. All graphics have been left out of the posted documents in an effort to have text flow as quickly as possible. What you read will say it all.......CAPTURED, ABANDONED, FORGOTTEN.

These documents have been duplicated to resemble the original text as closely as possible -  including reproducing the USG spacing, spelling and grammatical errors. In some situations, copies that were used were "best available copy" of microfiche and some text may have been illegible.

Combined Military Interrogation Center (CMIC)
Explanation of CMIC Documents

CMIC 1971 Index                    CMIC 1972 Index                    CMIC 1973 Index


Combined Document Exploitation Center (CDEC)
Explanation of CDEC Documents

CDEC Index


Explanation of Oral History Documents

Oral History Files Vol 1           Oral History Files Vol 2


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