To families, friends, and former prisoners of war....

From - Wed Apr 21 19:46:01 1999
From: Alfred Koenig <alfredo@wt.net>
Subject:  Col. Paul Underwood - 3/16/66

Dear Family:

    I wore Col. Underwood's original POW bracelet for about 4 years until the Vietnam War ended and the list of returning soldiers and dead were listed in the papers.  Over the years I have kept that bracelet in a safe place, hoping against hope that he returned and I never learned of his return.

    With the advent of the Internet, I discovered, to my dismay, that his remains were identified and returned to his family in 1998.  I still have the original bracelet, intact, and, if you want it, I would be honored to return it to your family.  If this is so, please E-Mail me at  jkoenig@wt.net.

   J. Koenig

From - Sun Apr 25 08:33:02 1999
From: BJsDreams@aol.com
Subject: Richard A. Kibbey

My name is Bobbie Campbell. I mailed my POW/MIA bracelet to the nephew of Richard A. Kibbey and was wondering if you received it. I had a telephone  conversation with you prior to sending it but never found out if you received it. If you have any other information about your uncle, I would love to hear about it. If not could you just let me know that you received it.      Thank You

Bobbie Campbell
P.O. Box 1652
Barstow, Ca.  92312

From - Sun Apr 25 18:38:42 1999
From: BROSE415@aol.com

To the family of Walter H. Sigafoos, III,
April 25, 1999

As today marks the anniversary date of Walter being sent into active duty or being shot down ,I wanted to let you know that he has never been forgotten by the person who wore his P.O.W./M.I.A. bracelet.

Many small events have happened lately that brought me to write this letter.  I was recently in Washington, D.C. chaperoning the East Aurora, New York, Middle School Marching Band trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Our group was visiting the Vietnam Memorial when our tour guide asked if anyone would like to look up a name on the Wall.  With tears streaming down my face I raised my hand and the tour guide took our group to find Walter's name.  I also found other information about him that I never had before.  It was so overwhelming. The kids (11-14 in age, the age I was when I wore the bracelet) started to ask a lot of questions.  Our "fun" trip had turned into a great learning experience for them.  They were very interested in any information I or the tour guide could give them.

We returned to our little town and I shared this with many people who  expressed interest in how they could find out what happened to the men they  had prayed for so many years ago, others not forgotten.

Then, just a few days ago my 11 year old daughter had homework on the Vietnam War.  Our family had just purchased a new computer and gone on-line so I said to her "let's go to the web and see what we can find."  When we pulled it up I saw P.O.W./M.I.A.'s and again wanted to look for Walter's name.  I was so shocked when I scanned across his name and saw "photo."  Well, I pulled it up as the tears flowed again.  What a handsome young man!  I hope that this letter does not bring any pain to your family, but comfort in knowing that he was in my daily prayers and thoughts and to this day never forgotten.

Mrs. Becky Jo Rose

sep.gif (1967 bytes)

From - Tue Apr 27 21:34:31 1999
From: John Penny <racekrazy@NorthState.Net>

I am writing in hopes to locate family of LCPL Joseph N. Hargrove. I have his bracelet. I unlike so meny others have only had it a short time. My family had gone to new york to vist my ill grandfather. On our way home I was really drawn to vist D.C. We had already broken down once, but for some strange reason I felt the need to go. We rode around and looked at all the monuments and took some pictures. It was getting to be around midnight but I wanted to see the WALL. I had been there as a child but could not remember much. When I walk up to it I cried. I was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I look over the names and thought of all the things they gave up. I walk away with a heavy heart knowing there are so meny that we know are still not HOME. I walk up to me what seem to be a shack and the most wonderful man was there. I talked with him for awhile and he told me of the things the government are doing to move him. I then asked about the bracelet's. I never knew about the bracelet or I would have gotten one long ago. I was born in 1968, so I don't recall much about the war, but I do know my heart is drawn to each and everyone of them.
   I do hope that some how this letter makes it to one of his family members. I would like to know more about him and his family. I will continue to wear it until his home. There's always a pray heard and answered.


Ronnell Penny

From - Wed Apr 28 15:26:01 1999
From: pe2hotwhlz@mindspring.com
Subject: Just a thought

I am 31 years old and should really have no recollection of the Vietnam War, but in a  strange way I am tied to your site. My father was career Air Force which afforded my family the luxury of traveling. I guess I was in Kindergaten and living in the Philippine Islands. My father being stationed at Clark Air Force Base. I have a recollection of going out to the with my Mother because something important was happening. I can remember standing on the field and seeing  planes land. I for some reason can remember my mother telling it was the P.O.W. coming home from Vietnam. I in the vauguest of recollections can remember the 1st ones stepping of the plane and seeing them wave to the crowds that had gathered. I still have a couple of pictures that
my sister took of them as they were driven away in the redcross buses. Somewhere I have a piece of paper that has the names of some of them signed to it because they visited our school. I have always known the significances of that day and of the items that I have but it really hit me today when I visited this site. Thank you for helping me realize what I actually saw. God bless those who came home, and God bless and watch over those who didn't and haven't

David D. Doby

From - Thu Apr 29 08:54:46 1999
From: ItzNotFair@webtv.net (C. D.)

My name is Cathi David, and I have been wearing my POW/MIA bracelet for 26 years.
         MY AMERICAN HERO is....... Lt. Col Donld King  5-14-66

I will NEVER give up on him, and will wear this bracelet until he is returned to his family. What scares me the most is that our U.S. governmenr is not doing enough to bring all of our POW/MIA's home. My fear is that I will be buried with this bracelet. For 26 years I have had a special bond with him. I recently found out that he is from my home state of Michigan. I have a web page dedicated to him, and I think a picture of him would complete it.


If somebody knows of his family or has a picture of Lt. Col. Donald King that I might use, please contact me at the following address.....

             Catherine David
           4948-14 Schafer Dr.
           Swartz Creek, Michigan 48473

You can also reach me at my email address......  ItzNotFair@webtv.net    

                               Cathi David

From - Sat May 01 15:52:18 1999
From: "Maggie" <raven@net999.com>
Subject: RE; Lt. Col. Roosevelt Hestle

To The Family of Lt. Col. Roosevelt Hestle,

You have my great appreciation for the sacrifice that Lt. Col. Hestle made for our country. I have had the bracelet with his name on it for several decades. I just discovered this website & was able to read about him.

Thank you,

Maggie Finn
Mission Viejo, CA

From - Sat May 01 15:52:21 1999
From: "Micki J. Burleson" <MickiandTom@compuserve.com>
Subject: Capt Lawrence Helber

This letter is to the family of Capt Lawrence Helber (1-24-66).  I wore his bracelet until it broke.  I recently moved and found the two pieces of the bracelet.  In checking the POW network I find that he is still  mia.  May prayers have been and still are with his family.  God bless you.  Micki J. Burleson, 5307 Final Approach Ct., Granbury, Tx  76049 e-mail:


From - Mon May 03 08:49:02 1999
From: dsholmes16@aol.com

To the family of Capt. Steven Bezold

I have had a bracelet, inscribed with his  name, since I was 14 years old. I am 38 now. This note is to let you know that neither he nor his family are forgotten.  I pray that you have found peace.  My thoughts are with you always. 

Sallie Holmes

From - Mon May 03 15:37:51 1999
From: "Alison Jarquio" <alison.jarquio@virgin.net>

Hello, my name is Alison (Coats) Jarquio,
I was looking through the names of the POW-MIAs and found the name DONALD L. COATES from Oregon.   I have come to realize that anyone with the same maiden name as mine, spelled with or without the "e" is a relative.  In searching thru family history, and our family tree, it is likely that this man and his family are far relatives of mine.  I would just like to give my love and concern to his family.  I read his bio, and am greatly saddened by the events that took place.  I would like to get in contact with anyone who may have known him.Anyone with information, please contact me at: AKJ22@yahoo.com

Thank you.
Sincerely, Alison

From - Mon May 03 17:57:33 1999
From: "Hefley, Patti T" <Patti_Hefley@AIMFUNDS.COM>


I read the email you wrote on Sept. 24, 1998 regarding Capt. Fred M. Hall and the bracelet that you have had all of these years.

Please email your new AOL address so that I can pass on information to you. 

Thank you!

From - Tue May 04 08:52:18 1999
From: "Janette Lynn Dragvold" <j.dragvold@mailcity.com>

I recently took my senior class trip to Washington D.C.  I was really touched by the war memorials and became curious about them.  I've started researching all over to learn about the different wars and such. I bought a POW/MIA bracelet with SSGT Robert J. Acalotto's (Laos 2-20-71).  My mom got a bracelet when they first came out with Charles Levis name on it.  I would like you to know that I always wear my bracelet and tell people about it as often as I can.  I'm only 17 (almost 18) years old and have never known war. I hope I never do too. I just want the families of these two men to know that we're still thinking and praying for them. Take care and GOd bless,

Janette Dragvold:)
RR1 Box 54
Whalan, MN  55949

From - Tue May 04 19:19:50 1999
From: "Nancy" <Dogmom22@prodigy.net>
Subject: Capt. Robin Gatwood

To the Family of  Captain Robin F. Gatwood - My name is Nancy Farr, from Fair Haven, N.J.  I just wanted you to know that I am still wearing the steel POW bracelet bearing your loved ones' name, and I pray for all of you......If you would like to communicate, my e-mail address is: Dogmom22@Prodigy.net      (I would be most happy to return this bracelet to you, if you wish?.....)

God Bless, Nancy

From - Thu May 06 20:20:44 1999
From: "Christ Child Academy" <ccaelem@excel.net>
Subject: Col. Norm Eaton

I received the bracelet with Col. Norman Eaton's name about a week before my wedding in 1972.  Although my husband to be understood my commitment to wear the bracelet, several of my friend and relatives were astonished that I would choose to put it on and wear it with my wedding dress.  I still have the bracelet and think of Col. Eaton and what ever family he may have.  I have just found his biography through this site.
My current e-mail address is a shared one at the school where I teach and will not be available to me during the summer months, so you may contact my through my son's address at jpkoczan@yahoomail.com  God bless.  Mary K.

Date: Saturday, 10-Apr-99 08:51 PM
From: Roberta Arnold (sheepshed1@juno.com)
Subject: John W. Held

I have a POW bracelet for Major John W. Held and have had it since about 1972.  I have printed the information that you have listed on Major Held now listed as Lieutenant Colonel and now he is listed as dead, body not recovered.  I see from your information that you report information from his father. I would like someone if possible to get a message to any of his family.  That John W. Held is not and never will be  forgotten by me.

He was from Indianapolis, In.  I was born and raised in Evansville, In.  I believe our Government let many men and women down terribly.  If anyone would like to contact me I would be glad to answer them.

Roberta Arnold <sheepshed1@juno.com> Lakeland, FL USA

From - Sat May 08 22:08:00 1999
From: Mainer65@aol.com
SSGT Peter George Vlahakos

To The Family of SSGT Peter George Vlahakos
I would like to let you know that I have adopted Peter and will be working to keep his memory alive by designing a web site dedicated to him and his sacrifice for our country, corresponding with government officials concerning accounting for his as well as all the MIA/POW who have yet to come home, as well as wearing a MIA/POW bracelet until
Peter returns home and keeping him and all of you in my prayers.

I would like the web site to do him justice so with the utmost respect I am asking if you could send me any information as well as pictures I could use. I will be happy to send you the final site for your viewing in addition to keeping you up to date on my progress.  If this is possible, please contact me by one of the following means:

Address:  P.O. Box 13
Searsmont, ME 04973

Most Sincerely,
Valerie McKague

From - Mon May 10 08:29:55 1999
From: Linda Pearson <dvllady@freewwweb.com>
Subject: Capt John N Flanigan USMC

To His Family,
Many years ago my daughter ask what I wanted from one of their trips across the US. I ask for a POW braclet. This is the one they brought me. I have worn it for a long time,never finding out what happened or where he was. Today I learned you could find out the information over the internet. I looked first at the living returned, then the still missing. I found Capt. Fanigan  did not make it, that his remains were returned in 97. I had to cry, I felt like I had known him. As a friend and a stranger I offer condolences to his family. I still have the braclet and if his family would like will return it to them. I have no wish to intrude and will keep the braclet with me if they can not or do not want it back. I can not just leave it at a site where his family could not have it or know that he was thought about and prayed for while he was missing. If his family wishes to contact me my name is Linda at the above email address. I would appreciate hearing from them.

Thank You
Linda Pearson

From - Tue May 11 22:05:48 1999
From: "Beth Branch" <bcbranch@bellsouth.net>
Subject: Clarence Orfield Tolbert

I knew him as a young midshipman at Annapolis.  He was my first love. All he wanted to do was fly.    I will never forget him.


From - Thu May 13 08:00:02 1999
From: Tina Rittenhouse <trittenhouse@hersheys.com>
Subject:  LtCol Ralph H. Angstadt

I have been wearing my bracelet with LtCol Angstadt's name on it now for 5 1/2 years.  I was drawn to this particular bracelet for numerous reasons...1) I'm also from PA 2) I was also a brief member of the USAF and many other reasons that only God can possibly know.  I pray every day that God performs another miracle and we get more of our POW/MIA's back.  I could only hope that someday his family would get answers to
every question that remains since his disappearance on  Oct 16, 1966.   I just want his family to know that I do think of him every day.  I can't possibly say anything more appropriate because I have never experienced such a loss.  God Bless your family and the life and service that LtCol Angstadt gave his country.

Tina L. Rittenhouse
Hershey, PA

From - Fri May 14 08:02:23 1999
From: Fotophilly@aol.com
Subject: Maj San D. Francisco MIA 11-25-68

As an 11 year old child (in 1971) living in Philadelphia, I received San D. Francisco's bracelet.  I wore it with pride.  Who would know that years later, I would move to the San Francisco Bay area.

After doing some research on the Internet, I learned that he was 34 years old which leads me to think he may have had children.  I would like his family to know that I have his bracelet and if they wished, I would return it to them.

Please contact me at

Trisha Magdaleno

From - Sun May 16 16:00:17 1999
From: vipersbabe@webtv.net
Subject: Bruce G. Johnson

My name is Carol Dixon . As a teenager I wore the bracelet of Bruce Gardner Johnson. I wore it for a long time . then lst it but I never forgot about him completely... while surfing the internet I came across Operation Just Cause. I decided to adopt a POW and asked about Bruce.. I could only remember he was from Michigan I Was astonished to find out he was from the town where I now reside. Harbor Beach, Michigan... I am trying to learn all I can about him to do a memorial page to him. If anyone knows anything about him or if you are a family member of his could you please e-mail me at Vipersbabe@webtv.net.  I would be eternally grateful for any help you could give me.   Carol Dixon

From - Wed May 19 08:13:49 1999
From: "lois cheatle" <vinnawin@penn.com>
Subject: LT. COL. JOHN M. MARTIN of PA.


I am wanting to find the family of LT. COL. JOHN M. MARTIN OF THE USAF HE WAS SHOT DOWN IN 11-20-67. I have worn his POW bracelet for 10 years now. I have never taken it off in all this time. I want to let you know that he is not forgotten. His service to this country is greatly appreciated. I have great admiration for him. I have been able to find out that he is from PA. and that he was married and had a daughter.
Please if you are his family member I would like very much to find you and give you his bracelet.

               Thank You.

From - Fri May 21 08:53:27 1999
From: MMSEDIT@aol.com
Subject: Maj. Joseph Lyons Chestnut:

To the Family of Maj. Joseph Lyons Chestnut:

As a sophomore in high school, I was not able to understand the Conflict in Viet Nam fully, but was deeply moved and saddened by what we all saw and read; and in 1972, I purchased a bracelet in support of the thousands who were personally involved. I selected my bracelet with great care having a special feeling about the name I chose. I wore the bracelet without interruption until 1986, even arguing with the staff regarding its removal during the birth of my daughter in 1977.  When she was nine years old, I took her to the wall for the first time and searched for his name. Having not found it, and having no information on Maj. Chestnut, I convinced myself that he had returned safely, and did so for many years. In the years that followed I wore the bracelet again at times when I needed the support of my "unknown friend"; my personal angel!

I have only recently learned that his remains were returned in July, 1995. I know the correct thing to do is to return his bracelet to the Wall, but I am finding it difficult to part with. I would like to express my deepest sympathy to his family and hope that someday an opportunity will arise for me to return the bracelet to them. I realize somewhat selfishly, that its return would a greater gift for me; I only pray that his family will understand the bond created by wearing these very special bracelets and the positive impact felt by those of us who were honored by doing so. Thank you for letting me tell my story and please know how grateful I am to have had an opportunity to wear his name with pride!

In fond remembrance,
Marilyn Shifflett
Nellysford, VA

From - Sat May 22 08:18:55 1999
From: "DR. MUMBAUER" <19691951@email.msn.com>

To the family of Spec. 4 Rosario Humberto Acosta mia/pow 8-22-68

I wanted you to know that for 26 years I have kept my  MIA/POW bracelet with Rosario's name on it.

Every Memorial Day I wear it to remind me of Rosario and all those who did not return.

This year I have been asked to speak at our Memorial Day Events and I will speak of Rosario and how his bracelet brought the war home to me at the age of 15, and has kept it with me for 26 years.

While he may not be with you , I wanted you to know he is not forgotten !

 With Warmest Regards,
Pat Mumbauer

From - Tue May 18 08:46:21 1999
From: "Teresa Cole" <zippy@wcnet.net>
Subject: letter to the family

I'm not really sure how to begin. I would like to send a letter to the family of the soldier whos name I have worn on my wrist for 12 years.  I just want them to know that he will never be forgotten .  I dont expect  them to write back unless they want to.  I know many of the  familyies  dont want to give out adresses , so what I needed is to know if there is  some where that I can mail this letter and they will forward it.  I have  thought about doing this for a long time and didnt know what to say to  them but I write a little at a time and i think now is the time to send it.  I dont know who he is or was but not a day goes by that I dont think of him and his family and the pain they must feel.  If you know of an adress that i can send this to please let me know one way or the other .  my email adress is zippy@wcnet.net

My name is teresa cole .  it would mean so much to me to know that they  know someone remembers.

thanks Teresa

From - Sat May 22 15:33:39 1999
From: BCVNRR6970@aol.com

Looking for any family members of Henry L. Allen

Please email us ....VNVftroop@hotmail.com

From - Sat May 22 15:33:44 1999
From: Tracy L Allard <tallard@juno.com>
Subject: Maj Claxton

I had always wondered if the name on my bracelet (obtained in 1972) had ever returned.  I found the POWNET site thru a series of links and am saddened to find that Maj Claxton has yet to come home.  As I sit here with tears flowing, I am again angered at the waste of human life as a result of the conflict in Viet Nam.  Tho I no longer wear the bracelet, it is always on display in a curio cabinet along with other cherished items.  I hope that one day I can return to the list of names and see that Maj Claxton has come home. 

From - Wed May 26 08:10:46 1999 (updated 04/02/01)
From: "Christian American Patriot" <love_america@hotmail.com>
Hallie William Smith

Love letters

Hi  this is to Judy Smith her husband was shot down in Vietnam Hallie William Smith. I am writing this letter to let her know that Hallie is not forgotten or any other of  the POW/MIA'S I  adopted Hallie Last month I would like any information I can get on Hallie Smith and if Judy reads this I would like to here from her.

Thanks and God Bless
Heath Love

From - Fri May 28 20:49:33 1999
From: Bobbi Hawkins <zelda@ocsnet.net>
Subject: David Henry

To the family of LTJG David A. Henry, USN (9-19-66 SVN-DW)

I wanted you to know that I have been wearing the braclet bearing David's name for about 15 years.  He has become a part of my life and I pray for him and you, his family, daily.  I found this website (I'm new on the computer) and decided to write to you.  Please know that I do not wish to bring any unhappiness to you but I wish only that you know that as a part of me, David, walks along with me and the Lord -- I always wear the braclet, I have only removed it when it needed repairs.  I promised to wear it until he came home and I have kept that promise.  God's blessings, Bobbi

From - Sun May 30 00:10:04 1999
From: Scott Cohernour <keymastr@flash.net>
Reply-To: keymastr@flash.net
Subject: Peter Grubb

When I was 12, I bought a POW bracelet with my allowance.  I wore it until it broke in half.  It was lost during our last move back to Vandenburg AFB.  I have never forgotten the name.  His name was Capt. Peter A. Grubb, and until tonight, I never knew he was in the Air Force, or that his plane crashed, or that he had been declared dead in 1977. I
came to this sight looking for more information and found Love Letters.
To Capt. Peter's family, he has never been forgotten, at least not by me.

Deby Cohernour
1832 Blume NE
Albuquerque  NM  87112

From - Sun May 30 22:32:32 1999
From: Sail415@aol.com
Subject: Capt. George W. Morris Jr.

Dear Family of George Morris and fellow bracelet keepers,

I just read Kara Hevener's 13 Dec 98 letter.  I too wear the bracelet of Capt. Morris.  The Angel Flight at the University of Florida encouraged us to adopt a POW, and I bought mine from a veteran's booth/tent on the steps of the Lincoln Monument in the Christmas of 1993.  I chose Capt. Morris because my brother is an Air Force capt, and Capt. Morris was shot down the year I was born, 1973--it made him seem more relevant.

I wonder about Capt. Morris' family from time to time.  I wonder if he has a sister like my brother does.  I wonder if they have healed from losing him. I wonder if they know that there are people still thinking about him.

People are always asking me about my brass bracelet.  Some think it is one of those things to improve your golf game until they see the engraving.  I travel a lot in the South and the humidity requires me to carry brasso with me to polish the bracelet nearly every day.  Somehow the smell of brasso reminds me of watching my brother polish his AFROTC belt buckle, and again I think of Capt. Morris.

I'm glad that someone else shares the burden of never forgetting. Reading all the letters posted on the site makes me glad that others feel the way I do about the circle of brass I'm never without.

Patriotism has not died.  We are not alone in remembering.

Gwendolyn Smith
POB 415
Melrose, FL 32666

From - Mon May 31 18:30:53 1999
From: Love22step@aol.com
Subject: SSGT Lonnie Tullier

I acquired my bracelet in 1972.  I chose SSGT Tullier because he was enlisted like me.  I looked for his name when reports came out, but put the bracelet away after the war ended.  I found it again recently and decided to find out what happened to him.  I'm sorry to learn he didn't make it back alive.

I went to the POW Memorial Wall last summer, but I'm kind of glad I hadn't found the bracelet at that time.  The wall experience was a very emotional experience by itself.  It's so huge--so much loss.  I couldn't stop the tears.  I still can't when I remember the experience and the terrible loss of our military members.

If SSgt Tullier's family finds this message and would like to have the bracelet, I will send it.                                                   

Carla Spencer, SMSgt (Retired), USAF

Date: June 1, 1999
From: Brenda West <prancerpuppy@yahoo.com>

I have had for many years the bracelet of Theothis Collins, USMC, 19-Aug-68, SVN, NJ. On the internet, my daughter says he is listed K.I.A. - I was sorry to hear this. I had held out hope for all our boys.

I have two sons in the USMC - if this was one of theirs - I would want it, if they were gone.

I have worn it with hope and yet sadness like many other people have. I am as proud of it today as they day I got it, but now if the family wants it, it is time to send it home to them. If they don't, that is fine. I would like them to have the option if they want it or not.

Please forward my condolences, too.

With Sincere Sympathy and Pride,

Brenda West

From - Wed Jun 02 21:14:18 1999
From: "Laurie Denney" <ldenney@columbus.rr.com>

To the family of Paul W. Bannon,

In the early 70's I received a POW/MIA bracelet per my request. I believe I was 9 years old then. I mis-placed my bracelet when in my twenties. I found it one day and thought about Paul and his family. I watched as the soldiers came home and as they annouced their names I sat in anticipation of seeing him. Unfortunately I never did. To this day I
wonder of his fate. I am 37 years old now and I still have the bracelet. If you would be interested in having it you can contact me at (ldenney@columbus.rr.com).

My prayers have been, are, and always will be with you.

Eric R. Denney

From - May 3, 1999
From - Mrs Rita Mcafee, Franklin IN
       please reply to  pownet@asde.com

To Whom it May Concern,

My son, Steven Eisman died Sept 16th 1998. He had heart disease and the Coroner said it had been working on him for quite some time. He was 46 when he died. He was in Vietnam in 1970.

I was going through some of his things and came across the bracelet of WO1 Mark John Robertson from Detroit, MI (POW-MIA) bracelet.

My friend got on the computer and found that Marks' helicopter fell vertically and exploded on impact and Mark and Joseph R. Pietrzak's remains were never foudn.

I would like to send Mark's family the bracelet. As a mother, I would have loved to have someone do that for me - But people are different, so I do understand.

Hoping to hear from someone who knew him or his family,

Mrs. Mcafee.

From - Mon Jun 07 20:35:03 1999
From: "Jon Tucker" <jonet1@sondial.com>
Subject: Lt. Barton S. Creed.


My name is Jon Tucker.  I am 23 years old and don't know what it was like to experience the struggles of the early 70's that many families went through.  I have never experienced the uncertaintiy of not knowing where your loved one is or when they will come back.  But, as I was going through some old stuff with my father he came across an magazine that he kept that had the name of his POW bracelet in it.  This name is
Lt. Barton S. Creed.  No information was given about the Lt., only his picture and the date of loss, March 13, 1971.  Last night as I searched this awesome site, I ran across some information about the Lt. (now Lt. Commander) that we had not known.

I am hoping that I can locate his family and hopefully begin some kind of correspondence.  I would also like to tell the family that we still care about Barton and hope that someday all information about him will be given up freely.  I know that this letter cannot heal any wounds, but I do hope that the memory of Lt. Commander Barton S. Creed can be shared with myself and my father.

I can be e-mailed back to at: jonet1@sondial.com

In Chrsit,
Jon Tucker

From - Tue Jun 08 20:08:22 1999
From: Julawest@aol.com
Subject: Capt. David Padgett

To the family and loved ones of Capt. David Padgett,     My name is Julie Westhoff and would like you to know that I wore Captain Padgett's MIA bracelet.  I started wearing it when I was in Junior High and I am now 40 years old.  I still think of him and pray for him and his family. Just wanted you to know he is still in my thoughts.  I thank him for his courage, for it has made this country what is today.  If you wish you can contact me


From - Tue Jun 08 23:31:05 1999
From: charlie pipes <crow45@hotmail.com>

I have the bracelet for CHARLES LAWRENCE BIFOLCHI and

If you are related to one of these people, send me an e mail crow45@hotmail.com

From - Thu Jun 10 08:27:05 1999
From: "Shannon" <supernat@shelby.net>
Subject: Gary LaBohn

I would just like to express my sympathy to the family of Gary R. Labohn. I recieved my bracelet in 1997 and since then it is only taken off to play a sporting event. I've never been one to wear much jewelry. This bracelet means alot to me. There is not a day goes by I that I dont look at it and think about Gary and his family. I hope that by some chance that someone from his family is able to read this. I want you to know that you all along with Gary are in my prayers and I pray for God to please settle your hearts, and help cope with your feelings. Please email me back if someone from Garys family reads this and I would love to speak with them. My name is Shannon and my email is
Supernat@Shelby.net  God Bless and take care.

From - Thu Jun 10 08:27:25 1999
From: "John Wisheart" <wisheart@capital.net>



From - Thu Jun 10 22:50:53 1999
From: "Ruth Mussell" <ccsu9195@earthlink.net>
Subject: Burt Small

    I am looking for the family of Burt Chauncey Small,Jr. I have looked for this family for over a year & a half. I know that this is probably not the kind of letter that most people post, but I have Sgt. Small's POW bracelet. I am desperate to find his family. If anyone knows ANYTHING about Burt. Please e-mail me at amyleighm@juno.com Thank you so much!

-Amy M.-

From - Thu Jun 17 21:57:57 1999
From: "Ron Cobb" <rgcobb@home.com>
Subject: Stephen Jay Kott

Looking for any family members of Stephen Jay Kott.  Please e mail me at  rgcobb@home.com

From - Thu Jun 17 21:59:30 1999
From: "Kathleen Cunningham" <cunningham@smswy.com>
Subject: BOGARD, Lonnie Pat

To the family and friends of Lonnie Pat Bogard -

Lonnie Pat Bogard
Date of loss:  5/12/72.

I came upon this website and looked up Capt. Bogard.  I wore his bracelet during the 1970s until the bracelet finally broke in half.  I had corresponded with his fiance, and I cannot remember her name, but she was also in the military.  I just wanted you to know that I treasure my photo of Pat, standing next to his plane and I still think of him very often.  I hope that you have found some solice in dealing with Pat's disappearance.  It is my hope that God will bless you and keep you in his tender care.  My thoughts and prayers and always been with you and they are to this day.  Pat will never be forgotten.  He matters.  May God keep you in His tender care.

Kathleen Cunningham
P.O. Box 8326
Jackson, Wyoming  83002

From - Thu Jun 17 22:01:06 1999
From: Lynda <lpeek@texramp.net>

RR 7 BOX 850,
OR EMAIL ME AT: lpeek@texramp.net

From - Sun Jun 20 18:46:20 1999
From: "Vicki Reeves" <bugme2@phonewave.net>
Subject: Spec 5 Stephen Harber

I to like so many others still have and wear my POW/MIA braclet. After 26 years, I would so like to find out more about the man (hero) on my braclet.  The name I wear is: Spec 5 Stephen Harber---7-2-70. If anyone can help please contact me at bugme2@phonewave.net. Thank you. 

Vicki Reeves/Fallon, NV

From - Mon Jun 28 20:57:29 1999
From: Bobbi Hawkins <zelda@ocsnet.net>
Subject: To the family or friends of David Alan Henry

I would like the family and friends of David to know that he has been a part of my life for about 15 years now.  I have been wearing his bracelet and have prayed for him and you his family.  If you would like to email me, please feel free to do so (zelda@ocsnet.net).  May God bring confort in knowing that someone else cares. 

God bless you. Bobbi

From - Tue Jun 29 08:29:29 1999
From: GRIZII@aol.com
Subject: Lt. Nicholas Brooks

In 1973 I was  a sophomore @ Roy C. Start High School in Toledo, Ohio Approached by a fellow classmate and ask if I would be intrested in donating a couple of bucks for a POW bracelet, and I agreed. I received a bright stainless steel bracelet with your sons name on it. I wore it proudly for a year or so, unbroken still readable I put it away. However not forgotten. I started to develope a rash under it. The next school year I took a class called crafts, we had to do several projects throughout the year, one of which was with leather. Guess what I chose,? Thats right I made a leather bracelet exactly like the stainless steel one I had received. I wore that until you could no longer read what was written on it and then some. People would ask me what it was and I would proudly tell them ("a POW bracelet of LT. Nicholas  Brooks "). I wore that bracelet  until it broke in two. I never forgot "Nick" but could not wear the original because of the possibility of elecricution will welding. I don't wear a wedding ring when
I am welding either, and that I consider sacred. I just found out that I could possibly contact you on the internet, so here I am. If you would care to have an original  I would be more than happy to send it to you.

                          yours in sorrow
                           john pollock II

From - Tue Jun 29 20:41:45 1999
From: vigillori@webtv.net (Lorelee Grenfell)
Subject: Looking for Connecticut families

   My name is Lori and I'm with an organization called Vietnam Veterans of America, West Haven Chapter 647. Every year in August we hold a 40 hour vigil and pay tribute to our POW/MIA'S from Connecticut. This is done for public awareness. We do not personally know any of these guys but we will not tolerate what the government is doing to them and the families. We want our POW/MIA'S home. I am looking to hear from families of these guys so maybe we can show the public that these are real people not just names on a piece of paper. If any family members are still out there we'd like to hear from you. Maybe together we can educate the public and shame the government even more. Please contact me. BRING THEM HOME!!!!!!!!
                            Lori Grenfell
                      Board Member, VVA 647

From - Wed Jun 30 08:24:13 1999
From: "Timothy Gadus" <Cash160@email.msn.com>

I now wear the name of Capt. Howard L. Barden on my wrist, I bear POW/MIA on my rooftop, on my cars, motorcycle,chest, and as a  choker I made myself w/ POW/MIA  charm.  If anyone knows my man or can tell me where to go to find some more info, I would truly appreciate it. I have already found his page on the network about his circumstances and although they may seem grim, I will always hold my head as if he were here, as he should be, on American soil, I do not know if he is alive but I do believe that he was called upon to serve and he did.  He deserves our respect enough to be buried here God forbid if he is no longer with us.  My love, admiration, respect and thanks to all Vets who have served my country.  Thanks to all!!!  Peace to you and yours...sleep well soldiers!!

Teresa J. Gadus 03-13-71

From - Wed Jul 07 18:16:56 1999  /  09-18-2011
Carol Adams <ogggirl@gmail.com>
Subject: Frederick Wozniak

In 1972, I received a brass bracelet inscribed with the name  Capt. Frederick Wozniak.  The date on the bracelet is 1-16-67.  Just yesterday, I "found" this website, and learned he is still missing.  My thoughts and prayers are with him, and his family.  I will continue to wear the bracelet until he comes home.  I lived in Vietnam, in Saigon, 1964 til all American dependents were evacuated in 1965.  My father, a civilian, worked with Gus Hertz, who disappeared in early 1965, I believe.  I found the bios of both men, and cried yet again.  My thoughts and prayers to Nellie Hertz, Gus's wife, and her children.  My love to all the relatives of both men.  My email is  Mauiadams@aol.com should anyone wish to contact me.  Although it would be hard to part with the bracelet, I will send it to a Wozniak family member if requested to do so.  God Bless, and let us not rest until all out home.

Carol ( Umhoefer) Adams

Still have and wear this bracelet have had the bracelet since 1972.  Please contact me at ogggirl@gmail.com
Carol Adams

From - Fri Jul 09 08:38:21 1999
From: RDLarkins@aol.com


                                               THANK YOU.
                                           ROGER LARKINS

From - Sat Jul 10 08:17:18 1999
From: Dwitt546@aol.com
Subject: MAJ Gary B. Scull

2LT Gary B. Scull is believed to have been captured at Khe Gio Bridge on March 12, 1970.  This position was guarded by Charlie Battery, 1/44 Artillery.  I was serving with HQ Battery, 1/44 Artillery at the time.

Currently, I'm working with 1/44 veterans and other interested individuals to compile a history of this battle.  At this time we have virtually no information about Lt. Scull.  If any of his friends or family members can provide background and one or more photos of this individual, this would be greatly appreciated.

At this time, my only information about Lt. Scull's fate is what has already been publicly reported.  I am attempting to locate the 11 U.S. survivors of the battle and other individuals with knowledge of the event.  I personally visited at Khe Gio Bridge both before and after the battle, and I have a few photographs of this position which I can provide by e-mail to friends, family members, or interested organizations.

Don Wittenberger
HHB/1/44  1969-70
Seattle, Washington
e-mail me at:  dwitt546@aol.com or dwitt@ctr.net 

From - Sat Jul 10 10:06:42 1999
From: "Jim" <holdenjc@lineone.net>

SSGT Robert H. Gage USMC
You are not forgotten.
Jim Holden


From - Sun Jul 11 06:30:40 1999
From: ASHI8888@aol.com
Subject: Sq.Ldr M.K. Jain

My father in law Sq.Ldr M.K.Jain flying a hunter was shot down on Dec 10 1971 over the Chamb sector during the India Pak war.pak claim they never found the wreckage or his body, however they returned his I card after the war. We are sure that he ejected and was taken pow and is in a jail in Pakistan.

please help

manish jain.

From - Sun Jul 11 16:57:23 1999
From: Cmonpuppy@aol.com
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 11:53:11 EDT
Subject: Capt. Sutter

Is it at all possible to let Capt. Sutters children know that I have a bracelet with their fathers name and that I have been wearing this bracelet for many years?  I just think that his children should know that others have not forgotten about the men left behind in the vietnam war.  I am always asked who's name is on my bracelet, which gives me the opportunity to bring up the subject, some dont care to talk about it, where others are very interested. Thank-you so much for the information that you did give me on Capt Frederick J. Sutter, now I can also share that info, when asked about the bracelet.

p.s. My name is Joyce Peck and I am 41 years old

From - Sun Jul 11 16:57:24 1999
From: VARegis@aol.com
Subject: Capt. Charles Bifolchi

I have a POW bracelet inscribed with the name of Capt. Charles Bifolchi, date 1/8/68.

My family will treasure and honor this bracelet until Capt. Bifolchi comes home. 

Peace and love to his family and friends.

Regis Scott & family

From - Tue Jul 13 07:28:23 1999
From: "robert crigger" <dozie@naxs.com>
Subject: Robert Duval Owen

July 12, 1999

For many years I have wanted to wear a MIA/POW bracelet to remind myself and others that there are still those who have not come home.  Today, at the age of 36, I got my bracelet.  The internet is really a wonderful tool.  My dad was in the Army but was discharged before he could be sent to Vietnam, I was a fortunate daughter.  For Robert's family I would like to thank-you for your sacrifice and if you would like to contact me write to 130 W. Marshall St., Wytheville, VA 24382.  I would especially like to hear from his daughter, Robin.

Most Sincerely,
Wendy L.K. Crigger

From - Tue Jul 13 07:28:30 1999
From: TRICRW@aol.com
Subject: Samuel K. Toomey

To the family of Samuel K. Toomey:

I knew Sam...I remember him as being tall, broad shoulder, olive skinned...

I remember arm wrestling with him in the "O'club" at CCN, with Col Warren and another Major that was the S-3 (Operations officer) Sam was the Ass't  S-3.  He was a super fine officer, and a good man. 

The mission Sam went on was a prisoner snatch and Italian Green mission... where we planted booby trapped weapons and ammunition for the enemy. 

I had thirty days to go in country and should have been on that mission instead of Sam.  I was picked but because I only had thirty days left, Sam requested to go in my place.  He had not been on a mission before. 

I owe my life to Samuel K. Toomey.  I will always love him and keep him in my prayers.  Whenever I go to D.C., I make sure I stop by the Wall to say hello, and talk to him.  Samuel K. Toomey will never be forgotten.

T. R.  Isaacs, Jr.

From - Tue Jul 13 14:16:11 1999
From: "Terry Martin" <bassbug@mindspring.com>
Subject: Donald Woloszyk

When I was a pre-teenager I began wearing a bracelet with the name LCDR Donald Woloszyk 3-1-66.  I now have a 12yr old daughter and I have shown her the well-worn bracelet and explained the meaning.  My thoughts are still with your family.

Sharon Makosky Martin

From - Tue Jul 13 16:34:59 1999
From: GoMo7@aol.com
Subject: Vincent Chiarello

Greetings:  I am trying to locate information on or the family of Vincent A. Chiarello, who was MIA in Viet Nam, but whose remains were returned in l988.

While a student at Brooklyn College in 1974, I was part of a service group that planted and dedicated a tree on the campus for Chiarello.  Since that time, an additional marker was placed there saying that he rests in peace in Penn. The school is now renovating the buildings by the tree.  I believe the tree will remain, but I am not sure what will be done with the markers.  Calls to the school are unproductive as of now.

I would like to find the family who accepted his remains (his elderly Mom has probably passed) for two reasons--one to perhaps help in the rededication of the tree for Vincent and all who are still missing and to bring some closure to Vincent's story.

Any information you can give me on how to help me find this family, will be greatly appreciated!   Thank you!    MO   


From - Fri Jul 16 16:24:38 1999
From: "nomad95" <nomad95@gateway.net>

I have worn the name of Capt James E. Cross since 24 APR 92 and have just found the pownet site. Although, I was born in 1974 and I am only 25, I pray for his return. My husband and I also have served in the USAF. My husband is still active duty and I am in the reserves. I think of James often and wonder what he is like.  If any loved ones or friends would like to contact me, I would be honored. My email is: kuntryqtpi@hotmail.com .  My thoughts and prayers are always with you.

Julie Murphy

From - Fri Jul 16 20:51:03 1999
From: Deb Maynard <dmaynard@lawrence.sd.us>

Through the Internent I recently discovered information regarding Lt. Col. Marvin Foster 3-16-99.  I wore his POW bracelet and remember watching the servicemen return home on television but did not know of Lt.Col. Foster's fate until today. His bracelet has remained safely in my possession and will remain with me.  If it would not be an intrusion, hearing from a member of the Lt. Col.'s family would be a wonderful end to a much thought of man and the role he served in the Vietnam war.

I will be looking forward to your reply.

Deb Maynard
Deadwood, SD 57732

From - Sat Jul 17 08:22:09 1999
From: Sharon McDowell <shalee1357@home.com>
Subject: William Brown

I have just finally found the information I have wondered about for 32 years!  I bought my bracelet thru the mail when I was 11 years old. I wore it for a long time and then put it away for safekeeping.  Over the years I have often looked at it and wondered about the man whose name appeared on this nickel/silver bracelet: SSGT WILLIAM T. BROWN, NOV. 6, 1969  US ARMY.  The paper that came with it listed him as MIA,
and I see that his body has ever been recovered.  I can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I found his bio on this site, with the only inconsistency being his loss date is shown as Nov 3 1969, but all the rest is the same.  I know this is the right person.  I have prayed for him man times and will continue to do so forever.  My husband is a
Navy veteran of the war and was lucky enough to have been stationed aboard the USS Hunley in Guam.  I am fotunate to have him to love for 22 years and counting!  I hope the family of this brave, intelligent, and unique human being reads this and knows that I long ago adopted this man as a member of my family.  I will always remember his name and now that I know more about him, I admire him even more. I note that he was not
married and I hope there is someone out there who remembers him, as I will never forget this man whom I never met.

Sharon McDowell

From - Mon Jul 19 09:08:07 1999
From: "Jane Ross" <LadyJane1@email.msn.com>
Subject: Major Donald Fisher

This letter is to the family of Maj. Donald Fisher who was lost on April 22, 1970.

I looked for my POW's name on the many lists that were published after the war was over and never found any information.  Yesterday someone suggested that I might find some information on the Internet.  I was very sorry to find that Donald has never returned home and that the information is rather confusing concerning events following the crash.

I wore my POW bracelet with Donald's name on it for many years and still have it, although no longer wear it.  I have placed it on my bookcase beside a little angel.  If you have any more information or would like to contact me, my e-mail address is ladyjane1@msn.com

Most sincerely,

Jane Ross

From - Mon Jul 26 09:18:10 1999
From: Lara Hearn <Lara.Hearn@stcuthberts.school.nz>
Organization: St Cuthberts College

We are a group of Year 12 Students at St Cuthbert's College in Auckland, New Zealand. Currently we are studying the Vietnam War in our History class, and are focussing on the POW's/MIA's.

As part of our research we are looking at the efforts of American families to locate and obtain the release of POW's/MIA's and the role of the government in the search.

A number of us have heard about and read the book Kiss the boys goodbye which has really interested us and made us want to look at this issue more closely. We would appreciate it if you would reply to us at this e-mail address of our teacher and let us know of the efforts that are being currently being made in the search.

We would like to extend our sympathy to the families for the loss of their loved ones and wish you good luck in your search.

Yours sincerely
Bronwyn Walker and Vicky Ormond

From - Fri Jul 30 09:04:46 1999
From: Lara Hearn <Lara.Hearn@stcuthberts.school.nz>
Subject: David Fisher

We have just adopted an Australian Special Air Serviceman called David Fisher. We have very few details about him other than that he went missing on 27 September 1969 when he fell from ropes during an emergency evacuation. He belonged to J Troop in the British Special Air Service and in 1973 was still listed as Missing in Action.

As a class project we are preparing a portfolio on the men who are POW/MIA and we are building a web page in David's honour. If there is any information out there about him could you please contact me as I suspect we will get little co-operation from the Australian government.

If you served with David I would love to hear from you.

Lara Hearn

From - Mon Aug 02 08:23:37 1999
From: "Carl Harper" <carl.harper@worldnet.att.net>

Carl Harper wrote:
To whome it may concern I just wanted to see if anyone knows anything about my half brother Ralph Lewis Harper. Thanks for listing. Carl.

Dear Chuck & Mary
Thank you for writing back so fast. My mom has papers from Gov. on Ralph but I was just trying  to find someone who knew him in the war. To see if they had pictures or letters.

His father's name was Ralph Harper.  I am sorry that I can not recall more but he was my half brother.  I was very young at that time.

I did make a copy of what information that you sent.  I will forward it to my mother to see if she has this information already.

Thank You,
Carl Harper

From - Tue Aug 03 20:24:13 1999
From: "Dave Gibson" <Wayde@btinternet.com>
Subject: Larry Gene Kier

Hi, I'm trying to locate any family members of Larry Gene Kier missing in South Vietnam since 05/06/70.

Why you may ask, is a guy from Scotland trying to locate the family of an American Serviceman missing in Vietnam.

Well the answer is too long for this section, but what I will say is that I visited Washington D.C. in August 1994, mainly to visit The Wall. I just felt I had too, so my Wife and I did and on the very wet morning of the 13th August I found the Wall but not before going to the stalls selling the memorabilia which are beside the Wall.

I picked up a POW/MIA bracelet as many visitors do.........the name on that bracelet SSGT LARRY G. KIER.

I have had this bracelet now for almost five years and it has had pride of place beside my Three Servicemen Statue which sits in my Living room. I had a few strange experiences while I was in Washington D.C. and there have been many more over the past five years.

The one I recall most is locating Larry Gene Kier's name on the Wall without the aid of the directory...........neat trick you say.

No it shone brighter than any other, don't ask me why but I feel Larry Gene's presence at the strangest times. I would like to think it is him, I would consider it a honour to have him as a friend.

I have always had an affinity with the Vietnam War........probably because I can recall the images on television as a kid and through my teenage years. I'm a collector of militaria from this particular conflict and my most prized possession..........Larry Gene's bracelet.

So if any of Larry Gene Kier family read this or if any of his buddies do.......please contact me. I would just like to more about Larry Gene........the person.  I have the "official" MIA report as posted on the net...but I don't believe it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Dave Gibson (Firefighter)

Apt 1/6
307 Hope Street
Glasgow G2 3PT
United Kingdom

From - Thu Aug 05 07:59:37 1999
From: "tigger92" <tigger92@gateway.net>
Subject: Maj. Richard Ayers

My name is Laura Ethridge, I am 22 years old and I have had Maj. Ayers bracelet for many years, and I have been looking just as long.  I have always prayed to God that he was home safe with his family.  I realized I could probably find some information about Major, when I came across and found that he never returned.  If you are a part of his family I want you to know that I will never stop wearing this bracelet until he comes home.  I will continue to look forward to the day I can shake his hand and tell him how much he means to me and you.  I would love to hear from you, but if understand if not.  Maj. Richard Ayers missing 4-16-70,
but never forgotten.

Laura Marie

From - Mon Aug 09 11:58:35 1999
From: "Terri Kress" <tkress@clg-online.com>
Subject: Lt Cdr James Mills

Hello. Back when I was in high school in 1992 a friend told me of his father's involvement in the MIA/POW cause. I was astounded to hear that so many men were still missing and I wanted to help. I made a donation and received a bracelet with the name LtCdr. James B. Mills 9/21/66. I wore that bracelet everyday for 5 years wondering, each time I looked down at it, what kind of person he was, what he liked to do in his spare time, if he had any brothers or sisters or maybe even children, etc. etc. etc. The bracelet still sits in a very special place next to my bed and I think of him every
morning and every night. Many days, I still wear that bracelet. I decided to do some research on the internet and there was his story. It told me of how he was in college and in a fraternity - an all-American boy. I finally had SOME answers to my questions. But my biggest question of all, where is he and why is there no trace of his plane (?), is still left unanswered. I want to let his family know that I still remember him and always will. He will never be forgotten and I hope that the answers are found someday to ease their hearts. I will continue to pray for James B. Mills and hope that God is watching over him wherever he may be. If his family would like to contact me - I would love a photo - you may do so at the following email address: tkress@clg-online.com
God Bless,
Terri Lynne Kress

From - Thu Aug 12 01:44:02 1999
Subject: LoveLetters Re: MAJOR RONALD M. MAYERCIK

My name is Rachel. Recently, I visited the Vietnam Memorial in New Jersey with my fiance.  I have had an interest in Vietnam history for many years as my father had served as a Marine there. While visiting the gift shop, I came across the POW/MIA bracelets and purchased one in the name of MAJ. RONALD M. MAYERCIK,  USAF.  I was drawn to this particular name because Major Mayercik hailed from the same town in New Jersey that my father did before his death last year, and also the date of loss is my father's birthday.  I put the bracelet on and wondered if I could find more information about him, as this is a person and not just a name.

Thus far, I see him as still listed as Missing in Action or Presumptive Finding of Death, leading me to believe he has not been recovered.

I am trying to locate family of Major Mayercik to let them know that he is in my thoughts and prayers always, and that he will not be forgotten. If it would not be too painful I would like to know more about him, as a person and as a man who proudly served this country.  Any information would be appreciated and I will respect any wishes to not be contacted further.

God Bless,
Rachel Miller
P.O. Box 7313
East Brunswick, NJ 08816

e-mail: Maybe99R@aol.com or Emerald125@netscape.net

From - Thu Aug 12 01:45:12 1999
From: amb76@webtv.net (amb)
Subject: Love letters to the family of Capt. John M Brucher

I am 41 years old and just visited Washington D.C. for the first time ever. I hadn't thought about the POW bracelet I wore in high school for over 20 years, but John's name came back to me as clear as a bell and I looked up his name on this site to see if he ever returned.  Whatever his fate,I just wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about him and praying for him. Thank you.

From - Thu Aug 12 01:46:47 1999
From: "1WindRider" <pegasus@dsuper.net>
Subject: Robert Di Tommaso

I'm looking to get in contact with any family member of 1st Lt Robert Joseph Di Tommaso.

I would like very much that somebody from his family contact me.  I believe that RJ Di Tommaso's family is part of my family tree and I'd like very much to know more about Robert.

He is my adopted war hero and I have a website dedicated to him

Thank you

WindRider aka Joanne

From - Thu Aug 12 01:47:00 1999
From: "C. Sims" <csims@springnet1.com>
Subject: Craig Dix

I have the bracelet inscribed for SPEC.5 CRAIG DIX  3-17-71.  While I no longer wear it daily, it is in a highly visible place and I think of him and his family often.  If they wish to have the bracelet, they certainly may.  I appreciated this website where I could finally find out something about this man.  Thank you for your help.

From - Thu Aug 12 15:11:03 1999
From: Kmb3737@aol.com
Subject: Donald Klemm


From - Fri Aug 13 09:58:16 1999
From: The Bowdens <bowden@warwick.net>

I was a young teen in 1972 when I sent away for a POW bracelet.  I never learned the fate of Larry Trimble so I faithfully kept my bracelet and thought of him often.  In this new age of total information I have come to find that Larry was KIA and identified in October of 1989.  I will continue to think about him and all others who bravely fought for us.  If there is anyone who is related to or knew Larry and is interested in Larry's bracelet, feel free to contact me at the e-email address herein.

Nancy Bowden

From - Mon Aug 16 21:50:23 1999
from:  m1.jersey.juno.com
Subject: John Bischoff

To the family of SFC John M. Bischoff USA(SF):
I have a bracelet with your loved one's name on it.  I just wanted you to know that he is not forgotten. The great sacrifice that he and his family has made will never be forgotten.  I have read about him and his mission and know he must have been a brave man.  I am sorry that he has not been returned to you.  My heart goes out to you and your family, for I cannot imagine the pain you must live with everyday.  He will not be forgotten.  I hope that the day comes when you will have closure.   Thank you again for your tremendous sacrifice, my thoughts and prayers go out to you.
Robin Higgins

From - Wed Aug 18 15:09:05 1999
From: Pobox187@aol.com
Subject: Still Remember

I still wear a  P.O. W. Bracelet and my son took his to the grave with him. My son wore a POW bracelet all the time.  One day he was playing with dog and  it fell on his arm and the dog made a mess of.  He took it and fixed it the best he could and put it back on his arm.  I ask him if he wanted me to get him another one of another POW's, I had 4 or 5 more and he said no mom this is the want to wear forever.

My son was killed November 10, 1994, at the age of 28 years in a car wreck caused by a Vietnamese that didn't know how to drive in America.  They didn't even give him a ticket for killing my son.  They said he didn't know he wasn't support to leave the scene after a wreck.  The funeral home took his bracelet off his arm, but I walked to his casket and put it back on.  My son still wears his bracelet in his grave just like he did while he was alive, He still remembers.

Carol Davis
Lonely Mother of only child
Robert James Davis
Born May 11, 1966  Died November 10, 1994

From - Fri Aug 20 18:55:23 1999
From: Nancy Fife <fife101@earthlink.net>

I was a BT 3 on USS HANCOCK CVA-19 from 70-74 and would like the families of Edward W. Williams MIA 4-3-72 and also of David M. Winters MIA 4-21-67 to know that I still have poss. of both of their orig MIA bracelets  Me and mine have not forgotten.

Lawrence Fife
101W.Tennys Dr
Benicia, Ca. 94510

From - Thu Aug 19 08:31:18 1999
From: Denise Bryant <bryant@pvtnetworks.net>
Subject: RONALD L. BOND, Captain

To Whom It May Concern:

I'm looking for information on Capt. Ronald L. Bond (although the bracelet I have says Lt. Ronald L. Bond ~ 9/30/71).  I found that it was declared that he was deceased as of 1979, but that his parents believe there is a possibility that he is still MIA.  As the young girl who wore his bracelet in the 70s so desperately wanted to believe Ronald would
come home safely, that grown woman still wants to believe the same thing.

Any information would be appreciated.  I have left my email address on the Vietnam Veteran's page on the bracelet exchange for Capt. Bond's family.

I'm overwhelmed with emotion after being on these pages and don't know what else to say, but Godspeed to all ~

Denise Bryant

From - Sat Aug 21 08:35:17 1999
From: "Johnnie & Erin Schmidt" <jschmidt@ismi.net>
To the Family of David Scott Greiling

I proudly wear the bracelet bearing CDR Davis Scott Greiling's name. He and his family are in my prayers. God Bless and take care.

Love and Respect,

Erin Heap-Schmidt
11795 Bohm Rd
Byron, MI  48418

From - Sat Aug 21 10:17:58 1999
From: Joe <jhens738@sccoast.net>

To the family of M/SGT C.J.HODGSON
I spent 2 tours of duty in the RVN with the Navy Seabees. Before I left for Vietnam I acquired a bracelet that had the name of M/SGT HODGSON (MIA). For years I wondered what ever happened to him. Recently I discovered this page about MIA/POW's, and came across Cecil's name. I have had this bracelet for approximately 32 years. If you like I would gladly return it to you. I wore this bracelet for years until
I retired from the Navy in 1976. I then placed it in a jewelry box, where it stayed until I saw this MIA/POW page. I will gladly, with deep affection, return it to you. I am sorry that life did not turn out better for Cecil, but, I know he is in God's hands.

Joseph Henshall

From - Tue Aug 24 15:14:08 1999
From: HRo5702701@aol.com
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 15:01:54 EDT

To all of you who have a missing loved one:
I just got through reading the list of all the people who are missing, and could do nothing but start crying, which I know alot of you have done. I never realized there was so many, my heart SANK!
First of all I want to Thank Those Who so Bravely Served Our Country, and who continue to serve.I want to Thank You for my Freedom and my Right to Life. To those who are suffering, let me say my heart weeps for you and I am so very sorry! I wish only Love and Peace for all, and all of you are in my Heart and Prayers!
Our Dear Sweet God has a plan for all and at times it may seem unfair and we do not understand, but he will give you those answers in time. God Bless All of You!
                            Sincerely and Forever Gratefull,
                            Your Friend Today, Tomorrow and Forever

From - Thu Aug 26 19:01:09 1999
From: Rmljames@aol.com
Subject: CWO James E. Butler


I would like for the family of CWO James E. Butler to know that I still cherish my POW bracelet even though he was ID'd  in 1997.  I to live in North Carolina and would like to hear from them if they would care to correspond. 

Robin James
101 W. Gannon Ave.
Zebulon,  NC  27597


God Bless You!

From - Fri Aug 27 16:55:12 1999
From: Dawn Ross/Terri Sawyer <t&dconsulting@sentco.net>

I have worn 3 MIA bracelets for a little over 10 years now.  THOMAS BENNETT, BURT SMALL, and CURTIS SMOOT have been a part of me for nearly a 1/3 of my life.  "My guys" are thought of every day.  I don't have a bunch of causes that I support, but my bracelets allow me to get on my soapbox.  I have always dreamed about engraving the homecoming date on the back of the bracelet and sending it back to
his folks.  Each of my guys has a special place in my heart and life.  I would welcome any contact from family members.

Dawn Ross,
413 West 15th Street
Falls City, NE  68355. 

Kendall Ruskit
2327 Calle Balandra
San Clemente, CA 92673


My name is Kendall, I live in San Clemente, CA. I've worn a POW/MIA bracelet for over 20  years.The name is Spec 6 Anthony Housh. I think of him daily and send my thoughts and prayers to him and all his family every single day. There are no words or thoughts that can replace Anthony in your lives. However, we as a Country and we as citizens will never forget what he accomplished for us. So many men, so many lives
destroyed. I'm sorry for all you've had to carry on your mind for so long.

Bless you and Anthony forever.

Kendall Ruskit

From - Tue Aug 31 09:20:26 1999
From: Randy Cook <rrcook@execpc.com>
Subject: Maj. Gordon Page

To the family of Maj. Gordon Page:  I had worn his POW bracelet in the late 60s and 70s  and am sorry to see that he died and his remains were ID'd in April of 98. My sympathies to you all. If you would like his bracelet returned to you please contact me at RRCook@execpc.com and I would be happy to send it to you.

Sincerely, Ann Cook

From - Tue Aug 31 17:25:50 1999
From: Cherie Doellman <Charlotte.Doellman@asu.edu>
Subject: Maj. Ernest De Soto

Dear De Soto Family,
I started wearing your loved ones bracelet approx. 1970 when I was 15 years old.  I contacted Mrs. DeSoto shortly after that but did not stay in contact as life was moving so quickly back then. Maj. DeSoto and his family were never far from my thoughts.  I wore his bracelet until last year when the metal wore through and fell from my wrist. After so many years I felt such a loss when it was no longer on my wrist. I felt as if at that moment I had betrayed him and you as it had never been removed in all those years. I placed it in a box in my jewelry box with the history of it so my grandchildren will someday know what it meant to me.  Although it is not on my wrist I still have you in my thoughts. Maj. DeSoto became a part of my everyday life for the last 28 years.  It was on my wrist at high school and college graduation, my wedding, the birth of my 3 children and the birth of my 3 grandchildren. It was there at the dedication of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and there while I demanding that our government account for the missing. At least once a day for all those years you and your loved one were
in my thoughts.  It isn't much compared to the loss that you suffered but maybe just knowing that you haven't been in this alone might make your burden a little easier.  God bless you.

Cherie O'Shea-Doellman
6708 E. Moreland
Scottsdale, AZ.  85257

From - Sun Sep 05 21:59:38 1999
From: JLBIB@aol.com
Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 20:13:05 EDT

Browsing the Internet today I came across this site and the flood gates of emotions poured from my soul once again. I wear the bracelet of MSG JAMES W. HOLT, US ARMY, 2-7-68, MIA, SVN, on my right wrist since serving in the Army myself over 25 years ago. If his family, friends or brother soldiers happen to read this, know that he is not and never will be forgotten.

Those who know of that incident so many years ago, know the horror of war and those of you who do not know, are better off. I wear this bracelet  as a constant reminder and at night when my demons come, it helps to protect me. I am a survivor of PTSD and visited the traveling wall in Spokane, Washington last year.

I left James a note and my F.S. pin so that if he is watching over us all, and I know he is, he will know I have not forgotten him and his sacrifice will never be forgotten. I was not there for the battle, mine came years later at a place the government says didn't exist.

I talk to him often as I search for inner peace in these Washington and Montana mountains, "Funny, you and I, the more things change, the more they remain the same". I want to travel to The Wall to help end my pain but year after year I can't seem to find the courage for the journey.

As a veteran I want to say thank you to all you who visit this site. Know that it is important and it does help. Please, never forget the price we all paid for the freedom we have. I think now that I have found this place, I will return to visit and read, it helped my pain.


From - Wed Sep 08 17:21:18 1999
From: jbaldwin@kearney.net (Mike & Jo Baldwin)
Subject: Maj. Rainford Tiffin

I have the POW/MIA bracelet for Maj. Rainford Tiffin (Ray) from Santa Cruz, California...unfortunately I've learned that he died while missing on October 22, 1974....I've had this bracelet since 7th grade. I'm hoping that I can find family or friends that I could return this bracelet if they wish to have it...I have received one message from a John Schaub in ID who was a squadron mate and Bridge partner...I pray I
hear from someone because my heart is so heavy with knowing that Rainford is no longer alive...

Jo Baldwin

From - Tue Sep 14 08:08:06 1999
From: "Heath, Donna and Bill Love" <sbdcdonna@magick.net>
Subject: Love letters

Hallie William Smith

Hi this is to Judy her husband was shot down in Vietnam. Hallie William Smith I am writing this letter to let her know that Hallie is not forgotten on any other of the POW/MIA'S. I adopted Hallie in April '99 I would like any information I can get on Hallie Smith if Judy reads this I would like to here from her.

This was posted in May here is my new email address please put the new email on the web page sbdcdonn@internetcds.

God Bless
Heath Love

From - Wed Sep 15 08:25:40 1999
From: TISSY44@aol.com

I am writing in regards to Vladimir Bacik, U.S.M.C., pilot. I was in high school when I purchased a POW/MIA bracelet, the name being Vladimir Bacik. I wore the bracelet constantly thru high school and thru a year of college, even beyond. I married an abusive man, and when he told me to take off the bracelet, I reluctantly did. I always kept it in a special spot in the livingroom. I felt if I was not going to wear it, I could still tell people what it was, and how much it meant to me. I only recently bought a computer, and somehow discovered the POW online site. After so many years of wondering, I finally know what happened to him. I broke down in tears, in fact, in tears
even now. I have moved so many times in the past 26 years, and lost some stuff during my divorce. I am ashamed to say that I no longer have the bracelet, but this brave man has always been in my thoughts. If I could send his family my love, I would. I am sorry at their loss, God Bless.
                                               C. Wyberg

From - Wed Sep 15 13:16:59 1999
From: "Phillips, Sunni" <sphillips@state.mt.us>
Subject: WO1 Ian McIntosh

To the Family McIntosh,

Hello.  I am a retired US Army Sergeant First Class and have been wearing an MIA bracelet for several years.  The name on the bracelet is Ian McIntosh.It shows that he was from Canada, was a Warrant Officer in the US Army, and was designated missing on November 24, 1970 in South Vietnam.

I must say that I always found it ironic that Ian came down to the US to join our army, when so many of our boys were flocking to Canada to avoid it. Without ever knowing him, I have a great deal of respect for him for making that decision.  It could not have been easy.

While surfing the wondrous modern marvel of the internet, I found information about Ian; about what happened the day he was counted among the missing.  I hope that you have been able to reconcile yourselves to the loss of Ian and I just want you to know that he has been thought of by someone else outside his family, friends, and military buddies, for all of these years.

Please feel free to correspond with me.  I would like very much to know about the man behind the name on the bracelet.  It also interests me to know of his family.  Of course if it is too painful for you to respond, I will understand.  I honestly don't even expect this letter to be found by one of Ian's family members or loved ones.  I guess I just needed to tell you (or someone) that he's remembered.

 Sunni Phillips
sphillips@state.mt.us <mailto:sphillips@state.mt.us>

From - Thu Sep 16 07:52:03 1999
From: Mommyphish@aol.com

Re:  Capt. John Robert Baldridge, Jr.
       United States Air Force/02
        DOB: 02 November 1946
        Home City of Record:  Memphis, TN
        Date of Loss:  20 November 1969
        Country of Loss:  Laos 

To the family of Capt. John Robert Baldridge, Jr.

First of all, please accept my apology.  I was 15 years old when I began wearing a POW/MIA bracelet with the name "Capt. John Baldridge, Jr." and the date "11-20-69".  I was not an activist, I just knew I cared.  I am now 42 years old, and I do not remember when I quit wearing the bracelet, all I know is that my mother kept it for all of these years.  I received it in the mail yesterday from her.  She must have kept it because she knew how much it meant to me then, and how much it would mean to me now.

I was on the Internet until midnight last night, and I have been on it since I got home from work today, 5 hours ago.  I have always felt a bond  with Capt. John Baldridge, Jr., even after I removed my bracelet, and I wanted to find out all I could about him.  I have posted inquiries on several Internet sites I visited, requesting information on any family members that I could send my bracelet to.  I sat with tears in my eyes most of last evening, feeling just a small portion of the pain that his family must have felt.  You
see, last night was the first time I knew that a young, 23 year old pilot named Capt. Baldridge did not return from Viet Nam.

I did not know until I came upon this site, that I was basically abandoning Capt. Baldridge and insulting his family and friends by offering  to send my POW/MIA bracelet to them.  I did not remember the commitment I made 27 years ago to wear the bracelet until Capt. Baldridge returned from Viet Nam.  I hope you can accept my most sincere apologies.  I did not mean to insult anybody.  I most certainly am not abandoning Capt. Baldridge.  I just know how much it would have meant to me to have the bracelet that a 15 year old High School girl wore while my friend, husband, father, brother, or son was a POW/MIA.

   God bless Capt. Baldridge.
                                                 Cheryl S.

From - Sat Sep 18 16:03:06 1999
From: "yelpx5" <yelpx5@aeroinc.net>

To the family and or friends of LT.COL. CHARLES BROWNLEE USAF

... I have had a pow/mia bracelet with your loved ones name since early 1969.(it is a original sterling silver) I have wore it for more than 30 years.....I thought you might like to know that he and his are often in my prayers....The bracelet says LT.COL. CHARLES BROWNLEE  12-24-68

......every Christmas eve I put the bracelet on our christmas tree and light a candle for your Charles and his family and friends

...If this message should ..thru the grace of God...reach you I would love to hear  from you and or send you this bracelet....I do not want to cause you any  more pain ... I have always felt this bracelet should be with his family..you are in my heart and in my prayers!

I can be reached at e-mail address yelpx5@aeroinc.net

..... or C.E.
P.O.box 267
Pecatonica ,Illinois  61063
May God Bless and Hold You Always...

From - Tue Sep 21 16:23:19 1999
From: Susan Anderson <susan@babcockdesign.com>
Subject: Maj. David Earll

To the family of Maj. David Earll, shot down 10-21-66:

I have had his pow bracelet since 1969.  I wore it continually until the late seventies when the stainless steel wore off and I got a reaction to the brass underneath.  I wear the bracelet from 9/21 (my birthday) until 10/21 (when he was shot down), on Veteran's Day, Armed Forces Day and POW/MIA day.  I want you to know he has never been forgotten.  My family always thinks of him (and you) on October 21 and will continue to do so.

My father served three tours in Vietnam.

Thank you.

Susan Anderson

From - Sun Sep 26 19:46:28 1999
Return-Path: <Gaga820@aol.com>

To the families of:  Capt. Kenneth E. Walker
                            Maj. Robert G. Lapham
                            Col. Warren Leroy Anderson

I proudly wear these (3) bracelets and have worn them for a number of years.  I think of these men and their families daily.  The bracelets are noticed and questions asked.  I inform the people who are curious that the POW/MIA question is still active...that my son is in the military.  I would never want anybody to forget my son if he were missing in action or a prisoner of war.  I wear these bracelets.  These men and their families are not forgetten.

Always,  Nancy  (Gaga820@aol.com)

Date: Fri Oct 01 08:38:31 1999
From - jbaldwin@kearney.net
Subject: Rainford Tiffin

I have the POW/MIA bracelet for Maj. Rainford Tiffin.  I would like to let the family know that I have it and would be happy to return this bracelet to the family. I hope they read this and contact me at jbaldwin@kearney.net  God Bless

From - Sun Oct 03 12:22:50 1999
From: LAKE4061@aol.com
Subject: Col. Frederick

Just returned from the Vietnam War Memorial in D.C. accompanied by my partner who served a tour of duty in Vietnam.  As a young girl (12years old), I wore the bracelet for then-Lt. Col. Peter J. Frederick, and did so until it broke by sophomore year in high school.  I wish to find a replacement bracelet and for myself and my sister, as we each wore Col. Frederick's bracelet with great honor. 

I remember sending the family a letter and it was never returned, so as a kid, I always thought that maybe my words may ease the pain and maybe they really did receive it.    I lost my father when I was not quite two years old,  and I understand that Col. Frederick and his wife had an infant daughter. 

Touring the Memorial made it very real for me and I somehow felt closer to the man on my MIA bracelet.   As I write this, with the background music on the website, it brings tears to my eyes.

Thank you.

Our brother's, POW, HK Flescher was fortunate enough to come home.  s.hencken@att.net

From - Sat Oct 09 08:19:29 1999
From: PER137@aol.com
Subject: PFC.Richard Joseph Rossano

I have worn the bracelet of PFC.Richard Joseph Rossano (3-25-72) for many years. I finally, after all those years of wondering I finally came across the POW NET. and found out about what happened to "my friend."  I still wear the bracelet, and I would like very much to hear from the family of Richard, whom I have shared a common bond with for many years.
Patricia A. English-Reed
Email address:  per137@aol.com
Home address: 137 Harvey Ave.
                        Lockport, NY  14094

From - Sun Oct 10 05:27:56 1999
From: BMorgan <morgan@ecenet.com>

To the family of William Thompson:
    I have had my POW/MIA bracelet since 1972 with the name Lt.Col. William Thompson 8-1-68 on it.  Tonight I came across this website & was able to look up the status of this man.  I found that he is still listed as MIA.
    I wore my bracelet for a very long time, until I became allergic to the metal. However, I have kept this bracelet in my jewelry box & take it out from time to time.  For the past few months, it has actually sat near my computer as I've been searching for information.  I still think of William Thompson often & have wondered about his family & how hard that must be to not have closure after all these years.
    I showed this bracelet to our two children when they were old enough to learn about the VietNam war & they know that this is still something I hold very near & dear to my heart.
    Please know that your loved one has not been forgotten & prayers continue that he will one day be returned to you.
    If any of his family would like to correspond, I would love to hear from you.

From - Wed Oct 13 08:12:47 1999
From: Daniel D Baldwin <DanielDBaldwin@compuserve.com>
Subject:  Joe Parks

I am trying to find the family members or friends of  Joe Parks who was captured in Vietnam.  A friend of mine has his bracelet and is trying to locate the family of Joe Parks to find out more about him.  Please respond to me at danieldbaldwin@compuserve.com.

                                Thank you and God bless you.
                                Daniel Baldwin

From - Thu Oct 14 21:02:01 1999
From: WHOOPI6@aol.com
Subject: Maj. Paschal Glenn Boggs

I have always wondered if the name on my bracelet (obtained in 1972) had ever returned.  I found the POWNET Site with the help of a great friend, but was saddened to find that Maj. Paschal Glenn Boggs aircraft disappeared over waited in North Vietnam during an airstrike and that his remains have never been found.  I sit here with tears flowing thinking about all the human lives that were sacrificed as a result of the conflict in Vietnam.  I still think of him and pray for his family.  My thoughts and prayers are with them always.  I would love any information, photo's, correspondence from the family.  He has been a special part of my life.  It would mean a great deal to me to learn more about him. 

Sincerely and Respectfully Yours,

Marie Hyde

From - Mon Oct 18 09:23:06 1999
From: Gene Mayfield <mbegeno@adnc.com>
Subject: Eugene M. Jewell

17 October 1999
Dear Family of Eugene M. Jewell,
I am so grateful to have a way to perhaps contact you.  I have had a bracelet with Capt. Eugene M. Jewell's name since 1972.  I faithfully wore my bracelet until it broke and still have it locked inside my cedar chest for safe keeping.  Reading the biography on Capt. Jewell has brought him alive for me more than the bracelet.  I will continue to pray for his safe return to the U.S. Please write if you receive this. This is not my e-maill address, I am alas still without a permanent address.  You can reach me at 6920  Eberhart Street San Diego, CA 92115.
May God Bless You,
Beth Conard

From - Mon Oct 18 18:46:45 1999
From: Mike Gray <mwgray@unionky.edu>
Status:  Joseph Hill

I have been wearing a POW/MIA bracelet with name of Joseph Hill on it for the past 7 years. It was given to me by a marine friend of mine. I have always been involved in the activities for this cause, but since I began wearing the bracelet I have a heightened since of whats really important in this world. I hope that my family never has to deal with what your family has had to. But I want you to remember that you are not alone. Their are so many who share this burden with you. I hope sooner rather than later that this country realizes just how important that these men really are. Every night my prayers are with you. I would like to know a little more about Joseph. This may seem strange but I would like to get to know the man, I guess behinfd the issue. I guess sometimes in our quest to get the issue noticed we forget that we are talking about PEOPLE. Thank you for your time and my prayers are with you

Michael W. Gray


From - Sun Oct 24 08:20:25 1999
From: RalAil@cs.com
Subject: Lewis P. Smith II

I just adopted Lt Lewis P. Smith And, I'm about to order a bracelet. I never knew this area existed on the Net. I'm from Pa as well and would like to get  in touch with any family members of Lt Smith. I also was in the Air Force.

Ralph M. Book Jr.,
       Aurora, Co 80013

From - Mon Oct 25 10:13:57 1999
From: SLK <bayougrl@mail.datasync.com>
Subject: Charles Wesley Lindewald, USASF 02-07-68  SVN

To the Family of Charles W. Lindewald,

I have been wearing Charles' bracelet for many years.  The first one that I sent away for was so worn that it finally broke in half.  I kept the pieces.  When I lived in Washington, DC, I went to the Vietnam Memorial.  I found his name there. I thought of his family. On the way to my car, I happened upon a vendor selling POW/MIA bracelets, and was surprised to find another bracelet with Charles' name engraved on it.  I bought the replacement with tears in my eyes, and again, I'm wearing it  "until he comes home", as I promised so many years ago.  As an Air Force wife, at every function I attend with a POW/MIA table, I close my eyes and pray for Charles and all the others.

I was nine when Charles was listed as missing in action.  Thirty years later, I'm still hoping that someday he will come home.  If you wish to get in touch with me, I would be glad to hear from you.  God bless you.

Yours respectfully,

From - Mon Oct 25 20:43:55 1999
From: Ken Leon <kleon@primenet.com>

To any surviving family of Maj John R. Schumann:

I am a veteran, and a combat veteran of 9 active duty years. During my service I saw great hardship, but nothing to compare to that endured by Maj Schumann.  I began wearing his name about five years ago, a gift from my First Sergeant, and yesterday the brittle aluminum broke when I went to put it on in the morning as I have every day for five years.  I ordered a new one made, of silver, so it should wear better than the aluminum one. If what I am reading is correct, John Schumann never came home, so he is still considered to be missing. I would love to hear otherwise from you or from any friends he may have who knew him, and if you would like, I will send the bracelet to you. It is more than a conversation piece I assure you, because only a veteran can appreciate the sacrifices soldiers make in times of war (or peace). Men like Maj Schumann are the reason this country exists today, and I only wish he were here so that I could tell him myself.

From - Tue Oct 26 12:08:24 1999
From: Crushers6@aol.com
Subject: POW/MIA - DOUGLAS R.BLODGETT/Looking for Information


                        THANKS FOR YOUR HELP,

From - Sun Oct 31 15:47:01 1999
From: KPK13@aol.com
Subject: the family of Capt. Sameul M. Deichelmann

Dear Deichelmann Family

    My name is Kate Kuznar and I have been researching your family member by the name of Samuel.  I have been wearing my Mom's POW bracelet for some time now and have always wondered about the wear-abouts of the person it belonged too.  I did some research  on the POW web page, but it said it was still unknown of his official wear abouts.  I am highly interested in these facts and would love to hear back from you.  My love and sympathy is with your family.  Thank you.

Love, Kate Kuznar (17 years old)
write to:  KPK 13@aol.com

From - Mon Nov 01 07:58:46 1999
From: "Craig Odom" <odom0043@gci.net>
Subject: Luther L. Rose

To whom it may concern:
I have been wearing my POW/MIA braclett for a little over a year now.  I made a donation to the POW/MIA program during the Air Force Ball, held at Eielson, A.F.B. Alaska.  At the time of my donation, the person asked me "what is your home state?"  I replied TEXAS!  At that moment, he reached into a boxe marked TEXAS.  Here you go he said.  I took off the plastic wrapper and read the information:  CMS LUTHER L. ROSE  USAF 6-3-66  LAOS   TX

I too call Texas home. A little place called ORANGE TEXAS, down on the boarder of Lausiana and Texas.  Now in June of 66, I was only 4 years old.

I do not know if CMS Rose has any family, but if he has someone following his case status please send them my e-mail address odom0043@gci.net.

I talk to Luther every day sometimes several times a day.  I especially talk to him when I need him to help keep my out of trouble.

Also, I just want to say he may be gone but trust me he's not forgotten.
 I'm currently active duty A.F. with over 18 years service.

Take care and God bless all.

Craig D. Odom

From - Mon Nov 01 07:58:49 1999
From: "Charlie hogue" <charle27@hotmail.com>
Subject: help me please???

Hello. My name is Charlie and I need some help ?? Hope u can help me out. I wear a POW MIA bracelet and I've been tryin to find out information on this man -- LTCDR. Edward J. Broms. If u can help me find anything  - please do -  it would mean alot to me I pray for  him each and every night -- help if u can

thanks yours truly

Charles E Hogue 111

From - Mon Nov 01 19:05:41 1999
From: JLAlderton@webtv.net (Jessica Alderton)

To the parents, family, and friends of Gary A. Harned:

I have worn my bracelet for well over 12 years now. I am curious to find out more about my adopted P.O.W. other than the basic information found in the files. I am originally from Erie, Pennsylvania and know he was also from around that area. I have a rubbing of his name from The Wall that I keep in my home. Please let me know if you will share more about him. Thank You,

Jessica Alderton

September 22, 1999

To Whom It May Concern.

My name is Denise Hannah.  I am a 37 year old homemaker.  During a through cleaning of my bedroom I came accross my POW/MIA bracelet that my father bought for our family in approximately 1972.

It has always been my great desire too let the family and hopefully the soldier who I have proudly respected over these 25 plus years know how proud I have been to be the one too wear, remember, and pray for this man who very well may have given his life for his Country.

It is my wish to have this letter to be forwarded to the veteran or his family so I may know more about him and ultimately return this bracelet. Please provide me with any information available

It has truly been my honor too have this item to show my family and I support all veterans.

The name of this soldier is CARL PALEN , date missing was recorded on
01/03/71. I await your response with great anticipation.


Denise Hannah
1262 Forest Knoll
Ridgecrest, CA 93555

From - Sat Nov 06 15:16:05 1999
From: LilDom55@aol.com
Subject: James Rozo

To the family of James Milian Rozo, June 1970:

I own SP4 James M. Rozo's POW bracelet.  I received and proudly wore it as a high school student in the early 1970's.  I have kept it all these years, never knowing what happened to him.  It is in beautiful, original condition.  According to the internet site where I read his biography, his whereabouts have never been verified.  If any of his family members read this note, please contact me.  My prayers are with you all.


From - Sat Nov 06 15:16:12 1999
From: Roseherr@aol.com









From - Sat Nov 06 15:16:21 1999
From: "William Reesman" <wreesman@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: Capt Larry James Hanley

This being Nov 4 1999 it has been 30 years to the day that my POW/MIA Capt Larry James Hanley was downed over Laos in his F105D #1734. My bracelet was first worn by my grandmother in the early 70's while I was with the 366TFW at DaNang VietNam and was later passed to me after her passing. It continues to be a part of this family and is worn by me today.  I would like to let Larry's family know he has not been forgotten nor will he be.  My name is Bill Reesman  (retired Air Force) Viet Nam vet and proud American. God Bless you Larry and your family.

From - Sat Nov 06 15:16:26 1999
From: txangel3@webtv.net (cheryl walker)
Subject: Marvin Foster

I proudly yet saddly where the red bracelet of MARVIN L FOSTER. I truly hope and pray that he is ok.  I hope he knows or knew that he was not alone in his time of need. I am but a stranger to him but I do wear his bracelet with the love and respect I do hope one day to show him when I give it back. I honor him as I would honor my family if I had one. Mr. Marvin L Foster come home.    
God Bless you and yours,  Cheryl Walker,USMC Vet

From - Sat Nov 06 15:18:30 1999
From: DTUSNAVY@webtv.net
Subject: Paul Kierstead Moser

To Paul's Family,
It was a number of years ago, that I had the courage to find you.

Wearing Paul's bracelet for so long, I was so afraid to hurt you in any way.  To be able to speak to his family was an unbelievable joy to me. All of you knew Paul, the Paul I have worn on my arm for so many years.

I had so much emotion, it is beyond words.  I did not know what to say, yet wanted to say everything. 

You gave me two photos of Paul, which I treasure with all my heart. I have both on my dresser, and his bracelet on my arm every day of my life. It has been some time since I spoke to any of you.  I don't want to cause any pain. But if you ever do come to this site, I hope with all my heart, that you find this letter.  I have never forgotten Paul, nor will I ever.  I will always wear his bracelet, so that others will never forget also. Please, if you find this letter, please email me, and let me know if everyone is alright, or to say hello.  Paul is in my prayer's every night.  God Bless You!

I hope you don't mind.  I have a website in rememerance of Paul. You can view it by  going to: http://community.webtv.net/dtusnavy

Dottie Trant

From - Sat Nov 06 15:18:27 1999
From: "Lynn McCullough" <mail4jmcm@mindspring.com>


From - Sat Nov 06 15:18:51 1999
From: carla tillman <getblksmth_1999@yahoo.com>
Subject: James Francis Schiele


 I have adopted a solider that is Missing in Action from Vietnam and I am trying to locate his family. His name is SST James Francis Schiele he is from Granger, Utah. IF you have any information on how I can contact them. Please email me.

Thank you,



From - Tue Nov 09 12:27:10 1999
From: Welchvan@aol.com
Subject: Sam Cordova

As we approach veterans day, I thank god that my father was allowed to live and surived the Vietnam conflict.

My school applied for MIA braclets in 1974 and I wore mine until the  black lettering was gone.  The sicker that was on the bracelet has lone disappear and I finally took off the braclet in 1979.  I had no way of knowing what ever had happened to my MIA. 

Every veterans day and memorial day I have said prayers for Sam Cordova and other missing in action.  I just purchased a computer a few months ago and with veterans day quickly approaching I thought I would search the web. When I discovered Sam Cordova name on the list of remains returned in 1988 I  cried.  I had always hoped he had returned alive.  If you are able to contact his family, please let them know I would be more than happy to mail them the bracelet.  The biography has his parents at 79 and 82 years old.  Maybe his siblings or a niece or nephew would like the bracelet.

Based on your request I will not attempt to contact the family but if  they would like to contact me I would be more than happy to talk to them.

Sandra Welch,
Everett, WA

From - Tue Nov 09 12:27:17 1999
From: "Cresean/Heather Sterne" <winter@cmn.net>
Subject: LTC Robert D. Morrissey

November 7th...
Another year has come and gone and there is no new information about LTC Robert D Morrissey. Today marks the 27th anniversary of his disappearance after his plane was downed over Laos in 1972.  I chose a POW-MIA bracelet with LTC Morrissey's name on it because we are both from the state of New Mexico and his disappearance coincides with my brother's birthday (to the year!). How could I ever forget! I haven't, and I was just checking this site for any new developments. Hopefully next year...
In the meantime, my best wishes to LTC Morrissey's family and friends.


Heather S.
My e-mail address is heathyrv@yahoo.com

From - Tue Nov 09 12:29:32 1999
From: CLEGGW2GS@aol.com
Subject: Gregory John Harris

Dear Family,
  My name is Josh. I am very sad about your loss. I will always think of Greg. I
am wearing his POW/MIA bracelet.I am praying for him, and you.

From - Fri Nov 12 19:00:22 1999
From: "Teri Tess" <carlsmom@mtaonline.net>


    I also have had since 1972/3, a bracelet for LCDR LEE and I would like to abide by family wishes as to where you would like it sent.  I live in Alaska and have not been to DC since 1970, so I have never seen the WALL in person but we do have a memorial wall near my home for all veterans and I could place it there near my father's name (he served in WWII before I was born).

I would also like to thank the P.O.W. Network for making it possible for me to finally learn what had happened to these two men.  I feel it especially now that I have a son serving in the Marines and can experience some of the anxieties of having someone so close to you be so far away while serving his country.

Teri Tess

From - Fri Nov 12 19:00:36 1999
From: ChristinaDrizos <Auncsgal@sgi.net>
Subject: Robert Borton

This is to the family of Robert C. Borton, Jr. My name is Leslie, and I am wearing your sons' bracelet. I purchased the braclet at an air show in Latrobe, PA. in July of 1998.  I wear the bracelet faithfully, it never comes off of my wrist for ANYTHING. I will continue to wear it.  I just wanted you to to know that your son is not forgotten. Even though I was not born until 1970 and have no memory of the horrible time.  I am still honored to wear your sons' bracelet.  If you or any of your family members would like to contact me my email address is blueangel1970@yahoo.com

God bless you


From - Fri Nov 12 19:01:02 1999
From: Kmarieshu@aol.com
Subject:  Sgt. Edward Beck - 8/9/69

Have had Sgt. Beck's bracelet since 1972. I was 15 at that time and am 42 now and the wife of a Vietnam Veteran who returned safely, but still suffers greatly from the effects of that war.

Recently realized that I could research the net for info that was not as easily available back in the 70's and was saddened to discover that Sgt. Beck was still listed as MIA/PFOD. 

If Edward Beck, Sr. should read this , please , know that I have carried your son in my heart and prayers over these many years and still hope that some day you may at least know the truth of what happened to him there.  God Bless and keep you and your family, my prayers continue for your son, Edward E. Beck, Jr.


From - Fri Nov 12 19:15:43 1999
From: JuliaFromCA@webtv.net (Julia Garvey)
Subject: Capt. Lawrence Helber

I am now 44 yrs old. When I was a teenager I bought this bracelet with Capt. Helber's name and the date 1-24-66. I've carried it with me all these years and today on Veteran's Day, I think about him and hope that he did make it home.

From - Fri Nov 12 19:15:50 1999
From: Cori Batte-Lynch <clbatte@orionint.com>
Subject: Thank you! on Veteran's Day

 I sit at my desk today and think of the cookies I baked and packed carefully in coffee cans, the paperback books I collected from neighbors, and the silly fifth-grade letters written to brave young men in the jungle, some incarcerated by the enemy, some awaiting disability or death.  I want to thank all those who contributed to the cause, no matter how un-noble some may say it was. A special thanks for those who took the time to write back to young people praying for peace, and thank you to my fifth-grade teacher (I wish I remembered her name), who made us realize that you were not just
soldiers, but brothers, fathers and sons.  And lastly, thanks to God and my grandfather's genetics that gave my big brother flat feet, so the draft rejected him.  I remember and honor you.

From - Fri Nov 12 19:16:38 1999
From: "Lowry, Jennifer, C4C, CS05" <C03Jennifer.Lowry@usafa.af.mil>
Subject: James Davis

I am searching for the family of USAF SSgt James W. Davis. If anyone knows of the where-a-bouts of his wife Margaret Davis, or any other relatives, I would appreciate greatly getting in touch with them. Thank you

Cadet Fourth Class Jennifer C. Lowry

From - Fri Nov 12 19:16:43 1999
From: tp <phooey@ix.netcom.com>
Subject:  John W. Kennedy USAF 16-Aug-71

I just came back from a parade in my home town for Veteran's Day.  I thought back to the bracelet I had worn as a ten year-old, and decided to look up John on the POW website.  I was thankful to have remembered his name.  I was too young to know what was going on, but as an adult it bothers me.  It  was nice to have found his name and although the outcome was sad I was thankful for you (the family) that he was located
and brought home.  I do not remember what ever became of the bracelet, but I have a photograph of me wearing it.  I just wanted to say I am sorry about your son and I never ever forgot him.  I will try to locate another bracelet with his name on it to put on my mantle to remind me of the others who are gone but not forgotten.


Lisa R., Pleasanton, California.

From - Sat Nov 13 15:26:56 1999
From: "Elinor F. Amee" <eamee@concentric.net>
Subject: Lowell Powers

To the family of CWO Lowell Powers, missing in Vietnam since 2 April 1969.  I have been wearing a copper bracelet with Lowell's name for many years.  You are in my prayers.  You may contact me if you wish.eamee@concentric.net.

From - Sat Nov 13 15:27:06 1999
From: SHYGIR1554@aol.com
Subject: Maj. Kurt McDonald

I have had Kurt's POW/MIA bracelet for over 30 years now......he is still MIA.  It seems strange to feel hurt and worry for a man I have never had the privilege of meeting, but I do.  I pray everyday that something will be done to bring these men home.  He was seen a few years ago....and identified.....as still alive and a POW in Southeast Asia.  If anyone knows or has information on him or his family, I would appreciate hearing from you.
Thank you,
e-mail address:  Shygir1554@AOL.com

From - Sat Nov 13 18:38:17 1999
From: Bearwb97@aol.com
Subject: Cpt. Fielding W. Featherston, III

To the Featherston Family,
I wore your sons bracelet until it fell apart many years ago.  Today I went to The WALL, and found his name.  I am so very sorry for your loss.

I am going to order another bracelet to wear, hopefully either he, or his remains, will someday be found, to bring closure to you.  My son is going to get a bracelet with Douglas Fergusons name, also.

Again, my sympathy goes out to your family.  You, and Cpt. Featherston, will be in our prayers.

My e-mail address is bearwb97@aol.com

From - Mon Nov 15 07:38:16 1999
From: J301A6@aol.com
Subject: Richard Clark

Hello, my name is Becca and I have a bracelet for Richard Champ Clark, USN.  I got the bracelet at the Wall in Washington, DC on May 17th, 1996 and have worn it non-stop ever since.  The engraving is wearing thin now.  I have checked the POW/MIA website to see if there is any information on his return but he is still listed as a category 2, Prisoner of War.  I was hoping to send a message to his family that I will continue to hope, pray and wear this reminder until there is information of him. Thank you for providing this opportunity to let them know that he is not forgotten. 
Becca - email at J301A6@aol.com

From - Thu Nov 18 07:38:51 1999
To: Shannon <emtmed911@hotmail.com>

Shannon wrote:

Right now I wear the POW/MIA bracelet that I got from my father. This is the bracelet of 1LT. William M. Price (USMC). Last record of him was 10-12-72 in North Vietnam. Does anyone out there know anything about him? I would be interested in hearing about him.

 Shannon Baker

From - Thu Nov 18 07:35:28 1999
From: "Richard Dickhaus" <dickhaus@injersey.infi.net>
Subject: Marshall J. Angell

My name is Sara Dickhaus. While walking on the beach I found Marshall J. Angell's P.O.W. bracelet in the sand from 1963. I have researched it at this site and others. He was a flight engineer and he, along with 3 others, was on a CH37B Mohave Helicopter when a ground fire erupted and and hit the aircraft. The Mohave then crashed and burned. The crew's bodies were all found except for Angell's. He was classified
Killed/Body Not Recovered.

If the family would like to contact me, my e-mail address in dickhaus@injersey.infi.net

From - Sat Nov 20 18:52:05 1999
From: "Cheryl Runkle" <cheryl@familyheritage.org>
Subject: Martin J Massucci

I have been to the POW Network and found the site very interesting and brings back lots of memories of the Vietnam era. I was a teenager at this time and heard of our men being killed or missing in action.

I had also heard of bracelets for POW and purchased one at that time. The bracelet that I received was for one Capt. Martin Massucci 10-1-65.

I found a bio for Martin and also found him to be listed  on the List of Last Known Alive. I am interested in knowing more about Martin and his outcome. I am in the hopes that you might be able to help me.


From - Sat Nov 20 18:52:43 1999
From: "Sharon  B Johnson" <sharnronj@worldnet.att.net>
Subject: P.O.W. MIA Bracelet.

I have a P.O.W. M.I.A. Bracelet that my mother wore for several years, she was a fine lady, born on Flag Day, President of our local Post 7476 of the V.F.W. My dad was a Navy man served in W.W.II, and later a retired Coast Guardsman.  My mother was killed while wearing this bracelet and I have kept it all these years, I never knew anything about the man whose name it bears, until today when I typed in his name on EGO-SURF and found out who he was. I was wondering if one of his family might like to have this Bracelet, I would give it to them, I know my Mom would want me to let it now go, both she and my dad are gone now, and I just would like someone to know how much we cared. you can reach me through my e-mail.  I am hoping that you can help me get this to the right people.

               The name on the bracelet is  LCDR DONALD WOLOSZYK 3/1/66( and a sm. tag with a blue star)If you are unable to help please let me know, I praise you for all the good works you have done God Bless each of you

...........................Warmly, Mrs. S.B. Johnson

From - Sat Nov 20 18:52:46 1999
From: "New Visions" <newvisions@innernet.net>
Subject: Eugene Wheeler

To the family of Maj. Eugene L. Wheeler:

    My name is Joseph A Campagno, every one calls me Big Joe. I purchased Eugene's bracelet after the remains of the USMC Capt. on my last bracelet were returned home.

    I am 36 yrs. old, live in south central PA and have a beutiful 3 1/2 yr old daughter. I ride a Harley, been a officer in my local A.B.A.T.E. chapter for 10 yrs and am very politically active on many subjects.

    I consider it a honor to remember Eugene in this way. If you wish to contact me, please do so at   mailto:mrbigjoe@hotmail.com.

    God Bless you and your family.
    Respectfully Big Joe

From - Sat Nov 20 18:52:47 1999
From: 49thckpt@mtaonline.net
Subject: Family of:George H. Jourdenais

Dear Family,
  I wanted to take this time to say that Mr. Jourdenais will never be forgotten in my heart.  I have been wearing a MIA bracelet with his name on it for 4 yrs now.  It has never came off my wrist.  It will not come off until I hear that he has came home.  My husband was in contact with one of his son's last yr. and he emailed us 4 photo's of his father, my husband surprised me with them for Christmas.  I was speechless, I finally had a face to go with my bracelet.  I will always cherish those photo's.  Unfortunately, I do not have his son's email address and have been searching for it to Thank him personally.  If you can pass this on to him or any other family member who can contact me I would appreciate it.  My husband's name is: Butch. I would love to correspond with the family at all possible.

Thank You, Kelli Bologna

From - Mon Nov 22 08:53:31 1999
From: DEJONG737@aol.com
Subject: Herman Knapp

I wore my POW bracelet from December 1971 until it broke in Feb. 1973.  I still have the 2 pieces, thinking someday I would find out what happened to the man whose life was in my thoughts so often. Today I finally thought to check the Internet since I had no idea how to find out if and when my service man had returned.  It appears from another site I visited that he has never been found and was assumed dead.  That of course is not the result that I had hoped for.  I would like to know if the family would like his bracelet.  I don't feel I can throw it out.  My service man was Col. Herman Knapp.  Date 04/24/67.  I think he was in the Air Force.  Thanks.

From - Mon Nov 22 17:12:40 1999
From: "The Dancing Frog" <thedancingfrog@hotmail.com>
Subject: James Harwood

I wore a POW bracelet in the 70's and still have it tucked safely away.  The name was Sgt. James Harwood.  If his family sees this, you may contact me at   thedancingfrog@hotmail.com

Verna Noonan

From - Tue Nov 23 08:30:16 1999
From: kellygreen@gci.net

Happy birthday Major Bradley G.Cuthbert!


From - Wed Nov 24 12:32:13 1999
From: Kgo532@aol.com
Subject: Peter Sherman

I am trying to locate the family of Capt. Peter Sherman. I am a 36 year old mother of 4. When I was 8 years old my father brought home a POW bracelet for me to wear. He explained to me the meaning of the bracelet and why it was so significant. Over the years I have tried to obtain information on my POW, Capt. Peter Sherman, but always came up empty handed. My son asked me one day why I had the bracelet and it's meaning. This prompted me to try and find information again on my POW's status. I
told my son the same things my father told me 28 years ago, and explained to him that I needed to let Capt. Peter Sherman's family know that their loved one was never forgotten. I then gave the bracelet to my son and told him that we needed to find out what happened together. I found this web site and discovered that Capt. Peter Sherman's remains were returned on January 19, 1991.

Dear Family member,
Should you come across this letter, I would be honored to send you the POW  bracelet of your loved one that I have had over the years. Please know that I  have never forgotten him. His name has always been a part of my family... a  part of me, my parents, my husband and my children. Especially my 14 year old  son who helped to find out the information that we discovered. Please feel  free to e-mail me at kgo532@aol.com.

From - Fri Nov 26 06:50:25 1999
From: "Laurie Luhman" <txlaur@bcin.net>
Subject: Kenneth Thomas

Just wanted to let the family of Capt. Kenneth Thomas know that I would gladly return the POW/MIA bracelet that I've charished for many years. Please contact me at  txlaur@bcin.net

God Bless,
Laurie Luhman

From - Fri Nov 26 18:00:22 1999
From: Burgcrew@aol.com
Subject: James A Crew, USAF Shot down in Nov 1967

My name is Michael L. Holland.  I was a very close friend of Jim Crew when he was a cadet at the AF Academy.  I used to take Jim to church with me in Colorado Springs.  He and I would sit in my car a talk for hours about our families and our Lord.  I have two sons one of which I named after him.  I would like to receive some information about Jim, if there is any.  What contact has there been with North Vietnam concerning
Jim and what has been there response.  I have had dreams concerning Jim for years and many times I felt as if he was thinking of me at that specific moment.  I have cried many many tears thinking of him.  I visited the wall and literally came apart literally.  I would like to hear from his family or perhaps be able to contact them if they are in agreement.  Jim returned to Colorado Springs to visit me and my wife on his way to Nam as a fighter pilot.  My home address is Michael L. Holland  1165 Old Main St. W. Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

From - Sat Nov 27 08:20:49 1999
From: "Marcia Hennessy" <marsh@slic.com>
Subject: Luther Lono and Patrick Curran

My son is in the USMC and when I visited him in DC I got a MIA Bracelet.

The name on it is LTC.LUTHER A. LONO and his navigator, MAJOR PATRICK R. CURRAN, mia in Laos, 9/29/69. I think of them and their families daily---they are a source of inspiration to me and in my prayers. The suffering of not knowing and never being able to bring them home.

Marcia,   marsh@slic.com

From - Sun Nov 28 08:26:05 1999
From: QueenB111@aol.com
Subject: Capt. David Padgett/2/6/69

We have just moved and I found a box of treasures.  In this box was a bracelet with Captain Padgett's name on it that I had received many years ago.  I researched the web and found that Cpt. Padgett was still missing in action.  I cannot began to tell you how sorry I am for he and his family, it must be very difficult not knowing the status of a loved one.

With our (my husband and I) hope that, some day, there will be closure and that all of our MIA's families will find peace.

God Bless you All......and Thank You

Captain David Padgett has not been forgotten.

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rossi
6215 Lakeview Circle
San Ramon, CA 94583

From - Mon Nov 29 19:45:17 1999
From: cat bite <bhaines@tje1.com>
Subject: Peter Sherman

            For 28 years I've worn this circle of silver--Looking at it as if it was my own father's name on it instead of a strangers.  This is how close this man is to me.  I finally found out this past summer when his body was recovered.  What a blow.  I would love to hear from any relative, friend, wife, just so I  can connect in heart  to them.  I know it may bring up old hurts, for that I'm sorry, but all these years I've kept him close, and I just feel I deserve to know him better. Please help me  to know  him not just because he died keeping us free, but also because he was someones Husband, someones son,  and my memory of a time of confusion, praying for him along with cousins and friends that were  out there somewhere, trying to keep  us safe.  He is just as important to me as they are.  For so many years, I couldn't get anything about him, now, through this Network, it's like   the sun breaking through the clouds, giving us hope  to FINALLY  know these brave men. So if ANYONE knows  about Capt. Sherman's life--please write to me!

From - Wed Dec 01 08:33:59 1999
From: "Pat Castellano" <patc@cpinternet.com>

To the family and friends of Commander John "Buzz" Ellison:

I received "Buzz's" bracelet in 1971--I was just finishing high school and about to enter college along with a number of returning vets from Vietnam.  They were some of my neatest college buddies.  I asked them what the chances are that Buzz was somewhere there.  They said there were a lot of places he could be and don't give up hope.  We just have to work to get him back.  I wanted you to know that his bracelet is on my wrist or on my desk next to other treasures and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. I have also written to Congressmen asking for their help in finding POW/MIAs.  If any family member is out there, I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely,  Pat Castellano
201 E Ninth Street
Duluth, MN  55802


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