To families, friends, and former prisoners of war....

Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 08:01:18 -0800 (PST)
From: Robbie Sanders <robbiesanders@yahoo.com>

Capt. Vincent A. Scungio 11/4/1966
I wore the bracelet for Vincent A. Scungio from July 1972 until I first visited the wall in DC.  That was around 1985 or 1986.  I looked his name up on the wall and had a friend do a tracing of his name. 

After returning home I was going to send the tracing and the bracelet to his family, but could not bring myself to part with either. 

I no longer wear the bracelet, because of a metal allergy, but I keep it in my box of Christmas decoration and each year it hangs on the tree, up high and on the front, for all to see.

My granddaughter, then 5, ask last Christmas what it said and why it looked different than the other decorations, I told her it was something special and something she could have to hang on her tree when she was big and had one of her own.  I then told her what it said and tried to explain its meaning, but I am sure my words will not be totally appreciated for a few more years.  When we removed the decorations from the tree, she added the bracelet to her own collection of decorations, so it has now taken it s place of honor among decorations of Pooh, Barbie and the Princess. What higher honors could one get from a 6 year old.

Over the years, my thought and prayers have gone out to his loved ones.
Please include my email address, when positing the letter.  I invite the family to drop me a note.
Thanks for keeping this site, I am sure it is a labor of love.


From: "Lori Hartnett R.N." <mikehartlori@hotmail.com>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 08:44:15 -0600

Hello, my name is Lori.  I just finished looking up information on Ardel Vietti.  In high school, (about 20 yrs ago haha) I got a Vietnam POW bracelet and her name was on it.  I knew nothing about her at the time but I can't tell you how many times over the years I thought about her and wondered who she was and if she was safe.  I very much enjoyed learning what I did about her.  She sounds like an incredible person.  At the time I bought that bracelet,  I had no idea that it would occupy my thoughts as often and her name did, but I am very glad I did it.  Dr. Ardel Vietti will never be forgotten. 
                                           Love, Lori

Godspeed Beverly. Your White Knight awaits.

From: Candisimo@aol.com
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 14:13:15 EDT
Subject: ref: Sgt.James H. Alley USAF... To The Family

I am not sure what to say or how to say it .... I was 15 when I recieved my first POW/MIA
bracelet ... I just recently found out through this site that Sgt. Alley's remains have been returned in 1994.... I hope this has brought peace to the hearts of all his loved ones... That he has finally returned home.... When I saw his name on the lists, I was happy to see he came home but then the tears fell down my face as I relizied in what way he did come back.... I have had James bracelet for many years... And although it feels strange to remove it from my wrist.... I would loved to send it to someone in the family.... So that they know their friend, son, brother, father, and or husband has been thought of and prayed for ... for many years now...

So if you can email me at candisimo@aol.com .... It would be so nice to send this to family to pass down to genearations of his family to keep his memory alive and know how brave he was.... This bracelet has now brought me peace since I have found out he has made it home..... God Bless all the family and friends .... I will never forget him as he was part of me and my heart for many years.... Thank You for taking the time to read this... I hope to here from you soon.... 

email:   candisimo@aol.com

Or address:           Candice Fischer
                            6941 Aloma Ave #73
                            Winter Park, Florida  32792

Date: Mon, 5 Apr 2004 13:38:06 -0600
From: "KIM CREECH" <Forevgrtful@cox.net>
Subject: Lt. Col. Tom Finney

Greetings to the Finney Family,
  I don't know if you'll ever receive this letter or not. It was posted that rarely do the families of the soldiers whose body was returned ever look at this sight. But I'll give it a try anyway. Finney family I am a 47 years old and live in Harvey, Louisiana which is only minuntes away from downtown New Orleans. I have had your loved one's bracelet since I was 13 years old. I kept it in my jewerly box when young and now as a wife and mother kept the same bracelet in my china cabinet for all to see what a brave person this man was. I would like to know if you would want me to return it to your family. Or not I don't mind hanging on to it and kept it in my family to pass on to the next generation a part of history and the brave men to fought in it. I really hope that this letter does not hurt your family.
                                    In my prayers, Kim Creech

From: TRAkersSR@aol.com
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 14:58:44 EDT

My name is Tim Akers I am a Marine Corps Vietnam vet. I've worn Luther F. Ritchey Jr.'s bracelet since they started the program. I only hope that the recent return will help give you closure. As always you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. SEMPER FI !!!
Tim Akers

From: "lauri zimmerman" <coryz@pathwaynet.com>
Subject: Major Rainford Tiffin
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 09:30:26 -0400

I recently saw a show on Vietnam vets and it got me to thinking about the POW bracelet I wore for many years until it broke in half.
My bracelet was for Major Rainford Tiffin. Anyway so this show got me to thinking and I typed in his name on my search engines.
I was surprised and pleased to find out some info on the Major.
I am 48 years old and I wore that bracelet faithfully 24/7. I got it in high school and like so many others you get attached to the name. I know he was an outstanding man and I just wanted his family to know that after all these years he is still in my heart and on my mind. 

Lauri Zimmerman

From: "Mary Williams" <mwilliams@grayce.net>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:25:42 -0500
To the family of 1LT Eric Huberth
Just wanted you to know that he is not forgotten.  I have his bracelet and that of another who did not come home.
I am the wife of a Vietnam Vet and try to find and read everything I can about the war and the toll it has taken on all of us.
I have read the account of his missing in action from this website "vetfriends.com".
My husband and I have visited the "Moving Wall" several times when it has been in our area.  We hope someday to visit the "Wall" in Washington, DC
I would love to hear from you if you choose to e-mail me at this address    "mwilliams@grayce.net
Mary Williams

From: "Donna Reid" <suamican1@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 18:57:26 -0500
Dear Family-
I am wearing the bracelet of AOC Donald L. Gallagher  USN.  You are in my thoughts.  Donald is a brave man.  Until there is physical evidence of your lost, he is MIA.
My prays are with you during this time. 
My father was in the Navy during WWII and my brother was in Viet Nam in the Marines.  I was young during the Viet Nam war.  I do have great memories of talking to my brother and the worry my family endured during that time.  Your son, brother, family member is in my prayers. 
If you feel like contacting me, please do.  I live in Wisconsin too.
Keep the faith.

From: "sounder" <jsounder@charter.net>
Subject: my pow bracelet
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2004 18:35:25 -0500

When I was about 11 y/o I got my first POW bracelet. At the time there was a way to contact families and I wrote them many times.  When my bracelet broke I sent it to the family and they were very happy. 
Since, I have lost touch with them but when the Iraq war started I thought that those who served in Vietnam needed to be remembered as well. ..so two of my younger co-workers ( who had family who served in Vietnam and other wars) and myself ordered new POW bracelets.  Mine is of Pfc. Leonard Lewendowski JR from Des Plaines, IL.  To my knowledge, via status listings, his status is still MIA/POW.  I'd like to let his family members know that his bracelet is still worn.
I work in the medical  field and it's very heartwarming to have patients notice and comment on the bracelet.  Sometimes it helps to calm a patient who has served their country and are nervous about a procedure

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 11:53:36 -0400
From: Ashley Fritz <fritzab@muohio.edu>
Subject: loveletters
I have an MIA bracelet for Capt. Frederick J. Sutter USAF December 31, 1971 in Laos.  I received this bracelet as a gift from our AFROTC det. 640 Dining Out dinner.  If there is any information concerning Capt. Sutter I would love to hear it. I wear his bracelet with pride and sorrow combined.  I will eventually serve my country as Capt. Sutter did and can only hope that one day someone will appreciate the things I will do for them as much as I do for Capt. Sutter and every other military member who has served our country.  Thank you can not begin to explain the amount of gratitude I feel for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep America safe.

Ashley Fritz

From: "Peggy Helms" <jason20@ptd.net>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:41:36 -0400
I am a retired Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force.  I have worn the bracelet of S/Sgt Donald Shue from Kannapolis, NC who was lost on November 3, 1969 in Laos since 1972.  I just want his family to know that I have not forgotten him and will wear the bracelet until he comes home.

From: "lucia manetta" <tacoma@dol.net>
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 01:19:36 -0000

I have had and worn Capt Peter X Pike's MIA bracelet since I was a junior in high school.  It was one reason, I joined the USAF the last two yrs of the VN war. 
I pray that he is located and his family/children can have closure.  I will return the bracelet at that time to his children/wife with gratitude of his service to our country.

Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 13:52:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: Justine Blake <blakefamily4@yahoo.com>
I am not sure who it is that I am talking to.. but I am 44 years old..and when I was a young girl the Vietnam War was going on.. and the POW/MIA bracelets first came out.. all of us girls went to the Red Cross office to buy our bracelets, mine had the name of Sgt. Thomas Mangino, and wore them until we could wear them no more... I the other day I was cleaning out old jewelry boxes and low and behold I found my MIA bracelet... Now as a adult I am trying to search for information on his family/friends.....I know that the name I have is still missing.. never found.. but I was wondering if there are family/friends of him that I could reach out and touch and let them know that 30 years ago their were young men and women that were thinking of these brave young men from up in Northern Michigan... and now today on 4-23-2004,  I again am thinking of Sgt. Thomas Mangino, who believe it or no! t was missing on 4-21-1967, 37 years ago..... Please contact me if you know of him.. or anything about him and his family..... I would love to hear from you.. and tell you how brave your son, husband, father, was to fight for us.. USA.....
Thinking of you on this day...
Justine Blake

From: "Mary Williams" 
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:25:42 -0500
To the family of 1LT Eric Huberth
Just wanted you to know that he is not forgotten.  I have his bracelet and that of another who did not come home.
I am the wife of a Vietnam Vet and try to find and read everything I can about the war and the toll it has taken on all of us.
I have read the account of his missing in action from this website "vetfriends.com".
My husband and I have visited the "Moving Wall" several times when it has been in our area.  We hope someday to visit the "Wall" in Washington, DC
I would love to hear from you if you choose to e-mail me at this address    "mbwilliams@moment.net
Mary Williams

From: "paintsal" <paintsal@zoominternet.net>
Subject: Lt. Col. Merwin Morrill
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2004 17:07:17 -0400

I read the bio on Lt. Col. Morrill, it was updated by a nephew, David Morrill in 1998.  I have been trying to locate this family to return his bracele t but now one seems to have info until I saw your web site.  I called San Carlos, the mans hometown and they suggested I call San Mateo Co.records.  I did so but have called 3 persons with the same last name and to no avail.  If you have contact with David Morrill, would you please have him E-mail  me at paintsal@zoominternet.net?  Is it too late to return a bracelet?  Thank you.

From: Txpeanutwhistle@aol.com
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 03:40:35 EDT
Subject: Hamilton, Eugene D. LtCol

I'm a 54 year old Texan wearing the Colonel's name on my arm. I was a 16 year old in high school when he went down. I lived part-time then with my uncle who was a USAF lifer so I feel a connection. My uncle died in 1971 at the age of 37 with cancer just months short of a 20 year hitch. I haven't been able to find much more on the web than is on my bracelet and would like to know all I can find out about the Colonel. I do a motorcycle ministry and a fellow motorcyclists around 38 years old joined the Air Force last year (2003) as a RN, he'd done time in the Navy, gave me the bracelet. The Colonels loved ones are in my prayers. Any information from anyone would be appreciated.
I THANK each man and woman who has served, is serving, and will serve our Nation in the future.
Keep Your Knees In The Breeze,
Love and Respect,

From: "David Tasick" <yellowhat@usadatanet.net>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 13:30:21 -0400
I have been wearing Morgan Donahue's bracelet for many years. I was an Associate member of VVA Chapter 20 in Rochester, NY. I am now a member of Sons of the American Legion Squadron 1832 in Mattydale, NY. I have been a supporter of the POWMIA cause for many years. My wife and I send our hearts to all families.
David Tasick

From: "Ann Whittaker Borger" <annquilt@ix.netcom.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 12:55:25 -0700

I have worn the bracelet for M/SGT. Jake Mercer, 6-18-72, since I was 15.  I just learned today that his remains were identified and returned in Oct. 1994.  I would love to send his bracelet to his family.  Please email me with your address.  I have never forgotten your son.  I have wondered many times over the years about him and about you.  I hope that you can find peace. 
God Bless You,
Ann Borger
Simi Valley, CA

From: "Donna Hardin" <dhardin@insightbb.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 17:32:34 -0400

To the family of Captain Michael Scott Speicher:
You are in my prayers every single day, and in the prayers of THOUSANDS of others, who care about the fate of this wonderful man. His POW bracelet will not leave me, until he is found. I will remain dedicated to doing whatever it takes to keep his name alive! God bless, and be with each and every one of you! And most of all.....God bless Capt. Speicher!!
Donna L. Hardin
Lou., Ky

From: "Donna Hardin" <dhardin@insightbb.com>
Subject: Alan Mateja
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 21:07:43 -0400

To the family of Alan Mateja:
My name is Donna (Hasch) Hardin. I went to school with Alan's sister, Sharon. I remember wearing Alan's POW bracelet. I was only about 13 years old.
I have never forgotten about Sharon(my fellow classmate)and her brother Alan who is MIA in Vietnam. To this day I pray for him, and Sharon, and the entire Mateja family. They deserve closure! God, please bless this entire family, and especially Alan, wherever he may be. He is a true American hero lost at war.This family has sacrificed plenty!
Donna Hardin

Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 18:38:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Cindy Schreiner <cindy_s_53002@yahoo.com>

Jeanie Hasenbeck:  I wore your brothers POW-MIA bracelet.  If you would kike to contact me at Cindy_S_53002@yahoo.com I would be glad to hear from you.

From: Goingcrazyx6@aol.com
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 04:31:33 EDT
Subject: Maj. William J. Walker

       I am searching for any information on Maj. William John Walker who was shot down over Southern Vietnam on 20 April 1968.  Any information would be great and an e-mail from a family member would be even better. 

Semper Fi,
Paul Gibson

Subject: Loveletters Capt. Tommy Gist
From: "Elaine K Scarborough" <scarboe@basf-corp.com>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 09:17:35 -0400
To the family of Capt. Tommy Gist.  I have just found out today about the status of my POW bracelet.  Our local newspaper published an article dealing with POW's and gave the internet site to check the names on
bracelets.  I still have mine and will send to you if you want it.  I understand from reading an article published in 1994 that you have two sons.  I thought perhaps one of them might want it.
Elaine K. Scarborough
Huntersville, NC

From: "SANDY MORGAN" <stmorgan1950@msn.com>
Subject: Robert Owen MIA/Laos 1968
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 08:24:43 -0700
I read the paper every day faithfully keeping up with the war. I always sadly read the obituaries. The paper had this website listed for info on POW's/MIA's. I thought how great to find out something about Robert, with whom I have been wearing his bracelet for years. I appreciate so much to be able to find out something about his life. I am so sorry for his family and all of the other families. Many of my friends and one brother went to Vietnam. A few did not come back. My brother did but he committed suicide a few years after returning home. War is so sad, and sometimes so unnecessary. I pray for Robert everyday and he is in my thoughts often. I am proud to wear his bracelet. I was hoping that I would find out that Robert had returned to the USA and I could send him his bracelet back but that was not to be. My email address is         stmorgan1950@msn.com          if any of his family members would like to contact me. Again, I am so sorry about Robert and all the others who went to War and did not come back.

From: Htxbroad@aol.com
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 02:06:52 EDT
Subject: re: Capt. William Darrell McGrath

My name is Lisa and I am hoping you can help me with information on this serviceman.  I have been wearing his bracelet for over 30 years.  I was hoping to find some contact with any family member available.  I was also hoping to find any information on him other than his vital statistics.  I would like to know what squadron, what battle was he on when he was shot down, where, was he p.o.w. or killed in action?  If you could help me with any information I would appreciate it, or if you could direct me where to look for it.  Also any contact with his family, if any.
Thank you for taking the time to read this

Reply-To: "Janet Ridings" <jridings@marshpaving.com>
From: "Janet Ridings" <jridings@marshpaving.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 09:34:18 -0400
I have been wearing my bracelet since 1989.  The name is:
LTJG Carleton P. Miller
USN 1-6-71
From the state of Massachusetts
I use to be in contact with his daughter who lived in Maine and going to college but that has been years ago.  The VN on the back of the bracelet is almost worn off.  My bracelet is silver so I know it is an original.  It has only been off twice and that was for surgery and they would not let me leave it on.  It is very important to me and I can't imagine being without it but if I should need to return it, I would be proud to do so. If you have any information, I would like to know about him (returned remains, unaccounted for, whereabouts unknown, etc). 
I am the widow of a deceased veteran.  He did not die in a war, he died of a medical condition.  He was due to go to Vietnam on a destroyer escort and he had a heart ache and the military gave him a medical retirement.  He was 29 when he died, this year will be 29 years he is gone.  He has two children 34 and 30.  My son who is 30 served in the military for 8 years, he has been Saudi Arabia and Bosnia with communications.  I can honestly say I am glad he is not overseas now.  My heart goes out to all of the families of men who now serve in our arm forces all over the world.  It is not an easy job to serve or be left at home and it takes special people to do both jobs.
Hope to hear from you soon.  You can reach me at either email address.
Janet Ridings

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:49:06 -0700
Subject: Nicholas G. Brooks
From: karl gaines/martha wiley <karamar@earthlink.net>

To the family of Nicholas G. Brooks:
I am sorry for your loss.  I wore the bracelet for him.
Martha Wiley, formerly from Rochester, NY

From: "flora pierce" <moesart@earthlink.net>
Subject: Love Letter to Michael Kjome's Family
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 09:35:10 -0500

Hello. My name is Maureen (Milligan) Pierce.  I was about 12 years old when I received my POW bracelet with Michael's name on it. I had a brother-in-law who had been in Vietnam, and my sister and I ordered bracelets.  I an remiss in not contacting you sooner.  I am so very sorry to hear that Michael is no longer with us.  I read the biography on Michael recently.  I am thankful I was able to find out something about him.  Michael as well as all of you have been in my prayers and thoughts all these years.  I just never took the opportunity to contact you.  This has been an opportunity for me to teach my children more about war, specifically the Vietnam War, and the horrors of it.  I am so very thankful Michael came home alive. What a blessing!  By sharing this experience with them  they now have a better understanding of what our young men and women who serve our country sacrifice.  We are grateful and we will n! ever forget!!
flora pierce

From: Joko16@aol.com
Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 00:25:24 EDT

From: froggy731@webtv.net (shlee babb)
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 23:13:29 -0400
I am writing in the hopes of returning a bracelet worn by my father for many years with the name  " CAPT. RICHARD BOWERS"  " 3~24~69"  enscribed on it.
I would like to find the family of Richard Bowers, because, my father has passed away, and I feel they should have this.
My father served in the Navy during Vietnam, and wore this bracelet pretty much every day.  I have read Mr. Bowers bio, and, I am sorry for his passing.
If anyone from Mr. Bowers family reads this, please e~mail me at

From: LindatheLu@aol.com
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 14:12:46 EDT

To the family members of Capt. John Murray Martin, USAF......
I am writing on behalf of my sister, Connie, who has asked my assistance in attempting to contact the family of John Murray Martin;  Capt. Martin was supposedly killed in action in November of 1967.
Connie continues to wear her bracelet to this day....she will not remove it until she is able to send it to John's family.  The difficulty lies, of course, in locating family members and/or hoping that one of them might be familiar with this site and become aware of this letter.
Information that Connie has presently lists the family's last state of residence as Delaware....some members could also be living in Pennsylvania.  Capt. Martin's co-pilot (killed in action in 1968) was James Badley.
If anyone reading this loveletter has information that could shed light on the family's location, please send e-mail to this regard to:
My sister is so very intent on wearing Capt. Martin's bracelet until the day she dies, if necessary!  Any help from readers out there would be very, very appreciated.
With many thanks,
Linda Radke
Los Angeles, CA

From: "jeffrey  mackie" <jeffandflo@charter.net>
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 21:03:46 -0400
I have had the bracelet of Sgt Larry Welsh since 1969 or 1970. Until recently it never occured to me that there was a website where I could learn about him. When I read his biography I cried. He is 12 days older than I am. I would want his family to know that I appreciate the sacrifice he made. I have had a wonderful life with 2 children and just recently my first grandson. People like Larry fought in Vietnam and now Iraq so that I could enjoy the fruits of freedom that most of us take for granted. 

May God bless his family. Jeff Mackie

From: "Val and Bob" <valandbob@cablelynx.com>
Subject: Arthur D. Baker
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 00:43:05 -0500
Typed my father's name in my browser and his name came up listed in The Virtual Wall. This is absolutely amazing. Thank you cannot truly convey the hearts feelings for the work you all do, but I do thank you. My dad , Maj. Arthur Dale Baker U.S.A.F. went missing over Laos 7 April 1965. They have been excavating his crash site and I would like to share this with someone, anyone, or everyone. I recently saw the documentary "Be Good, Smile Pretty" by Independent Lens and contacted them about the possibility of doing a documentary on my father's case, with no response. I am wondering if you might be interested in helping me as I noticed one of the letters posted  from Monica Pinto, Hoggard Films regarding a documentary. I strongly feel it should be made public for obvious reasons. I have compiled information for quite a number of years as I was only 9 yrs old at the time he went missing, I am now 48. If you know of anyone who might be interested please contact me. Once again thank you for keeping the memory of our heroes alive and the truth out there.
Valaree Baker

Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 01:00:06 -0600
To the family of Pfc Thomas J Blackman

I am a Sgt in the United States Marine Corps. I have worn Thomas's bracelet for 5 years now. I am in special operations. Thomas as been with me in countless conflicts you might say that he is my guardian angel. On my wedding day he was with me to Kosovo/ Opertian Eduring Freedom to Iraq. I am going back to Iraq again. I feel some times that I have nothing to worry about for he watches over me as all good Marines do for each other .So you know that his bracelet will never come off of me till he comes home. That is my duty as a fellow Marine. Thomas is my hero. Please let me know any thing that comes up about Thomas.

Thank you
Semper Fi  

Sgt Mccloskey USMC e mail me at   <sgtmcc2000@yahoo.com>

From: samson84@webtv.net (Sheryl Weiss-Koniarsky)
Date: Sat, 22 May 2004 23:56:11 -0700
To the families of Jimmy Ray, Stephen Hanson, John Hardy, Donald Bloodworth. Lawrence Helber, or any other family members that might remember VIVA (Voices in Vital America) or POW_MIA International, in Tustin Calif. If you remember me I would like to hear from you.  

I just found this site.  I have never forgotten those days back in the sixties and seventies when everything was an uphill battle to get any kind of positive action from the press and our government regarding our concerns for our men.  I'm sorry that even after 49 years this is still going on.

From: RSlager366@aol.com
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 19:29:52 EDT
Subject: San D. Francisco

    Hello. My name is Robert Slager, and I have been in possession of a friendship bracelet made for 1st. Lt. San D. Francisco for more than 30 years. I recently began researching this individual and was greatly saddened to learn that his remains were shown in a photograph at the site were his plane went down on 11-25-68. I have held on to this braclet for so long because I deeply value the sacrifice of men like San D. Francisco.
     I don't know if it would hold meaning for the family to have this braclet. I certainly wouldn't want to do anything to upset them by reminding them of their loss, but I wanted them to know that there has been at least one person who has not forgotten the bravery of this noble man. If having this braclet would bring anyone comfort, please feel free to e-mail me and I would be honored to arrange for you to have it. Otherwise I will continue to display it proudly.

Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 15:15:28 -0400
From: Jeff Bushardt <jbushardt@comporium.net>
Subject: Sgt. Herndon Bivens

Hello Bivens Family,

I have just recently learned of the website, pownetwork.org. Today, I have finally gotten the nerve to access the site and, as I write this letter, I am in tears.  I was in high school during the Vietnam War.  I wore Sgt. Bivenís POW bracelet for many, many years and when I married, I placed it (along with another that I also wore) in a special music box which my parents had given me.  I went to my box and took out Sgt. Bivenís bracelet and checked the web site only to learn that he never returned home.  My most vivid memory of the war was sitting in class one day while my friend was pulled out of class by our principal.  Her brother had just died in Vietnam .  As long as I live I will never forget.  My thoughts and prayers will be with your family for always.  I will return my, Sgt. Herndonís, bracelet to my music box.  Should any member of his family wish to have his bracelet, I will be glad to, then, return it to you.


Godís Blessings to You,

Debbie Gilberti Bushardt

From: Cymorales1@aol.com
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 20:11:27 EDT

I am writing this letter hoping that it finds the family of Capt. George I. Mims, Jr.  I have had his bracelet since 1972.  My husband, Peter J. Anselmo, Jr. was a marine and served in Vietnam from 1968-1972.  He was killed in a car accident on December 27, 1975. This was three years after he received a full honorable discharge, after serving his county.   
 I find it strange that they are both Jr's and they both were either missing or passed on within 10 years of each other.  I had the bracelet tucked away in my memory box, and came across it the other day.  I decided to look up on the website to see if Capt. Mims was ever found.  I have not obtained the information yet.  I often thought about the bracelet and his family and often prayed for his safe return.  Hopefully I can get some information off the internet. 
Love  Chris

From: "Nancy & Terry" <Neebones@NVBB.net>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 11:38:57 -0500
My name is Nancy K. Nee and I have the bracelet of Lt. Gary B. Scull.  I have had this bracelet for almost 32 years.  I am 42 years old now, and wore the bracelet for many many years.  In recent years it has been on my dresser where I see it daily.

On September 11th, my younger brother, FF George C. Cain was murdered in the terrorist attacks.  More than ever, I realize what it means to have anything of Georgies.  This is what made me realize the importance of the bracelet to Gary's family.    

God Bless Gary, and God Bless his family and above all, God Bless Our Country. 

Sincerely, Nancy K. Nee 

Subject: Love Letters - Lt. Col. Roosevelt Hestle, 7-6-66
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 16:27:58 -0400
From: "Pat Durner" <PDURNER@ams-online.com>

For over three decades, I have protected and held close the bracelet of Lt. Col. Roosevelt Hestle.  The other evening, I felt compelled to remove it from its safe place and find out a little about this brave man.  What I read was disturbing, but even more so, was our Government's actions denying multiple sightings of Col. Hestle in an American POW camp in Hanoi.  To the family of Col. Hestle, please know that I will continue to keep his memory safe and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.  Though I am probably not the first to offer, if you would like to have his bracelet, I would be honored for you to have it.
Pat Durner

From: "Paul & Diane Repetto" <prepetto@comcast.net>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 18:30:04 -0700

To the family and friends of Col. John L. Robertson,
I just wanted you to know that I am the proud owner of John Robertson's POW bracelet.  I have had it for as long as I can remember.  It was a "gift" from my sister.  I wear my bracelet with pride, and want you to know John is not forgotten.  If the family would like to have the bracelet, please let me know.
Thank you,
Diane Repetto
2436 Robinson Ave.
Santa Clara, CA 95051

From: Jojowaide@aol.com
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 23:24:42 EDT

I was just a kid during the Viet Nam war.  My sister, who is 11 years older than me, bought me a POW bracelet as she married a Navy Soldier and is still married today (33 years!) later.  The name on the bracelet is Brendan P. Foley.  I did find his name on the list and unfortunately it appears he did not return.  I still have my bracelet and I have kept it close to me many, many years later.  Although I know it is not appropriate to return the bracelet to the family, I wanted them to know that I have his bracelet and wore it for many years. Besides I'm not sure if I'd have the heart to return it to anyone but Brendan.  I don't wear it much today but I have it in view as a reminder of him and the sacrafice he made for his country.  I come from a family with many military members and was lucky enough to have them all come home.  As of late, my 18 year old nephew just joined the Army and is in boot camp as I write.  It brought me to your website to look up my POW's name.  I just wanted his family to know, if at all possible, that there is still someone in upstate NY who has his bracelet after all these years and holds it very near and dear to her heart.
I would love a chance to be able to communicate with his family but not sure what the proper course of action to take would be.  If there is anyway to pass along my email, I would like that and I pray every day they return every American back to their homeland.
God Bless!

From: "Bill Fields" <william@wlff.com>
To: <info@pownetwork.org>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 13:04:04 -0500
I have been trying to find Major Paschal G.Boggs' of Georgia, lost 27 Aug 67 NVN family for sometime now. I have been wearing this bracelet for over 13 years. Have you heard from his family  or away to contact any family member?
Please let me know either here or at wpfinca@yahoo.cm
William Fields
(765)474-1410 ext.225
WLFF 95.7

Reply-To: "Sharon" <grantt@telnet.net>
From: "Sharon" <grantt@rtelnet.net>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 23:52:58 -0500
Dear ones,
In the early 1970's, when the POW's started coming home, we lived in Van Nuys, California.  We had two small children at the time. I followed the POW releases very closely.  The planes often came into the California Air Base where they all came in the wee hours of the morning.  The news in the evening would announce that 1 plane--or 2 planes--whatever--would be arriving at 2:30 am CA time, or perhaps 3:45 am.  I would set my alarm for that time, get up and wrap up in a blanket and sit on the couch, watching you/your loved ones come home. I had made a conscious decision that getting up to watch you come home was literally the least I could do--but it was something I could do, and I did it.   I always cried. 
In later years, I have had two opportunities to visit The Wall in DC.  On both occasions, I found myself weeping before I could even get "down into" the front area.  I always notice 1, 3 or 4 vets--some in uniform, some not, who are there as well.  I want you Vietnam Vets to know that I notice you there.  I never approach you, because that is place that I sense is something so totally different for you than for me.  I honor you.  I see you there.  I grieve for you and with you as I am able. 
I was only 28 at the time you were all being mistreated by the public nonsense when you came home.  It made me furious.  There seemed to be no way to let you know that this farm-grown Montana girl honored you through and through.
Today, I never pass by a person in military uniform  in public without simply walking up to them and saying, "I want to thank you for what you're doing for us." 
You Vietnam POW's and families; MIA families--please know that I do not forget you.

From: TRKB2@aol.com
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 19:51:20 EDT
I have a POW/MIA bracelet I have worn and/or held since around 1970.  The name on the bracelet is Capt. Paul Raymond, 9-5-67.  ... I would like the family to know I still keep the bracelet. I have a 22 year old son planning to join the military following his college graduation in December. Thanks for your help.
R. Barnes

From: "Nancy Halliwell" <hallie1028@hotmail.com>
Subject: Capt. Robert D. Beutel
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 09:58:07 -0400

On this Memorial Day, as on every one past, I have prayed for Capt. Robert Beutel and his family.  I have had his bracelet since the early 70's - so much has changed since then.  I've gone from a young woman just entering my 20s to a mature woman just turned 50.  I can't say I wear the bracelet every day, but I do wear it every Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veteran's Day and April 6, which is Bob's birthday, and it's been on every Christmas tree I've for the past 16 years. 
Normally, it sits in the dish where I keep my everyday jewelry, so Bob gets a thought every day.  Whatever his fate, he is not forgotten.

From: Farley Jeff L TSgt 380 ESFS/SFO <jeff.farley@dhafra.af.mil>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 04:11:54 +0400

I don' know if you can help me with this request or not.  Recently I discovered on your web site that the remains of CDR Leonard M. Lee was discovered on July 27, 2000.  I had purchased a POW/MIA bracelet back in 1986 with his name on it.  I would like to get it back to any surviving family member that is still around.  Any help in this endeavor would be greatly appreciated.  You can forward this e-mail to whomever you feel can assist me in accomplishing this task.  You can e-mail me with any results.
Thank You.

Jeff Farley

From: Phylrob12@aol.com
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 01:21:44 EDT

To the family of George I. Mims, Jr.
     Over the years I have wondered about the person whose name was on the bracelet I wore.  After reading an article in our local newspaper, I found the website and a biography on your loved one.  You are in my prayers and I will continue to wear the bracelet on Memorial Day and Veteran's day. May God be with the family members of Capt. Mims

Phyllis Lee
China, Texas

From: "Jana" <kerami@charter.net>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 19:28:38 -0500

Hi,  My name is Jana,
 I have had a POW/MIA bracelet for many years, (since I was 15 years old back in 1975).  I have kept it in my jewelry box all these years. I wore it for quite a while but put it away because the bracelets tended to break in half from taking it off and on.  Just a couple of days ago I was going through my jewelry box and came across the bracelet. I always thought it would be great to return it to the person or their family, so that is what I am attempting to do.
The bracelet belongs to  Major Darel Leetun     MIA/9-17-66
 So to the family of Major Darel Leetun I would love it if I could return a little piece of history (the bracelet bearing his name) that your family member was a great part of. I would also like to thank him and all the others for loving our country enough to risk their lives. 
Have a great day!
Jana Isle

From: CountryMouse54@aol.com
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 15:41:29 EDT
Subject:  To the Family of Maj. Wendell Keller

I have had Major Keller's bracelet since I was in high school in the early 70's. I wore it continually for many years but it eventually came to live on my dresser. He was never forgotten but until today I didn't know how to let you know that. Today a large group of Vietnam Veterans rode their motorcycles into my store parking lot, proudly wearing black leather vests with POW-MIA badges and others denoting their organizations. When I asked how I could find out what happened to 'My' POW-MIA they sent me to this website. Now I know that I still need to wear the bracelet proudly until he comes home. On this Memorial Day and on into the future, know that your loved one will not be forgotten. 

My prayers are with you.  

In respect, Melissa Frosch

From: "haugoman@juno.com" <haugoman@juno.com>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 01:18:08 GMT

This is a letter to the family of Col. Melvin Killian.
  I have had his bracelet since the late 60's and never knew how to find out when to return it.  Back in the War, when men were found or came home we would send them our bracelets and then quickly go buy another.  Melvin Killian's was the last I had and when the War ended I lost track of how to rind these things out.
  Today, Memorial Day, 2004, I ran a computer search and found that his remains had been recovered back in the late 80's and found this POW web site.  I have held onto and cherished this bracelet all these years and moved with it many times. Col. Killian via his bracelet has been with me as well and I want you to know how grateful I am to you and him for his sacrifice.  Please contact me if you would like. I will send the bracelet directly to you or through this web site. I am sorry I am so slow...the computer age is not my forte, but I was glad to have thought to look here for him and you.  Thank you.


From: "Marilyn Smith" <marilynsmith2218@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 20:35:52 -0500

        I have a bracelet bearing his name and the date 11-5-67.  I wore the bracelet for a very long time, and have kept it in a special little jewelry box in my drawer for all these years.  I hope and pray that his family is well.  HE IS NOT FORGOTTEN!   He must have been a very brave man and I am sure you are very proud of him.  God Bless You,   
                                                                     Marilyn Smith
                                                                     Manchester, Tennessee
Please,  If you feel like it,  I would love to hear from you

Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 06:51:14 -0500
From: Eric R Taylor <taylor@uthscsa.edu>
Subject: POW/MIA Bracelet
To Whom it May Concern.
                  I have been retired from the US Army since 1988, ! have had this bracelet since basic training. I would like some information on  the person listed to find out if what
there status is so that I can return the bracelet to the family
or the individual . His name is LT. Donald Bloodworth 7-24-70.
Thankyou for your assistance.
                                     Eric R Taylor US Army (Ret E7)

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 13:15:59 -0400
From: "Lohman, Sally" <slohman@state.pa.us>

To the family of Major Arthur G. Ecklund -
I bought the bracelet with "Capt. Arthur G. Ecklund" on it in 1970 or 1971 somewhere in Washington, D.C.  My children grew up with my concern for him.  My parents understood, even though their WWII experience was far distant from Vietnam.  I have been unable to wear the bracelet for a few years, but I have kept it, thinking of him and of you and of the life that changed in the blink of an eye.  I searched the papers for any news of POW/MIA from the Vietnam War until a few days ago when I found an article about him and you on this website.
I read of the efforts you made to obtain information, and of the travels and activities in which you engaged over the years that have brought comfort and recognition to others who suffered this loss.  My admiration for the two of you knows no bounds.  I have kept you in my prayers all these years, and will continue.  Thank you for the things you have done for others.  It certainly shows where Major Ecklund got his kind heart.
My companion, Thomas Woy, a Vietnam Veteran, is going to take me to the Wall on Veterans Day this year, and I plan to leave the bracelet there... 
God bless, and may the day be near when the happy memories of him come first.

Sally Lohman
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

From: "veronica" <vern369@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2004 22:57:33 -0600

This might be a not so smart question, but how are those that have been identified in 2003 possible. are there pows alive that are held captive today? And why won't the government bring them home? I just don't understand all this. I was born in 65, but seeing movies that i know are not close to the real thing, and watching documents on tv etc, and all these lives gone. I just don't understand why. I don't know anyone who fought, or anyone who had someone or knew someone. I wish I did, I have so many questions I would ask. but its like no one will talk about the reality of the war and what they seen. I try to imagine being there but there is no way possible unless u lived it and been there. I see all the names on the wall and even though I don't know anyone, I find myself crying. So many lives destroyed, and the ways these men and women might have perished. It is so sad. They all gave their lives for all of us now. People they didn't even know, and yet they themselves are not here to enjoy the ending and what they brought to the future for all of us today.

Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 08:45:25 -0700 (PDT)
From: carolyn may <c51may58@yahoo.com>
To the Family of Lt.Cmdr Paul C.Charvet,
  I am proud to have worn the POW/MIA bracelet of your dear man since 1972.  The first bracelet broke in half, and I ordered a second one, which is on my left arm, where it will stay.
  I am deeply sorry for your loss, and for the fact that no one has brought him home.  I don't wish to cause you any more pain; quite the opposite, I want to tell you that your dear one will never be forgotten.  Although I never knew him, he has been part of my life for over 30 years now, and will continue to be. I will honor him every day until the end of my life.
  I wish you only the best.
  Sincerely, and with much honor,
  Carolyn May
  Vero Beach, FL  32966
  e-mail: c51may58@yahoo.com

From: "Pam Ritchie" <pjritchie@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 13:28:20 -0400

My name is Pam Ritchie.  I have been wearing Captain John R. Peacock II bracelet for a year.  I just wanted the family to know that my prayers go out to them for a safe return for Captain Peacock.

Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2004 11:33:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ellen Cranston <elcranston_45@yahoo.com>
Dear Conlon Family,
I have had John's ( LT. John Conlon III 03-04-66) MIA/POW bracelet sine 1968.  I still pray for him, and you, his family.
I just wanted to let you know that you and John remain in my heart.
Ellen L. Cranston, R.N.
Should you wish to have his bracelet, I will be glad to return it to his family.

From: "Rose Masone" <Windsong06@msn.com>
Subject: Major Robert C. Wood USAF
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 2004 20:44:09 -0400
Hi! I was only about 9 Years old in 1972, at that time my older sisters came home with their POW/MIA bracelets.  I really wanted one then, but was told I was not old enough to understand the meaning or significance of the bracelets.  But oh, were they wrong!  I held onto that understanding of just what those bands of metal meant.  Later on during the Persian Gulf War there was a re-awareness of the cold hard facts of war...that troops were still dying in yet another war and worse yet there were still those still missing or imprisoned somewhere in Vietnam.  Well, that is when I got my POW/MIA bracelet.  I wanted one which remembered one of those lost in Vietnam.  You see I understood and still had not forgotten.  And now in this time of war once again I have decided to write a note to the family of Major Robert C. Wood USAFI would like to send my heartfelt thanks out to Maj. Wood's family.  Thank you for the sacrifice your son made for me and this country.  Peace to you always!  He will  not be forgotten and his service will always be deeply appreciated!

From: Honey53G@aol.com
Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2004 00:17:15 EDT

I have the bracelet of 18-Jan-69  COADY ROBERT F. USAF  
I got it when I was in high school. My best friend had them soldered on. The welder didn't want to but we finally convinced him. I hope his sister is still around and may come across this email.  Cathy

From: "Edward Yopp" <yopp21@earthlink.net>
Subject: James Daniel Williamson, MIA Laos
Date: Thu, 10 Jun 2004 13:37:42 -0400

Dear Pow Network,
I have a bracelet from 1968 that I wore for many years. I would like his family to know that I have been to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC wearing that bracelet, payed my respects at the panel with his name on it  and still remember and care. I just returned from Washington where I took my Dad for the Dedication of his WW11 Memorial and it inspired me to try contacting my MIA's family. I would like to know if they would like the bracelet returned to them or would prefer I keep it. I understand that you cannot give out family information; but, would you contact them, if known, and let them know of my interest. I wonder what he was like and what he looked like.
Please advise if you have been able to forward this or do not have any family info. on him. If not do you know of anyother source to find a family?
I did read your info on what happened to him in Laos, it inspired me more. My bracelet is for;
                                    James Daniel Williamson
                                    MIA Laos  1/5/68
Thank you.
 Sharon Yopp                                email   yopp21@earthlink.net
Tallahassee, FL 32312               

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 09:44:32 -0400
From: "Pearman, Renee \(Macon State College\)" <RPearman@mail.MaconState.edu>

I would like to leave a message for the family of Frederick William Hess Jr., who served in the US Air Force and was reported MIA on March 29, 1969.

When I looked up his name on this website, I came across a March 2000 interview with his wife, Bahar Hess, and their daughter, Christine Bahar Hess. The article was written by Rudi Williams of the American Forces Press Service, and it had an Arlington, Va., dateline.

This past April, I attended an estate sale near Centerville, Georgia. There, I found a POW/MIA bracelet with the name Capt. Fredrick Hess Jr. and the date 3-29-69. Note that his first name apparently was misspelled.

I will proudly keep and wear this bracelet but I do want to offer to return it to Capt. Hess' wife and daughter. If they should receive this message, I can be contacted by email at: rpearman@mail.maconstate.edu.

Thank you,
Renee Pearman
Macon, Georgia

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 09:46:02 -0500
From: James E Hart <jhart153@juno.com>

To All Concerned
I am a Viet Nam Veteran, U.S.Navy, Operations Intelligence Division, USS Ticonderoga CVA14
I recently purchased two bracelets, one for Sgt James A. Harwood, and one for 1Lt Gerald F. Kinsman. Both were lost in the same incident so many years ago. To all the families who lost loved ones over there I wish to say God Bless You All, and to all of us who lost brothers in arms, Keep up the fight for their return.
Thank you all for your support for the freedom we have in this great and wonderful country of ours, America.
If family members, and friends of the above Soldiers would write me, I wish to make a web page on the virtual wall for them both and would greatly be indebted to you for helping me accomplish this.

From: Randu14348@cs.com
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 18:43:23 EDT

My name is Rosie Andujar.  I purchased a POW/MIA bracelet in New York City back in the late '60's, early 70's.  The name on my bracelet was Maj Michael D. Balamoti, missing date of 11/24/69.

In recent years I tried to find out some information whether Maj Balamoti had been found.  In checking the list I found a
Maj Michael D. Balamonti, same missing date.  I guess it was originally misspelled on the bracelet.  I wore the bracelet for many years, always hoping and praying that Michael would be found.  Although at one point it broke in two, I still kept it where I could see it and where I would be reminded to pray for Michael.

I recently found a Balamoti family in the upstate NY area and wanted to return the bracelet to them.  As the spelling on the bracelet was incorrect, I don't know now if the family I contacted was the correct family.

If the family of Maj Balamonti should read this, please email me with some information.  I put the bracelet in an envelope as not to lose it in my recent move.  I cannot remember if I did mail it or not.  I would like the family to have the bracelet.  Hopefully they will find comfort in knowing that others had been praying for Michael, and hoping for his safe return. 

           Rosie Andujar
           Naples, FL   34112
             (239) 775-9092

Email address:    Randu14348@cs.com

From: "Jan Craig" <shaynalee2@smt-net.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004 15:02:54 -0700

To the family of Capt. Donovan Walters:

I've kept the bracelet of his in a special place since 1973. I hope this email finds you well, and to know that I have had him in my prayers all this time. I just recently found his name...I haven't had internet access till now. He is not forgotten.

From: Tonimarie0710@aol.com
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:45:52 EDT
Subject: loveletter's for the family of Capt Everett McPherson

Hi My name is Toni and I have had my POW-Mia bracelet since I was in High School in North Carolina at the age of 16 or 17 I am now 46 . I live in the metro Wash, DC area and have been sparked by a recent article in our local paper about someone complaining about all the noise from ROLLING THUNDER THE RIDE TO THE WALL. This person wrote in about all the noise and complaining about having to wait to get to DC on the HOV lanes and this letter sparked many letters to the editor with much outrage from the local community I  thought that I had lost my bracelet but after a recent move I found it and am now wearing it everyday with pride.  My father was a marine and went to Vietnam twice he never told us the stories of his time there during the war until I was 25 and was amazed and horrified of the things he encountered during the war the children coming up into a tower and blowing up his friends just after he had walked down from the tower itself.  And laying on the ground and hit by a bullet and dazed and heard the VC coming to finish him off and got the VC with a grenade first I am sure he never told us when we were younger because of the horrors he witnessed.  I remember as a child my bedroom was across the hall from my parents at night I used to hear my father fighting battles in his sleep screaming out orders to his men and hearing the horror in his voice my mother never told him that I heard all this she thought it best not to at the time.  I can only imagine what kind of pain you must feel from your loss my thoughts and prayers are with you. If you would care to contact me I am on AOL
Toni Sumner

From: "Lisa and Ralph" <rage@frontiernet.net>
Subject: POW Bracelets
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 14:13:17 -0400
To the family of S/Sgt Charles King 12/25/68 just wanted to let you know he is remembered. I bought my bracelet in 1969 when I was 12 years old as a way to be involved in the protest of the war and to also show my support to all of our men and women involved although I was to young to really understand the whole political undertaking of our government I wanted to be involved. Now at44 I still don't think i understand. But I have worn my bracelet for all these years  and have found a way to let someone know he is remembered.

From: "Mary Michaels" <Golightly151@worldnet.att.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 01:39:48 -0500
I have a bracelet with the name "Maj. James Treece, 10-7-66 which I bought at a tag sale in the Hartford, CT area about ten years ago.  I thought it very strange that someone would sell it but perhaps the original wearer had died.  At any rate, I bought it to show respect and to keep it "safe."   If the family would like to have it back, I would be happy to return it.
Holly Michaels 

From: "Marty" <mnaugher1001@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 22:02:22 -0400

My neighbor is trying to discover the fate of the man whose name appears on the bracelet he wears.  The info is: Sgt. Harry T. Wilson, USMC 6-4-70, Laos.  If the family has received any word and would like the bracelet, he would be glad to send it home.  If not, he will keep wearing it until...
Thanks for any help.
Marty Naugher

From: "Lindsay Balsman" <lbalsman@km-law.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 10:18:05 -0500

I'm writing to tell about the bracelet that I've had since January 1999.  I was 17 years old at the time, a senior in highschool, and a group of us went to Washington, DC for a trip.  A friend and I decided that one of the most important things we wanted to do was go to the Wall.  When we walked up to the blackness and saw the thousands of names written from end to end, I have never been so speechless and awestruck.  All these men, gone from us, in our name and for our country.  When we were getting ready to leave, we saw a stand selling bracelets with the names of soldiers, POWs and MIAs.  We each bought a bracelet, happy to give such a small donation for something so important.  I looked at my soldier's name -- MAJ. EUGENE L. WHEELER, missing since April 21, 1970, in South Vietnam.  He was a Marine, like my cousin.  I knew the training he had gone through, and it made me proud that he did it because he wanted to do something important for his country, his family.

I wore the bracelet for a few years.  I even went back to the Wall and copied Maj. Wheeler's name from the thousands and thousands listed.  I was practically in tears as I colored his name on my paper.  I was proud to have his name, to wear his name.  Sadly, I stopped wearing the bracelet, but I never forgot, keeping it on my desk at home.  Sometimes I would pick it up and wish that Maj. Wheeler, and the many others, would be returned to his family and his country where he belonged.  I'm 22 now, soon to be 23.  I started wearing the bracelet again yesterday, thinking about all the men and women fighting in Iraq as I type this note.  I pray that each one of them is returned home.  I looked at my bracelet again, and realized that Maj. Wheeler's home was in Ohio; I'm leaving for Ohio in less than 2 months for law school.

Thank you, Maj. Wheeler, for going over and fighting for us.  Thank you for loving your country that much.  I continued to hope and pray that one day you are returned to us.  To Maj. Wheeler's family, wherever you may be, please know that I wear your son's name with pride.

Lindsay Balsman
St. Louis, MO

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 04:54:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Arlene Gunn <talismanmkr@yahoo.com>
I have worn the name of CPO Michael J. Kustigan on my wrist for over 15 years now.  I picked a name out of a box at my college's ROTC office.  I have worn it every day since that one except 3.  My two wrist operations and my marriage.  The red has worn off so now it is mostly the silvery aluminum underneath.  The name is beaten down in some areas and is beginning to become unreadable.  I know what it says tho.  Even when it becomes illegible, I will know what it says.  It says that this person fought for his country and died in a foreign place, far from the people he knew and loved. 
I have wanted to tell his family that I wear his name, but have never knew how.  I wanted to tell them that I honor him, and through him I honor all people who are lost to their loved ones.  It has become more than just a rememberance to a person that was lost before I was born.  It has become a band of connection that unites me in some small way to all those families; and especially to the one family of CPO Michael J Kustigan, Worcester, Massachusetts.  Even if they never know my name. 
I shall always remember
Arlene Gunn

Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 15:29:01 -0400
From: Jeff Bushardt <jbushardt@comporium.net>
Subject:  S/M/Sgt. Samuel Adams

To the Family of Samuel Adams:

During a recent move, I found an old jewelry box and in it was the POW/MIA bracelet of Samuel Adams. I was in high school in upstate New York during the Vietnam War in the early 70ís and wore the bracelet religiously.  There were many of us at that age that were heartbroken over the war.  My most vivid memory was of watching as a friend was met in class by the principal only to be told that her brother had died in Vietnam .  Over the past years, I have watched as another friendís brother (broken by the War) fought drug and alcohol addiction only this past year, in death, finally finding his peace.  My heart has been saddened over the years at the way in which our returning Vietnam vets were treated and I have sought to find someway to say ĎIím sorry.Ē  Perhaps, this can be a way.  And, also a way to say thank you to the men and women who so selflessly give their lives for the freedom of this nation.  My heartfelt sympathies to all Samuelís family.  God Bless.

Debbie Bushardt

Fort Mill , SC

From: Cooper William T Contr USAF FPB/FPM <William.Cooper@LACKLAND.AF.MIL>
Subject: POW Bracelt for LTJG Richard C. CLark, USN
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 13:12:30 -0500

To the family of Lt. Clark,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I have worn this bracelet everyday for the past 17 years. I come from a long line of veterans who heeded the call when the country that they call home sent out the alarm. My
grandfather was in WWII, and my father was in the service during Vietnam. I joined in 82, and went over to Saudi when the call came without hesitation. I am now a retired navy veteran who is very proud of my country and the sacrifices made by the men and woman who have gone on before us. I don't know the status of Lt. Clark, but found out about this site by way of a family member of mine who also wears a bracelet. My sincerest condolences go out to his family. I will continue to wear this badge of honor proudly until
the status of Lt. Clark is declared.

From: "kd austin" <kda1941@msn.com>
Subject: LCDR  James B. Mills, USN
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 10:55:26 -0500
I sit here with tears in my eyes, still questioning whether to send this or not.  You never know what to say in an instance like this, so I will just start by introducing myself and presenting some personal history.  Perhaps you will respond and do the same - if not, I understand.  I am K. D. Austin, YNMC(SW) USNR RET and reside in Nederland, Texas.  I have worn my POW/MIA braclet (LCDR James B. Mills 9-21-66) for about 30 years and have never taken it off until recently at airports due to the increased security.   I have 2 sons and 6 grandchildren.  My oldest son also served in the Navy and was stationed aboard the USS Midway.  I served in the Navy and Naval Reserve for 32 years and retired as Master Chief.  Went to work for A&M University in the research area and recently retired from there.  Thanks for reading this. 

From: "Bonavita, James 
Subject: CASTILLO, USAF Capt. Richard
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 13:53:43 -0400

To The Richard Castillo Family:
     I had the privilege of wearing (USAF) Capt. Richard Castillo's MIA/POW bracelet during my college years, and just recently learned that his remains were found in Laos and returned to the U.S. on November 1, 1986.  I still have the bracelet, and if anyone from his family is interested in having it, or in contacting me, please do so at jimmi@earthlink.net.  If not, and I still have the bracelet whenever get back to Washington D.C., I will leave it at The Wall in his remembrance.
     James M. C. "Jimmi" Bonavita

From: "Debbie" <sundial@siscom.net>
Date: Sat, 26 Jun 2004 03:52:39 -0400

To whom it may concern:
As a teenager in the '70's, I wore a bracelet bearing the name of Col. David R. Williams.  I wore this bracelet for years and now, when I am nearly fifty years old, I finally have connected with the name on that bracelet through your website.  I see that his remains were brought home in 1996. How I wish I could bring a bundle of flowers to his gravesite or obtain a photo of him.
I want to thank you for establishing this website.  A mystery has finally been put to rest in my life.
Kindest regards,
Debbie Couch

From: "Sorensen, Regina" <Regina.Sorensen@fnf.com>
Subject: Family of Lt Col Edward W. Lehnhoff
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 08:59:25 -0700

My name is Regina ( Davis ) Sorensen.  I have been wearing a POW/MIA bracelet with Lt Col Lehnhoffís name for 15 years.  Thanks to the magic of the internet I found out that his body was returned to his family in 1997.  Even though this is a sad event, I had tear of joy knowing that I can take this bracelet off know that Lt Col Edward W. Lehnhoff now rest in peace.  From what I read on the POW/MIA web site, many people return the bracelets to a family member.  I however would like to keep my, stored in a special place.  It will lie at the base of the American Flag that was flown the day I retired from the United States Air Force.  I proudly served for 22 years.  Please know that Lt Col Lehnhoff your son, husband or brother fought for our country so that others could have their freedoms.  I would to hear from someone in the family so that I may know more about the proud man that so willing gave his life for us.  May God Bless you and Keep you!

Regina R. Sorensen, Retired MSgt
1000 Broward Rd
, Apt 310
Jacksonville , Fl  32218  

P.S.  I choose Lt Col Lehnhoffís bracelet because he was from Kansas .  I too was born and raised in Kansas Wichita is my home

From: Catou97@aol.com
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 18:26:51 EDT
Subject: MIA : Major William Potter, 12-29-67


I was a teenager in High School when I purchased the bracelet at a corner store, after my older brother joined the Marines..
I kept Major Potter's bracelet on for quite a few years until I could no longer wear it because of an skin allergy, but I am proud to say i wore it for at least 10 years....
Always hoping that he would return home to his family in one way or to sadly say in another.
I now know what happened to my Mysterious Man that I have prayed for and I am sure that he is in heaven today .
If there is a family member who wishes to receive his bracelet please contact me at this e-mail address...
Thank You and Thank You Major Potter for giving up your life for us...



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