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Branson, Missouri, Table Rock Lake

5th Annual Military Gala & Banquet*

THANK YOU ALL FOR A SOLD OUT evening to remember!!
Photos and press from 2001 

aboard the

Our 2001 sponsors were

Charter Sponsor


In Cooperation with




College of the Ozarks

Our heartfelt appreciation to Branson's Review magazine and Ink Works, for not only THE cover story but our GALA surprise finale - FIREWORKS!! Thank you Todd!

Phone toll free, 1-866-481-GALA

Hotel Branson

Don't forget to take a walk though the "Hall of Heroes" next to the cafe.

Our deepest thanks to the Radisson, its management and staff for their continued support and Sponsorship of the GALA and our Veterans!

* formerly known as "Armed Forces Banquet & Gala"

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Questions??  - just email us

Just a note:

Many have inquired as to what will be done with monies raised above and beyond expenses for the Gala. As a 501 c3, Gala funds are "designated funds" and cannot be used for any other purpose. With the sponsorship and cooperation of the Radisson, it's management and staff, any "profits" will go toward a "Midsummer Night's Gala" at the Radisson - target date the summer of 2002. There will be NO tickets available to the public, and the attendees will be veterans, their spouses and caregivers from area nursing homes and veterans hospitals in the Branson/Springfield area. They, too, paid a price and deserve recognition.

Through the generosity of our sponsors, the help of the Radisson, Branson Music Mall Theatre (50's at the Hop), and YOUR donations - our "target" date will became THE "Midsummer Night's Gala." Maybe, just  maybe, this can become a tradition too!


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