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Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, of Ketchum, Idaho

RELEASED  05/31/2014


July 19, 2009

DoD Identifies Operation Enduring Freedom Soldier

The Department of Defense announced today the identity of a soldier listed as Missing-Captured on July 3 while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Pfc. Bowe R. Bergdahl, 23, of Ketchum, Idaho, was declared Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN) on July 1 and his status was changed to "Missing-Captured" on July 3.

Pfc. Bergdahl is a member of 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson, Alaska.

The true story of how Marines rescued 7 American POWs from Sammara

"Sometimes the truth is intentionally covered up - sometimes, though, the truth just slips through the cracks"


Altaie, Ahmed K.   
Declared missing-CAPTURED on 12/11/2006.  
Originally categorized as DUSTWUN on 10/23/2006.

U.S. military, Michigan family receive remains of last soldier missing in Iraq

12:52 PM, February 26, 2012 |

BEIRUT — The U.S. military has recovered the remains of the last U.S. service member missing in Iraq, ending a nearly six-year ordeal involving shadowy militants and a tragic love story, his family said today.

At about 1 a.m. today, a U.S. officer knocked on the door of the family home in Ann Arbor, Mich., with news that Army Staff Sgt. Ahmed Altaie was confirmed dead, though he had no details yet on how or when he died, said Entifadh Qanbar, Altaie's uncle and a close aide to Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi. Altaie was the last soldier unaccounted for in Iraq.

Altaei's brother, Hathal Altaei, speaking by phone from his parents' home, said the military had confirmed his brother's identity through a DNA test.

"The officer came eight hours ago and told us," Hathal Altaie said. "We've been waiting for five years, suffering, not knowing if he's alive or dead. This was not the news we wanted, of course, but it's better than staying like that, without ever knowing what happened to him."

“There is closure now, but we still want to know: Was he killed, or did he die by natural causes in the hands of the group?” Qanbar said, noting that his nephew had suffered kidney problems that could’ve worsened during his time as a hostage.

In 2006, gunmen abducted Altaie, an Iraqi-born reservist who was 41 at the time, after he’d sneaked out of the Green Zone in Baghdad to visit his new Iraqi wife. Family members had warned him that it was too dangerous — as well as against military rules — but Altaie was in love with his bride, Israa Sultan, and wanted to spend an Islamic holiday with her off base, Qanbar said.

“All I heard was a woman screaming on the phone,” he said, recalling the phone call from Altaie’s wife seconds after his capture from a busy Baghdad street in daylight. “She said, ‘They just took Ahmed right in front of me! They put him in a car and drove away.' ”

In the days after he went missing, Stars and Stripes newspaper has reported, “3,000 coalition soldiers conducted more than 50 raids to find their comrade.” At least one soldier was killed; others were wounded in the search for Altaie.

Altaie’s official status was “missing-captured” until the Iraqi government turned over his remains to U.S. officials on Feb. 22, Qanbar said. The family was notified three days later, apparently after forensics tests confirmed his identity.

Several arrests were made in connection to the case, but which group captured Altaie was never ascertained for certain. Qanbar and U.S. officials have said they believed the abduction was the work of a splinter group from the movement loyal to the militant Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al Sadr.

Qanbar, who broke into tears while speaking by phone from Beirut, acknowledged that his nephew had made a “huge mistake” by sneaking off base, but said there was no reasoning with him. Altaie, he said, was too trusting of Iraqi strangers based on nostalgia for his homeland and his eagerness to help rebuild Iraq after the war.

“The military brought him into Iraq as a translator, mainly, and he really came for the cause,” Qanbar said. “He was like any Arab American who grows up dreaming of the home country. He left Iraq when he was 12 and came back to help.”

Iraq accounting shifts to DPMO 
In November, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that the responsibility to account for missing U.S. personnel in Iraq will transfer from the U.S. Central Command to DPMO on Dec.1, 2011. This change is a result of the ending military operations in Iraq. In accordance with the Missing Service Personnel Act, the current number of personnel missing from operations in Iraq is six  two service members from Desert Storm; and one service member and three DoD contractors from Iraqi Freedom.
Operation Desert Storm, 1991:
Lt. Cmdr. Barry T. Cooke, U.S. Navy, was lost on Feb. 2, 1991, when his A-6 aircraft went down in the Persian Gulf

Lt. Robert J. Dwyer, U.S. Navy, was lost on Feb. 5, 1991, when his FA-18 aircraft went down in the Persian Gulf

Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003-2010
Staff Sgt. Ahmed K. Altaie, U.S. Army, was lost on Oct. 23, 2006 while serving in Iraq as a translator for the U.S. military  - see 02/26/2012 update - remains recovered.

Mr. Kirk Von Ackermann, DoD contractor, was lost on Oct. 9, 2003, while working in Forward Operating Base Pacesetter, Iraq

Mr. Timothy E. Bell, DoD contractor, was lost on April 9, 2004, while working in Baghdad, Iraq

Mr. Adnan al-Hilawi, DoD contractor, was lost on March 3, 2007, while working in Baghdad, Iraq"

Sgt. Bergdahl is not included in this number as he is missing from operations in Afghanistan.

Search for Iraq-born soldier still ongoing
Staff Sgt. KeithMattMaupin, disappeared April 9, 2004. The Army confirmed it recovered his remains March 29, 2008. DPMO recovery efforts will now be led ...

[from the article]

Missing Americans

Eleven Americans who went missing in Iraq have not been found, according to Col. Raymond Steeley, who supervised the Personnel Recovery Division there.

They are:

• Staff Sgt. Ahmed Altaie. - see 02/26/2012 update - remains recovered.

• Jeffery Ake.

• Aban Elias.

• Abbas Kareem Naama.

• Neenus Khoshaba.

• Bob Hamze.

• Dean Sadek.

• Timothy Bell.

• Kirk Von Ackerman.

• Haqi al-Shemary.

• Hussain al-Zurufi.

Fallen in captivity

The following soldiers were captured by enemy forces and died in Iraq:

• Staff Sgt. Alex R. Jimenez, disappeared May 12, 2007; recovered July 8, 2008.

• Pfc. Byron W. Fouty, disappeared May 12, 2007; recovered July 8, 2008.

• Staff Sgt. Keith “Matt” Maupin, disappeared April 9, 2004. The Army confirmed it recovered his remains March 29, 2008.

• Cpl. Joseph J. Anzack Jr., disappeared May 12, 2007; recovered May 23, 2007.

• Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, disappeared June 16, 2006; recovered June 20, 2006.

• Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker, disappeared June 16, 2006; recovered June 20, 2006.

It’s unclear if the following soldiers’ remains have been recovered:

• Sgt. Donald Ralph Walters, March 23, 2003.

• Pfc. Lori Ann Piestewa, March 23, 2003.

• Spc. Johnathan B. Chism, Jan. 20, 2007.

• Pfc. Shawn P. Falter, Jan. 20, 2007.

• 1st Lt. Jacob N. Fritz, Jan. 20, 2007.

• Pvt. Johnathon M. Millican, Jan. 20, 2007.

National Alliance of Families For the Return of America’s Missing Servicemen World War II – Korea – Cold War – Vietnam – Gulf Wars -- Afghanistan

 Dolores Alfond --- 425-881-1499    Lynn O’Shea ------ 718-846-4350

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 July 31, 2010                                      Bits N Pieces                 

                       Remains of Sailors Missing in Afghanistan Recovered – On July 23rd two sailors were reported missing in Afghanistan.  They were Hull Maintenance Technician 2nd Class Justin McNeley, 30, of Wheatridge, Colo., and Culinary Specialist 3rd Class Jarod Newlove, 25, of Renton, Wash.   Reports vary as to why the two sailors were in Afghanistan. U.S. and NATO forces launched a massive search for the two resulting in the remains recover of Justin McNeley, on July 25th. 


Taliban officials claimed Jarod Newlove was captured and in their custody.   The U.S. Military listed him as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSWN).  His remains were recovered July 28th.


To the families of Justin McNeley and Jarod Newlove we offer our deepest sympathy.



updated 1 minute ago

KABUL, Afghanistan — The discovery of the body of a second U.S. sailor who vanished in Afghanistan last week only deepened the mystery of the men's disappearance nearly 60 miles from their base in a dangerous area controlled by the Taliban.

An investigation is under way, but with both sailors dead, U.S. authorities remained at a loss Thursday to explain what two junior enlisted men in noncombat jobs were doing driving alone in Logar province, where much of the countryside is not under government control. ....


July 27, 2010


DOD Announces Navy Casualty and Identifies Sailor Listed as Whereabouts Unknown

                 The Department of Defense announced today the death of a sailor and the identity of another sailor listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN).  The announcement resulted from a July 23 incident in Logar province, Afghanistan, while the sailors were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. 

                Petty Officer 2nd Class Justin McNeley, 30, of Wheatridge, Colo., died from wounds sustained from the July 23 incident.  Coalition Forces recovered his body July 25 after an extensive search.  He was assigned to Assault Craft Unit One (ACU-1), San Diego. 

                Petty Officer 3rd Class Jarod Newlove, 25, of Renton, Wash., is listed as DUSTWUN from the July 23 incident.  Search and recovery efforts are ongoing, and the incident is under investigation. 


US Navy service members missing in Afghanistan - AP


Play Video Reuters  – Taliban says 2 US soldiers captured

KABUL, Afghanistan – Two U.S. Navy service members disappeared in a dangerous area of eastern Afghanistan, prompting a massive air and ground search and appeals on local radio stations for their safe return, NATO and Afghan officials said Saturday.....

___ Associated Press Writer Rahim Faiez in Kabul contributed to this report.

Kidnapped American civilian contractor returned in Iraq

Posted By Stephanie Clark on March 27, 2010 at 1:01 pm

The Department of Defense announced today that an Army civilian employee supporting Operation Iraq Freedom was returned to Military Control on Thursday, March 25th. Issa T. Salomi, 60, of El Cajon, Calif., was believed to have been kidnapped in Baghdad, where he was assigned to U.S. Forces-Iraq. He became unaccounted for on Jan. 23.  Salomi's permanent duty station is Fort Leavenworth, Kan.

Read more:

In addition, there are 14 service members who were declared KIA/BNR or PFOD during Desert Shield and Desert Storm

Robert Dwyer and Barry Cooke are unaccounted from Desert Storm.

November 30, 2009
|DoD Announces Change-In-Status of Army Soldier

The Department of Defense today announced the death of a soldier supporting Operation Enduring Freedom who was previously listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown.

Sgt. Brandon T. Islip, 23, of Richmond, Va., had been listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown. His status was changed Nov. 29 to having died in a non-combat related incident.

He was a member of the 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C. and went missing, Nov. 4, while involved in a resupply mission in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan.


November 18, 2009
DOD Announces One Army Casualty, Dustwun Status

The Department of Defense today announced the identity of a soldier currently listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN) and the death of a soldier who were both supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. The two soldiers were members of the 1st Battalion, 508thParachute Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.C.

Sgt. Brandon T. Islip, 23, of Richmond, Va., has been unaccounted for since Nov. 4 in Bala Murghab, Afghanistan, when he went missing while involved in a resupply mission.

Sgt. Benjamin W. Sherman, 21, of Plymouth, Mass., has been identified as having been killed while participating in the Nov. 4 resupply mission.

Search and recovery efforts are ongoing, and the incident is under investigation.


Fort Bragg soldiers missing
11/07/09 - Raleigh News
By Sheyenne Rodriguez  FORT BRAGG (WTVD) -- Two paratroopers from the Fourth Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne - based out of Fort Bragg - are missing in Afghanistan . Authorities say they vanished Wednesday during a re-supply mission in western Afghanistan . .....


U.S. Navy Captain
Date of loss 01/17/1991






March 10, 2009

Navy Changes Speicher Status To 'Missing-In-Action'

Secretary of the Navy Donald Winter determined today that the status of Capt. Michael Scott Speicher is changed from "Missing/Captured" to "Missing-In-Action" (MIA).

This determination was made after a review of available information; including the report and recommendation of a Status Review Board and comments provided by the Speicher family, as well as a Defense Intelligence Agency assessment.

Speicher was the first casualty of Operation Desert Storm. His F/A-18 Hornet was downed by hostile action on January 17, 1991, during the first manned air strike of the war, and he was declared "Killed-In-Action/Body-Not-Recovered" in May 1991.

His status was changed in 2001 to MIA, and then to Missing/Captured in 2002 based on sighting reports in Iraq. Those sightings have since been discredited.

In October 2008, the intelligence community concluded that Speicher is deceased, though his remains are unlocated. Based on that assessment, the Secretary of the Navy convened a Status Review Board to consider whether Speicher's status should remain Missing/Captured or should be changed.

McDaniel, William “Bub” II 

Parents hold out hope for return of Ohio airman lost in crash  (click for entire article)
Mansfield News Journal - Mansfield,OH,USA
Mar 29, 2008
Parents hold out hope for return of Ohio airman lost in crash
Associated Press

WAYNE LAKES, Ohio (AP) ­ ...
William “Bub” McDaniel II filled the lives of his parents for 36 years. Then, on Feb. 22, 2002, he was gone....

Maupin, Keith "Matt"
U.S. Army Pfc.
Date of Loss: April 9, 2004


Reported DIC - NO confirmation from military or USG officials. Tape analysis inconclusive due to poor quality - and no frontal/face view.

Reports of remains identification 03/30/2008


What Happened To Matt Maupin?
From the Feb. 21, 2005 issue of TIME magazine

... He is Keith (Matt) Maupin, the only American soldier who is unaccounted for in Iraq. ...

 "People have a tendency to forget," concedes Keith Maupin, Matt's father. ...


March 30, 2008 (UNION TOWNSHIP, OH) -- Keith Maupin confirmed this afternoon that the remains of his son, Matt Maupin, have been identified by the army in Iraq.......
Fouty, Byron W. 

U.S. Army Pvt
Date of Loss: May 15, 2007
Status Change June 29, 2007



Jimenez, Alex R. 

U.S. Army Spec
Date of Loss: May 15, 2007
Status Change June 29, 2007



Jimenez Family

Fouty Family

Maria del Rosario-Duran  -- Mother
104-35 37th Drive
Corona , NY 11368

Hilary Meunier -- Mother
1409 Oak St.
Schertz , TX 78154

Andy Jimenez -- Father
11 Albion St.
Lawrence , MA 01841

Mick Fouty -- Father
1505 Oak Shade, Apt. 63
Walled Lake , MI 48303

Gordon Dibler – Step-Father
990 Keith Ave.
Oxford , MI 48371

Anzack, Joseph J. Jr

U.S. Army Pfc
Date of Loss May 15, 2007

DUSTWUN    Found shot, tortured to death 05/23/2007
Officials await IDs on 3 Iraq bodies

By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writer

Authorities are awaiting identification of the remains of three bodies in Iraq, a U.S. law enforcement official said Tuesday, a day after the remains of two kidnapped contractors were identified.....


National Alliance of Families
January 27, 2007 Bits N Pieces

Unconfirmed At This Point.... Soldiers Missing in Somalia
– Normally, we would wait for additional information before passing along this unconfirmed report. However, since the Department of Defense has confirmed, once again, the ease in which they lie about the loss of American Service members, we decided to pass this along.

The web site for Kenya London News reports a posting by Scott A. Morgan stating: "Reports are emerging that the US Air Strikes in Southern Somalia have a new wrinkle. According to an Arab Language Newspaper published in the Gulf State of Qatar they have received reports from both Arab and Western Diplomats that US troops are currently missing in the southern part of Somalia."

7 Apr 2007

Clarification of Rumor  – Back on January 27th, we wrote that the Kenya London News  reported that U.S. troops were missing in Somalia. We now have some clarification that MAY explain this report. At least one American civilian, some reports say two, was captured in  Kenya, in late January after fleeing the fighting in Somalia. He, along with a number of refugees entered Kenya  illegally. They were sent back to Somalia. In Somalia, this American civilian was picked up by the Ethiopian Army and sent to Ethiopia. He is currently in jail there. 

Chism, Johnathan B. 
Falter, Shawn P. 
Fritz, Jacob N. 
Millican, Johnathon M.

Captured, Transported and Executed

Original reporting stated that Fitz, Chisum, Falter and Millican (sp) were taken from the compound and executed.   Freeman was killed  in the compound during the initial attack.   Even the 2/1/ article on Freeman's funeral stated he was killed in the compound and the four others taken.

In fact it was Millican who was killed in the compound.   He was recently awarded the Silver Star for his actions in fighting off attackers.   Capt. Brian S. Freeman was among the four captured and subsequently executed.  


Two Senior Iraqi Generals Eyed in Brazen Attack on U.S. Soldiers
Thursday, February 01, 2007

Two senior Iraqi generals are being questioned in connection with last week's attack in Karbala that left five U.S. soldiers dead, Pentagon officials told......,2933,249403,00.html


National Alliance of Families
January 27, 2007 Bits N Pieces

FLASH! - 4 Soldiers Captured, Transported and Executed
– Late last evening Associated Press reported that 4 Soldiers who died January 20th were, in fact, captured and subsequently executed. In an article filed in Baghdad by Steven R. Hurst and Qassim Abdul-Zahra, the AP reported; [Begin Article] "In perhaps the boldest and most sophisticated attack in four years of warfare, gunmen speaking English, wearing U.S. military uniforms and carrying American weapons abducted four U.S. soldiers last week at the provincial headquarters in the Shiite holy city of Karbala and then shot them to death."

"The U.S. military confirmed a report earlier Friday by The Associated Press that three of the soldiers were dead and one was mortally wounded with a gunshot to the head when they were found in a neighboring province, about 25 miles from the compound where they were captured. A fifth soldier was killed in the initial attack on the compound."

"The new account contradicted a U.S. military statement on Jan. 20, the day of the raid on an Iraqi governor's office, that five soldiers were killed "repelling" the attack....."

"In a statement issued late Friday, the military said two of the soldiers were handcuffed together in the back seat of an SUV near the southern Iraqi town of Mahawil. A third dead soldier was on the ground nearby. The fourth soldier died on the way to the hospital..... None of the American or Iraqi officials would allow use of their names because of the sensitive nature of the information."

"The confirmation came after nearly a week of inquiries. The U.S. military in Baghdad initially did not respond to repeated requests for comment on reports that began emerging from Iraqi government and military officials on the abduction and a major breakdown in security at the Karbala site."

"Within hours of the AP report that four of the five dead soldiers had been abducted and found dead or dying about 25 miles east of Karbala, the military issued a long account of what took place. "The precision of the attack, the equipment used and the possible use of explosives to destroy the military vehicles in the compound suggests that the attack was well rehearsed prior to execution," said Lt. Col. Scott Bleichwehl, spokesman for Multi-National Division-Baghdad."

"The attackers went straight to where Americans were located in the provincial government facility, bypassing the Iraqi police in the compound," he said. "We are looking at all the evidence to determine who or what was responsible for the breakdown in security at the compound and the perpetration of the assault....."

"The attackers threw a grenade and opened fire with automatic rifles as they grabbed two soldiers inside the compound. Then the guerrilla assault team jumped on top of an armored U.S. Humvee and captured two more soldiers, the U.S. military officials said."

"In its statement, the U.S. military said one soldier was killed and three were wounded by a "hand grenade thrown into the center's main office which contains the provincial police chief's office on an upper floor."

The attackers captured four soldiers and fled with them and the computer east toward Mahawil in Babil province, crossing the Euphrates River, the U.S. military officials said."

"The Iraqi officials said the four were captured alive and shot just before the vehicles were abandoned. Police, who became suspicious when the convoy of attackers and their American captives did not stop at a roadblock, chased the vehicles and found the bodies, the gear and the abandoned SUVs."

"The military statement said: "Two soldiers were found handcuffed together in the back of one of the SUVs. Both had suffered gunshot wounds and were dead. A third soldier was found shot and dead on the ground. Nearby, the fourth soldier was still alive, despite a gunshot wound to the head."

"The wounded soldier was rushed to the hospital by Iraqi police but died on the way, the military said.

The military also said Iraqi police had found five SUVs, U.S. Army-type combat uniforms, boots, radios and a non-U.S. made rifle at the scene...."

"The Defense Department has released the names of troops killed Jan. 20 but clearly identified only one as being killed because of the sneak attack. Capt. Brian S. Freeman, 31, of Temecula, Calif., "died of wounds suffered when his meeting area came under attack by mortar and small arms fire." Freeman was assigned to the 412th Civil Affairs Battalion, Whitehall, Ohio."

"The only other troops killed that day in that region of Iraq were four Army soldiers said to have been "ambushed while conducting dismounted operations" in Karbala."

"The four were identified as 1st Lt. Jacob N. Fritz, 25, of Verdon, Neb.; Spc. Johnathan B. Chism, 22, of Prairieville, La.; Pfc. Shawn P. Falter, 25, of Homer, N.Y., and Pvt. Johnathon M. Millican, 20, of Trafford, Ala. All were with the 2nd Battalion, 377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, of Fort Richardson, Alaska." [End Article]


Department of Defense Press Release – The actual wording of the DoD Defense Press Release reporting this incident reads; "The Department of Defense announced today the death of four soldiers who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom. They died Jan 20 in Karbala, Iraq, from wounds sustained when their patrol was ambushed while conducting dismounted operations. The soldiers were assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 25th Infantry Division, Fort Richardson, Alaska." The full text is posted on our web site.


"In War the First Casualty is Truth"


The New York Post, in an editorial commenting on the capture and death of the four soldiers, stated; ".....Four U.S. soldiers, one of them a New Yorker, were captured - and promptly murdered - last Saturday in the Shiite holy city of Karbala, 50 miles from Baghdad, officials confirmed. Two of the slain soldiers were found handcuffed together in the back of a vehicle. Soldiers die in combat, of course. But the murder of disarmed and helpless troops - killing POWs, in effect - is what's at issue here....."

The killing of "POWs," obviously the New York Post, like so many others, is unaware that the United States Government does not classify captured soldiers as POW. Domestically, they are listed as "missing/captured" assuming they are listed at all. We can not depend on the rules as outlined by the Geneva Conventions to protect our military in harms way. That under Geneva Conventions these brave young soldiers were considered POW means nothing. An enemy that executes their prisoners has no regard for the Geneva Conventions.

It is up to the United States to place a value on our captured and missing personnel. The designation currently used, "missing/captured" fails to provide that value. The Department of Defense must revert to the designation used since World War II and beyond..... Prisoner of War.

We’ve often asked the question, Who wants to tell Scott Speicher, Matt Maupin and now Ahmed K. Altaie, they are not Prisoners of War?

Today, we ask another question, Who wants to tell the families of Jacob N. Fritz, Johnathan B. Chism, Shawn P. Falter, and Johnathon M. Millican they didn’t die as Prisoners of War?

Gilbert, Troy MAJ
Pilot of F-16C that crashed in Iraq is identified

By Joseph Giordono, Stars and Stripes
Mideast edition, Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Pentagon has identified the Air Force pilot who is listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown after his fighter jet crashed Monday near Karmah, Iraq.

Maj. Troy L. Gilbert of the 309th Fighter Squadron out of Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., was piloting the F-16C when it went down about 20 miles northwest of Baghdad, Department of Defense officials said Wednesday.

The cause of the crash is under investigation, though U.S. military spokesmen in Iraq have said enemy fire likely was not a factor in the incident......


Plea by family of fallen Texas airman reaches the Pentagon...

  • Posted on February 22, 2012 at 10:36 AM

    The Secretary of the Air Force has ordered a review that could lead to a new search for the body of Maj. Troy Gilbert, whose body was never recovered after a heroic mission near Baghdad. ...


(Air Force Times, 5 Oct 16) ... Stephen Losey

The final remains of Maj. Troy Gilbert, an F-16C pilot who was killed while conducting a close-air support mission northwest of Baghdad in 2006, have been repatriated to the United States, the Air Force said Wednesday.

Gilbert's remains arrived at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, on Monday. The next day, the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System there confirmed through dental examinations and DNA testing that the remains were of Gilbert.

The recently recovered remains will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery, where limited remains were previously interred in December 2006 and again in December 2013. The Air Force said all of Gilbert's remains have now been located and repatriated....

Metzger, Jill M.

Air Force Major
Date of loss September 5, 2006


PRESS RELEASE -- Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Public Affairs

Release No. 020906
September 8,2006

U.S. Servicemember Recovered

SOUTHWEST ASIA - The U.S. Air Force Major missing in Kyrgyzstan since Tuesday has been found alive by Bishkek law enforcement officials. At 1:15 a.m. local police notified US Embassy and military officials that Major Jill Metzger had been found........

NEWS RELEASES from the United States Department of Defense
No. 867-06 

September 07, 2006

DoD Announces Air Force Airman as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown

The Department of Defense announced today the identity of an airman listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN).

Maj. Jill M. Metzger was last seen at a Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, shopping center on Sept. 5. Maj. Metzger is assigned to the 347th Mission Support Squadron, Moody Air Force Base, Ga., and was on temporary duty in support of Operation Enduring Freedom at Manas Air Force Base, Kyrgyzstan.

An investigation is ongoing.

Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston, Texas

Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Ore.


Status: June 20, 2006 - Remains Recovered. Killed, DIC

NEWS RELEASES from the United States Department of Defense


Jun 18, 2006 

DoD Identifies Army Casualty and Soldiers as Whereabouts Unknown

            The Department of Defense announced today the death of one soldier and the identity of two soldiers listed as Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown (DUSTWUN) who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.  On June 16, in Baghdad, Iraq, the soldiers were manning a checkpoint when they came under enemy small arms fire.  All three soldiers were assigned to the 1st Battalion, 502nd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky.

            Killed was:

            Spc. David J. Babineau, 25, of Springfield, Mass.
            Reported as DUSTWUN are:
            Pfc. Kristian Menchaca, 23, of Houston, Texas
            Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker, 25, of Madras, Ore.

            For further information related to this release, contact Army Public Affairs at (703) 692-2000.


Witnesses: U.S. soldiers held by Iraq gunmen

Military conducting exhaustive search after 2 GIs go missing in Sunni area
The Associated Press
Updated: 11:45 a.m. CT June 18, 2006

BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. troops searched Sunday for two missing soldiers in the volatile Sunni triangle south of Baghdad as witnesses claimed the Americans were led away by masked gunmen after the attack that left one of their comrades dead.....

Hassoun, Wassef Ali

has been placed on the Navy's Most Wanted List.

U.S. Marine Corps Cpl

Missing / CAPTURED - RTMC 07/09/04

When he failed to arrive at his base in Camp Lejeune, N.C., by Jan. 5, Hassoun was declared a deserter for a second time. He is now a fugitive.


Wassef Ali Hassoun Now One of Navy's Most Wanted 
15 Jan 2005 - 0501 By Chris Short

Wassef Ali Hassoun has been placed on the Navy's Most Wanted List. He is listed as 6'0", 180 lbs., brown eyes, black hair, with an alias of Jafar. Wassef Ali Hassoun  is wanted for desertion and larceny. The background on the case is as follows: ......If you have info call (800) 543-6289 or e-mail


25 Feb 2006 - 2321 By Mike Pechar
Wassef Ali Hassoun Still At Large

(Beirut, Lebanon) From the Khaleej Times comes the report that Lebanese authorities refused to extradite to the United States Hezbollah members suspected of attacking Americans in Beirut during the 1980s......

Attorneys Spar as Trial Begins for Marine Who Disappeared

Associated Press | Feb 13, 2015
CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. -- The criminal case against a Marine accused of deserting his unit in Iraq a decade ago began taking shape when Navycriminal investigators assumed the worst about the Muslim corporal based on hearsay from other service members, a defense attorney argued Thursday.

Prosecutors countered in their own opening statements that Cpl. Wassef Hassoun burned personal items and withdrew money before he disappeared from a base in Iraq in 2004; avoided some duties; and was unhappy he couldn't join the woman with whom he'd entered an arranged marriage....


Hernandez, Edgar  U.S. Army Spec.  POW   RTMC April 13, 2003
Hudson,  Joseph U.S. Army Spec. POW   RTMC April 13, 2003
Johnson,  Shoshana  U.S. Army Spec. POW   RTMC April 13, 2003
Krause, Elmer C.  U.S. Army Sgt DUSTWUN  
Killed in Action, Remains recovered
Lynch, Jessica  U.S. Army Pfc.  Rescued April 1, 2003
Miller,  Patrick 

U.S. Army Pfc.

POW   RTMC April 13, 2003
Piestewa, Lori Ann U.S. Army Pfc. DUSTWUN   KIA 
Riley,  James  U.S. Army Sgt. POW   RTMC April 13, 2003
WALTERS, Donald R U.S. Army Sgt DUSTWUN   KIA 
status officially changed 04/2004
U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer POW   RTMC April 13, 2003
Young, Ronald U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer POW   RTMC April 13, 2003


Missing-Captured - ??

POW  - Prisoner of War

MIA  - Missing In Action

DUSTWUN  - Duty Station Whereabouts Unknown

RTMC  - Returned to Military Control

KIA - Killed in Action

DIC - Died in Captivity