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'Hanoi Jane' Rumors Blend Fact and Fiction  Dateline: 11/03/99

Email rumors blending fact and fiction about Jane Fonda's activities as an anti-war protester during the 1970s have reopened old wounds for Vietnam veterans and inspired a new round of recriminations for things the actress did long ago, and things she never did.

The rumors (see next page) center around Fonda's tour of North Vietnam in 1972, during which she cozied up to the enemy, posing for photo ops with communist troops and broadcasting anti-American propaganda over
Radio Hanoi.....

As the '90s progressed Fonda's past was less frequently brought up as an issue and seemed to dwindle in importance  - until this year, that is, when Barbara Walters chose to honor the actress in a TV special called "A Celebration: 100 Years of Great Women." The announcement of the program -  which aired in April 1999 and did honor Jane Fonda - prompted an instant outcry from veterans and ex-POWs, many of whom vented their indignation via the Internet. Angry recriminations were posted in newsgroups, published in newsletters and on Web pages, and shared by email.......


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