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Date:    Sat, 30 Sep 2000 15:31:39 EDT
From:    "Bache, Al"
Subject: Jane Fonda Story - needs to die on the vine

Due to a recent inquiry by a reporter/author wanting to contact LtCol Jerry Driscoll to verify elements of the "infamous" Jane Fonda story, I received the following which should probably be of interest to all based on the number of times the JF story has made the rounds.  I hope we will all follow his request to stop the story whenever we get it.  Cheers, Al

<<Al, I am the "Driscoll" in question. As you may or may not know, the jane fonda story just WILL NOT DIE!!!!~!  You have probably seen it. The part about Larry Carrigan and me is totally BOGUS!! So if you see someone sending it, PLEASE stop it then! The part about the civilian captured by NVN troops in SVN is true, his name is Mike Benge. ....
Thanks. Regards & ^6!  Jerry



I am so sorry to tell you my husband, buddy, and friend Jerry Driscoll died yesterday, day before his birthday.
He had a form of ALS called PLS.  He is finally at to all of you for your kindness towards Jerry....