UPDATE:  September 2, 2011



AMERICANS IDENTIFIED:  There are now 1,683 Americans listed by the Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office (DPMO) as missing and unaccounted-for from the Vietnam War.  On August 29th, DPMO posted the names of Col Gilbert S. Palmer, Jr, USAF, listed MIA in Laos 2/27/68, and Lt Col Edward D. Silver, USAF, listed MIA in North Vietnam 7/5/68, as accounted-forCol Palmer’s remains were jointly recovered on 11/17/09 and identified 5/19/11.  Lt Col Silver’s remains were repatriated 6/26/98 and identified 5/31/11.  DPMO also recently posted the news that Major Thomas E. Clark, USAF, PA, listed as MIA in Laos on 2/8/69, and Major Bruce E. Lawrence, USAF, NJ, listed as MIA in North Vietnam 7/5/68, are now accounted-for.  Major Clark’s remains were jointly recovered on 11/16/05 and identified 6/3/11. Major Lawrence’s remains were recovered 6/26/98 and identified 6/3/11.  The number of Americans returned and identified since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975 is now 900; another 63 US personnel, recovered post-incident and identified before the end of the war, bring the total to 961.  Of the 1,683 unreturned American veterans from the Vietnam War, our POW/MIAs, 90% were lost in Vietnam or in areas of Laos and Cambodia under Vietnam’s wartime control: Vietnam�1,292 (VN-473, VS-819); Laos�326; 6; Cambodia�58; Peoples Republic of China territorial waters�7; over 450 were over-water losses.